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ckcrawford 11-16-12 10:10 PM

Iron Warrior Project + Conversions
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Iron Warrior 13th Company

Edited Post. This thread has officially been transformed from a few fun conversion pieces to an entirely new project for Iron Warriors. So far, I have 3 Daemon Princes. 2 that are recent and one that is about 4 years old. The first piece is that last piece of my old army.:( I miss it.

Anyhow, I also have a few converted Obliterators. I figure I'd save some bucks and use my bitz box. I hope that my project encourages people to have fun with their models. I'm a bit rusty, so I hope I can get back on track. For some reason my hand starts to shake. I wonder if its because I haven't worked with green stuff in a while or what.

I have also started adding the main body edition to my army. So far they are under construction for the most part. But for now I have included a lightly converted troop choice of Chaos Space Marines and a Terminator Squad.

If anybody has any conversion ideas feel free to post! :popcorn:

Here are the first 3 Warsmith Lords of the 13th Company. They have all assended to Daemonhood and have all gone to do better things. Therefore, for the most part, they will not be part of my army. Just models for fluff that I may post if I ever have time. Besides, the rules don't really favor them anymore, so I'll be looking at other lord and hero choices.

ckcrawford 11-16-12 10:23 PM

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This one I made last year for a online competetion on the site. I think the one problem with this was finding the right head. I'm still looking for one. Anyone willing to offer theirs?

ckcrawford 11-16-12 10:29 PM

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And here is the last one. I submitted it for the monthly conversion and won with this one. I liked this one because I was able to use more bits. The legs were the hardest idea to find. They are from the Grey Knight dreadnought thing. They are actually arms! The feet from the sphinx. I had to use a lot of green stuff just to fill in the spaces. About half but I think it came out good.

ckcrawford 11-16-12 10:31 PM

Hopefully I will get to doing more. But I hope in my next project I will show you guys something new. Anyone interested in me experimenting on making certain units look Iron Warriorish, let me know.

Kreuger 11-17-12 06:56 PM

I don't think its all that hard or scary to try and differentiate one's daemon princes.

I like how ambitious your daemon prince conversions are, it's nice to see people tackling big conversions. I'm not crazy about the end results though. I think we have very different aesthetics.

I converted up an Iron Warriors Daemon prince using the original metal DP model, and an orky vehicle 'servo-arm'. I really wanted to keep that as a part of the model, clearly suggesting the progression from the Warsmith to Daemon Prince.


IW_daemon_prince_done-top-angle by the warped forge, on Flickr


daemon_prince_back by the warped forge, on Flickr

My overall goal was to keep it tight and understated, and of course to make sure the servo-arm remained stable when finished, because everything was pewter, and heavy!


ckcrawford 11-17-12 08:27 PM

Wow! I'm quite jealous. I like that look. You've done enough work on it to be creative. I have to say though Iron Warrior Daemon Princes are just as fun if not more exciting than working on Nurgle Daemon Princes.

Looks awesome Kreuger!

There's just something about my second Daemon Prince I just don't like. Maybe the proportions of the legs and body. I know I dislike the face. I'm thinking about using a defiler mask. I really recommend those being used on Daemon Princes, I think the monstrous face makes it look too mainstream. But I think I might lose the wings. I don't think they go well in his "long" like frame.

ckcrawford 11-19-12 07:40 PM

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Just wanted to show you, one of the cheapest ways of making obliterators. I decided to first do an obliterator with a regular no good, old space marine terminator I had in my bits box. As you can see, you can still make a convincing and in my opinion better version of the bulky and boring looking obliterators that Gamesworkshop decided to keep for some reason.

ckcrawford 11-29-12 08:49 PM

Obliterator 2

This one was done with a regular Terminator. A bit nicer and chaosy. Obliterators also look better with thorns and without a helmet.




ckcrawford 11-29-12 08:52 PM

Obliterator 3

This one was just done out of bits. The cyclone/rocket launcher was taken from a Dreadnaught kit.



Dave T Hobbit 11-30-12 04:07 PM

I am not fond of the gun porcupine look; however Oblits 1 and 2 look like technically solid conversions.

The missile launcher on Oblit 3 looks much too large to me.

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