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cheaz 06-11-08 07:08 AM

favourite 40k army
wat is the most popular 40k army

Blood God 06-11-08 07:15 AM

space marines by far...much to my disgust....

mrrshann618 06-11-08 07:17 AM

My first and forever love will be my Salamanders. They have won so many games for me when all odds were against me. I took a troop heavy list, went against an opponent who had like 3 times the number of heavy weapons. My holy Bolter couldn't miss and he couldn't make an armor save. 1500pts each I had him nailed in 3 rounds with just a few stragglers left to mop up

cheaz 06-11-08 07:21 AM

are they a 40k army cause i might of missed them

Lord Khorne 06-11-08 07:40 AM

God, ur thick man. I'll show ya at skool what they are....

ClubnBabySealz 06-11-08 08:30 AM

Got the go with the space marines

dirty-dog- 06-11-08 08:36 AM

technology of tau makes us strong

ReaperOfHeresy 06-11-08 09:09 AM

Have to go for Chaos Space Marines
''Kill the false Emperor'':biggrin:

IronSnake9 06-11-08 10:12 AM

id have to say the most popular tyrannids from the place i come from. almost every one of my mates get them. but my favorite would have to be space marines by a long way; because if u have a crap load of luck, space marines will almost certainly win any game no matter the advantages of the oppisition.

hayzo 06-11-08 10:25 AM

Tyranids!! they're so gribbly and cute, and lovable if everyone didnt collect them!

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