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deathbringer 11-17-12 02:05 AM

The Emperor's Forgiveness (a penal legion roleplay)(Recruitment Thread)
"Put them where...? I don't give a flying fuck where you put them, just put them away from me"
Colonel Erkl Kritz of the Heidren 45th Regiment to Colonel Silas Aren of the Saben Penitentiary 23rd Deceased

It has been thousands of years since those of flesh saw him, millenia since the temple doors were slammed shut and sealed, silence descending as the dust cloud faded to reveal a wall of purest stone, fused and sealed as if their had never been an entrance.

Some banged upon the stone, some prostrated themselves before it wailing in horror and sorrow, the hiss of iron through the air the only answer to their desperate prayers. Their blood stained the very steps they knelt upon in penance for their disobedience, their corpses becoming rotting masses of disfigured flesh, then skeletons as the millenia passed, their bones becoming the guardians of the temple they had sought to prize open.

None have seen him, though his image seems to burn upon the retinas of many of the eldest, a faint reflection of his glory in their dreams.

None have heard him.... except me.

Why he chose me and not his council, not his trusted apostles, I do not know... Verias says I have gone mad, that too much time in the Changer's eyes has addled my brains, that I should submit my mind for investigation... yet I know what I saw and Verias's laughter died in his throat as he looked into my eyes.

I saw a system of planets ringing an obscene entity of metal and gears, of smoke and sparks, i saw something beyond the naked eye, something held in space and time, the ooze of the warp, yet it is wrong, not a thinning of the veil but a fracture,. I heard his laughter, the rolling cackle of purest chaos even as he spoke a word in a voice of music, a voice I remember booming across Istavaan... across Calth


__________________________________________________ ________
Aridon IV
Audio recollections of Halus eratus after the Great Deception that begun the Aridon conflict

Dignitaries, men of industry, men of action, heroes of the Imperium, priests and noble officials of the mechanicum had stood upon this carpet, yet Halus could safely say, never men covered in blood.

Til today, this was not an ordinary day, this was a day of madness, when fires burned below him, a city in uproar... in chaos.

A single error, a single mistake, had lead them to this... to his 5th floor stateroom being filled messengers caked in blood, some of them with the faint whiff of urine making his nostrils wrinkle as they passed to talk in urgent voices to older men with differing numbers of stars and stripes upon their shoulders who turned to holographic projections of even older men with even more stars and stripes on their shoulders.

His aide has always said he should pay more attention to the military, yet who had the time when you had the system governor up your arse because the mechanicum officials were up his arse all because transports to the forge world were 3 minutes late leading to some infathomably tiny percentile decrease in efficiency. I mean who the fuck cared about 3 minutes.

He'd heard a governor of Aridon Tertiary had made that point once about 4 minutes 33 seconds and received a very clipped answer about how a General of the Imperial Guard would feel and perhaps he should take it up with them. Come to think of it, he hadn't been governor very long....

The system governor may rule the Aridon system, but everyone knew the power source was the forge world Aridon Major its position at the heart, as the dark black sun of their universe was metaphor enough.

A low humming beep took him mind away from the scene before him to the screen at his desk, a flick of his iris, bringing the screen up before him, projections of 3 other balding men sat before desks. At their centre a single desk and a space where another should be, a second glance at the circle showing 2 spaces where other governors should sit, noticably blank and dark.

The system governor sat at the centre of the circle, a single angry glance to the empty space on his left, to the void normally filled by the Fabricator General of Aridon Major even as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"I have called this emergency meeting due to the reports of public unrest on Aridon IV, Aridon Minor and Hyperion. Aridon Major have not responded to distress calls par to send their dismay at the reduced productivity, whilst we have heard nothing from Aridon Fera or for that matter Aridon Mordus"

A tired laugh from the governors at the mention of the dead world. It was said before the... even innately he was scared to even think of it.... heresy.... Aridon I had once been a thriving world of rich promise, closest in orbit to the forge world, a hive of trade and industry, now an empty soulless husk. Rumors still lingered yet if anyone knew they kept their lips tight shut, any move to wipe it from the galaxy strongly protested by the Mechanicum due to.. they said at least... its sheer proximity.

Still a seat remained at the table, forever empty, forever in morning for the world lost.

"I will be frank gentleman, Aridon Prime is in the balance, yet the arbites still hold rule and with the great help of General Dius offering the early release of the freshly formed Aridon 154th and 155th from training to support him, Planetary Commander Mathius is confident he will have the troublemakers repressed in a few days."

A blubbery mountain of flesh stirred, words warbling into speech

"With all due respect Brutus" the system governor raised an eyebrow at the mass but did not comment at the use of his first name

"Hyperion, craves the attention of the 154th, the hives will starve if our production is checked any longer and though the Arbites hold the rebellion, a clean sweep of these bloody infidels would ensure that our soldiers and populace at least remain fed. If Hyperion falls, Aridon Major may be at peace but it will be fucking famished."

