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zxyogi 11-24-12 11:07 PM

Sons of Heracles
This is Chapter Master Sisyphos of the Sons of Heracles [diy Army I started a long time ago and am now bringing them back from the warp].

Few more things to do to Him yet,detail work and His base.
C&C as always welcome.

JAMOB 11-25-12 12:15 AM

That looks freaking AWESOME :D Love the purple dude. Whats the shield for? Just show? Or is it a SS?

Dragblud da scrunka 11-25-12 06:24 PM

Holy cacapoopoo thats mental!!! i like it! the only niggle is the head, there is just something that doesnt sit right with me :/

RedInventor 11-26-12 05:09 AM

Looks awesome! I love the back hair spine thing (I don't know the right term) but looks awesome.

zxyogi 11-26-12 07:36 PM

Thanks for the kind comments!!
Jamob the shield is an old relic from planet Athos [homeworld],it belonged to a King of old,a renown giant of a Warrior,It has been passed down through generations of Kings and in turn given to the Sons of Heracles and turned into a formidable weapon in itself,yes its a stormshield with the power of a thunder hammer.
Here is the finished mini....Chapter Master Sisyphos.

zxyogi 12-04-12 05:17 PM

Hello,update for my Sons of Heracles. These are the original minis I done years ago,all I have done is whip off the standard Marine helmet and replace with these awesome helmets from Puppets of war...and tidied the paint up a bit. The next batch will be fresh minis not old reclaimed ones. These are still very much wip....please excuse the poor quality pics.
C&C most welcome!

Midge913 12-04-12 05:45 PM

Nice work man!! I love the color scheme and the asthetic of the army. Looking forward to more.

Khorne's Fist 12-04-12 06:32 PM

Not quite as good as your Lamenters, but still very striking. Love the hoplite helmets, they fit perfectly.

zxyogi 12-04-12 07:12 PM

Thanks to you both!! Still as said wip.

Khorne.....Lamenters?.....Marine Malevolents. :grin:

zxyogi 12-11-12 06:54 PM

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