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LegionThree 08-29-12 05:53 PM

Blood for Blood - The Angels Vermillion
And so the decent into madness began. A slow slippery slope pulling me back from the brink of escape, ending my long wait....

Ok not that epic, but a calling none the less. I got back into 40k at the tail end of 5th after selling off my beloved angels in 4th. I came back to Necrons but no matter how many I painted they were still soulless machines to me. Soon I got that itch to paint a hero, a warrior and savior of mankind. Not wanting to do the same thing as before I decided to take a side road and go with some Vermillion. I want to explore this darker curse that has caused them so much strife and driven them into isolation. In the end this will be a highly converted army with a lot of flair and flavor all their own. For now its a rush to get models into a 500pt paint and play.
And so we begin...

This is a Terminator I painted up for a concept color scheme, I like it and think Ill stick with this pattern.
These are some scouts Im working on. Still have three colors to add. Wanted to go more camo on the clothes to break up the olive drab of the capes, I think it worked real nice.

Lethiathan 08-30-12 06:22 PM

Erm, Why have I not seen anyone comment on this! These look great, how did you achieve the osl on the Terminator! Also +rep

Viscount Vash 09-02-12 08:34 AM

Nice to see some Angels Vermillion rather than standard BAs.
Interesting use of Cadian parts on the scouts but I'm not personally sure about the heads myself.

Look forward to seeing more AVs popping up soon.

LegionThree 09-03-12 02:44 AM

Thanks for all the views and support.

Lethiathan - The OSL is a fairly new trick Im adding to my painting. This one was done by starting with Crystal Blue Army Painter and then going over it with Wolf Grey also Army Painter. After that just running a little white into the Wolf and using it to dry brush some highlights, maybe two or three of those highlights getting brighter and brighter.

Viscount - Thanks, Im looking forward to getting this army rolling. As far as the scouts go I wanted to avoid a cut and paste army and with the scout kits being mostly complete out of the box the heads were the only real change I could do without a lot of cutting. They have grown on me, I think they give the scouts a hardened warfighter appearance. But I understand what you see.

Stay tuned hopefully Ill get another update in the next two days. September is crazy for me so not much will be showing up this month.

Also anyone with knowledge on blending small surfaces like the gems please enlighten me. Thanks.

LegionThree 10-28-12 03:32 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Ok finally got some work done on these guys. Not a ton but its progress. All I have is this little sneak peak for you guys tonight. Attachment 959936934

Real photos to follow.

Lethiathan 10-28-12 10:12 AM

Looking forward to it L3, all the stuff I've seen is a real treat :D

LegionThree 10-30-12 04:41 AM

Finally a real update.

Not as much has been getting done on these as I had hoped. Also any hope of truescaling has been abandoned due to time limitations. But that being said I want to get these guys to a tabletop standard fast then build them up from there. And that is what I have been doing.

Another note I caved and bought the DV set, really nice models in it. Harder to modify and convert but really nice models none the less.

So here we go....

Heres the converted LE from the DV box set and his minions

Close up - The DA badges dont seem like they will be that hard to cover up, give me green stuff and a few minutes and Ill knock it out.

Tac 1 - They dont shy away from contact with the rest of the Blood Angels for nothing... These guys are a bit blood drunk.

Tac 2 - From the previous starter, I bought them not knowing they were preposed marines but Ill use them anyway, at least till I get replacements.

Baal Predator - The avenging fist, plan to have both an AC and Flamer on the table

Death Company - The newest models and ready for some priming. The bases were from a guy on ebay, very reasonable price and great stuff really. Plan on doing the entire army with them.

STOP, Hammer time!

Lethiathan 10-30-12 11:02 AM

I really Really Hope that those Tacs are W.I.P, The baal is significantly better, along with the termies.

LegionThree 10-31-12 10:50 AM

Dont fear Leth everything is a WIP I wouldnt put any model past 80% done yet. Just want to get them on a table and Ill finish them off later.

LegionThree 12-07-12 11:26 PM

*edit* added pictures in place of links
OK finally go tthe terminator squad done. Not the Space hulks that I have but the Dark Vengeance models, theyre not half bad. Well let me know what you think no fancy bases but the models came out pretty good.


Should have some more models coming soon. Working on the death company right now. Thanks for looking.

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