The governor to the mass's left opened his mouth to speak yet held his tongue, though the motion did not go unnoticed, Brutus looking upon him with curios eyes

"Speak Calcus. What of Aridon Minor,your reports seemed quite damning a few hours ago, why hold your tongue now?"

"The governor of Hyperion's need is more pressing than mine, nonetheless i report with great shame Aridon Minor, is at a complete standstill, the rebels have barricaded themselves below and we cannot gain entry to the mines. Though they appear to be no threat, content to sit their and cause minor havoc to the foundations, without further support Aridon Minor will remain inactive." he turned to the empty space to his own left, the voice that had once been so serious, so ashamed, suddenly undertoned by a hint of glee

"I lost contact with the Governor of Aridon Minor Segundus little over 4 hours ago and though at the time he seemed untroubled and in good spirits I fear that his need may now be even greater than mine."

The system governor ran his hands through his hair once more with a shake of his head, his voice suddenly hard

"Your concern is touching Calcus. I spoke to Governor Barus a few hours ago and he is in complete control and has thus opened up transport links with the hives Aridon II and Aridon III to compensate for your reduced productivity."

Calcus's face flushed,a flash of fear crossing his features even as he bowed his head turning with a scowl at Halus, whose own features flushed in response as all eyes turned upon him.

His hive, was the main source of manpower for Hyperion and Aridon Minor, whilst providing a major source for Aridon Major. He could see how it looked, he could feel his tongue seizing in his throat even as the System Governor's eyes fell upon him.

"What does Aridon IV have to say of this Halus?" came the theatrical whisper. The silence built and Halus could not bare to meet those accusing eyes

"I'm afraid to report unless we move quickly Aridon IV will be a tomb within the week" he whispered to the hard wood of his desk
__________________________________________________ ________
One Mistake:A brief history of the Aridon Campaign

In response to the threats, forces of the were reallocated to support the Agri World Hyperion, the mining colony Aridon Minor and the hive world Aridon IV. Reinforcement reduced the situation to a steady stalemate with offensives on either side proving ineffective. However civil unrest and increased rationing upon the Capital of Aridon Prime lead to a hastily scrambled offensive on the agriworld of Hyperion, cost the newly formed Aridon 154th heavy losses for minimal gains.

Rebel resurgence on Hyperion led to a second redployment of the remnants of the Aridon 154th leads to a successful rebel assault on the power generators of Aridon IV casting the world into darkness. Desperate the system governor called for aid, their call received by Battle Group 14 of Battlefleet Cantus, bearing the Heidren 45th and 46th Regiments supported by the Saben Penitentary 23rd Deceased.

It was the scum of Saben that would change the face of the war...
__________________________________________________ ________


These are just general and may be added too but can honestly all be summarized under...have fun, lets let our minds wander and dont be a nob however for forms sake

1) No god modding- pretty obvious oh and no uber charactors, you have not killed a carnifex with a fart, your not a greater daemon of nurgle I'm afraid your a human and a poorly armed one at that
2) I am a description whore, i say it i love long descriptive posts so I'm looking for quality not speed. I'm happy for you to take two weeks and in turn give me something that is laced with imagery and blows my nuts off.

I put a lot of pressure on for good posts because I like reading them, love writing them but I'm flexible don't be put off on a quality issue, at the end of the day it's about having fun, enjoying yourself and if you want to improving your writing.

I will do my level best to give you something to work with to inspire as much as I can, that's my job, yours is honestly to write and enjoy it, because if you aren't enjoying it whats the point.

3) If I'm giving too much. fucking tell me, I will get carried away and I wont know until I'm told to reign it in
4)I get final say, if i say no, no it is. I'm more than willing to hear both sides out or your side but at the end of the day if i say no its a no.
5) If you can't post let me know, if not once or more per update please.
__________________________________________________ ______

I am looking for 8-12 Penal legionnaires, scum of the earth... or perhaps not so scummy... perhaps a man framed.. perhaps a man who commited a minor crime which upon his world which had grave consequences... however you ended up there is your story to tell...

Please note.... I have no idea what type of reception I will be getting to this... nonethless I wont be accepting charactors on a first come first serve basis but will be going on charactor quality, however I will give feedback on all charactors before making if necessary a final cut (however the odds of me getting twelve for this is really unlikely so I don't see it happening)

Character sheet

Quirk: A little something that makes you who your are

Background:This includes your pre penal legion life up until your incarceration upon Saben and specifically your crime that sent you there.
Please note i don't want all murderers and thieves, nor do i want all disgraced guardsman. Saben draws from all walks of life be it the scum of local worlds, guardsman that have committed a heinous crime even those convicted of fraud or petty theft so lets have a little variety.

One relic from a past life: You may have been allowed to keep one item from your past, either as a last request before execution or perhaps you snuck it in in a place best not checked, none the less each of you will have one thing from home. Please note no weapons, something entirely benine, a photo, a ring, a medal... one thing from your past, what is it, whats it's history, and how come you still have it...?

Reason for induction into the penal legion: did you volunteer instead of life imprisonment to try and stave off the inevitable, were you placed with the penal legions without choice or did you have a specialist skill that saved your from the death cells

Reaction to induction: I dont want a personality as such I think you find out more about a person as you go through the rp and i find people tend to divert from them.

However are your repentant and desperate for the emperor's forgiveness, are you vengeful allowing spite to fuel you, are you desperate to survive, your service is for life, do you believe you may earn the emperor's forgiveness one day.... or perhaps you dont react at all as you have some other all consuming goal...?

Specialist skill: something you have and it does not have to be military, something that marks you out, that may not have been recognized, you may not even have shown, may have kept hidden

Relationships with other characters: your more than welcome to get together and work out any pre established bonds with other characters

"Notes about war gear:standard issue lasgun and combat knife along with regulation flack jacket and standard issue army khaki will be issued to everyone however as things move on, you may find things on the way, no guarantees.

Well I hope to see some characters, even if not, hope you enjoyed the read :)

Accepted characters:

1. Xandar Tackett- Midge913

2. Vladimir Alanski- Angel Encarmine

3. Samuel DiStefano- Angel of Blood

4. Matthew Weaver- Maelstrom48

5. Mitijia Melansek- High_seraph

6. Julian Rhodes- Romero's Own

7. Thavian Rivette- Unxpekted22

8. Kane Levethix- DasOmen

9. Gaius Holden- Lord Ramo

10. Lucius Vermillion- JAMOB

11. Peitor Simmons- HOGGLORD

12. Tavian Freen- Signatus

Midge913 11-17-12 02:22 AM

Per our discussion over MSN I will be tossing a sheet into the mix. Going to try and get it up later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

JAMOB 11-17-12 04:31 AM

Lucius Vermillion
Character sheet

Name: Lucius Vermillion
Age: 19

The rest is impending, will post upon finishing changes

Romero's Own 11-17-12 02:55 PM

Not being picky here but JAMOB, deathy said he was a 'description whore' who loved long descriptions. But you gave a line and a half for your appearance.

You might still be working on it or death might accept it but i think the appearance is a vital part of a character sheet.

DasOmen 11-17-12 09:03 PM

hence why i'm still working on mine.

JAMOB 11-18-12 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by Romero's Own (Post 1307161)
Not being picky here but JAMOB, deathy said he was a 'description whore' who loved long descriptions. But you gave a line and a half for your appearance.

You might still be working on it or death might accept it but i think the appearance is a vital part of a character sheet.

No I'm not done yet :P That was just a prelim typed up in ~20 minutes. I pretty much just wrote whatever came to mind... Ill expand later. Thanks for the concern though.

Oh, and should I break up the massive wall of text?

deathbringer 11-18-12 11:55 AM

Righty ho :)

I've currently got a pm in my inbox and would tentatively 3 interested parties declared in midge, dasomen and jamob which takes us to the half way mark of 4 if all turn into charactors

I am in no rush on the time frame to get this going so take time with your charactors as I will require 8 to get this bad boy started my preference being 10.

So hopefully there are a few more who are pondering this with interest :)

I will be sending a pm with any charactor critique so Jamob, let me know when you've editted him in full and I'll take a look, though breaking up that wall of text into a couple of paragraphs would really help ease of reading.

son of azurman 11-18-12 12:58 PM

ye if your going to post post it in full so that he doesn't have to keep checking the updates.

darkreever 11-18-12 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by Romero's Own (Post 1307161)
Not being picky here but JAMOB, deathy said he was a 'description whore' who loved long descriptions. But you gave a line and a half for your appearance.

You might still be working on it or death might accept it but i think the appearance is a vital part of a character sheet.


Originally Posted by son of azurman (Post 1307435)
ye if your going to post post it in full so that he doesn't have to keep checking the updates.

Right..while its true that you should post when your good and ready, these are comments that should be left to the GM and not the peanut gallery.

Romero, Deathbringer might have had no issue with the low amount of description in appearance because he and JAMOB discussed it another time. There is a reason why it falls to a GM to make decisions about his/her RP and not watchers/passerby's.

That JAMOB does intend to put up more; well knowing Deathbringer that means that all JAMOB has done is put up an unfinished character that won't even be considered until its done.

Azurman, Deathbringer already told JAMOB to PM him when the character is complete, your comment was beyond unnecessary; especially considering it came over an hour after Deathbringers. Its not your RP, so unless you have some stake in it back off with the presumptuous lip. (Also, not sure if your using 'ye' as 'yes' but apparently its old English for 'the'.)

son of azurman 11-18-12 03:53 PM

Sorry darkreaver didn't see the comment and I know is the gms job i just think that he shouldn't post the character half done

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