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TomG 08-25-12 02:55 PM

Tom's Death Guard
Okay well anyone who has seen my progress in the modelling and painting section will know I've been meaning to get this up. So now I have quite a few models to get together and paint and I thought I'd share it with ye!

First thing's first. (Scroll down if you aren't arsed listening to me droning on:P) Me and a few mates have decided to pick a chaos army to collect for the upcoming codex. Hopefully I'll convince them to pop up a plog themselves or I'll just take a few pictures myself.

I picked Death Guard mainly because....well I've always been drawn to ol papa Nurgle and I enjoy their fluff. I've gone for their pre-heresy scheme because I like the colour and want to build up my own fluff around them. I'll also be doing a small allied Daemon army to run alongside them!

So far I have painted:

Daemon Prince (needs rebasing)
Dreadnought (needs another arm)
A unit of Plagubearers

Being painted:

Plague Marines
Plague Bearer unit

To assemble:

Choas Lord
Lots of Terminators (I will convert a few into obliterators)
and Zombies!

Well that's out of the way I'll show ye some of my stuff.
First up is my Plague Marine Sergeant. Sorry for the pics, I really need a new camera.




Next up is one of my Terminators. When I was working on him I had no intention for him to resemble Typhus. But the pose is similar so I may use him as a counts as or just a regular Termie.






Also a note on the attempted scythe. I want my termies to have manreapers so I tried to make one out of a GK halberd. I'm happy enouth with this one so far but will be using the ones from the zombie kit from now on probably!

Now for my zombies! These will be my counts as cultists or an allied guard unit. I only have 5 together for now (and some green stuffing to do on them) but I will have many....many more)




Well there ye have it guys. The way I'm collecting at the mo is just making some models I like and can make Nurgley before the new releases come out.
C&C is welcome.
Hope ye like:)

Lethiathan 08-25-12 03:00 PM

I like the white scheme! It looks like bone! Good start!

TomG 12-17-12 01:05 AM

Been a while since I've posted on the forum, but here's what I've been up to so far in-between uni and Xbox! Pretty much all of this is WIP. My scheme has changed a little since my first tryouts.

First up is the Festus model I'll be using as my cultist unit champion.



Still a good bit to do but he's on the way!

Next is a Cataphractii terminator. He's not very chaosy but I'm aiming for some of the units to look like they're just on the verge of turning. I absolutely love the Cataphractii models :ok:



Here is one of my nearly finished Plague Marines! I'm happy with how he's turned out and have 4 more nearly done too.



Next is something rather different. Still a lot to do on it. At first glance I knew the Forgefiend wasn't Nurgley enough for me so I decided to make my own out of a Defiler and a Hell Pit Abomination and this is what I've come up with so far. My green stuff work is not that great and there's still a lot to do!




Some zombies I've been working on. Have about 20 at this point and these are my favorites!





Here are my spawn! I hunted high and low for the actual models but couldn't find some anywhere. However I think these Crypt Horrors filled in nicely!








And finally my custom Daemon Prince! This was my first go with lots of green stuff and he's pretty much put together! I may put in some guts and more things on later if anyone has any ideas or tips!




Well that's a little snippet of what I've been up to! Hope you guys like. I know I've enjoyed getting all this stuff together so far and there's much more to come. Comments are welcome as always!:)

gearhart 12-17-12 03:08 AM

wow, fantastic start! and i adore the mid horus heresy look! great job! also that Cataphractii...wow, i love his pose too....ironically i went for a very similar pose on mine :) great stuff looking forward to more :)

Hellados 12-17-12 08:54 AM

I really like all the painting and the green stuff looks tidy, clean wouldn't be the right word for nurgle :p

Definetly need some more guts and boils on the demon prince and deflier imho, just little ones but they're not turning my stomach enough :)

Also is the rotator cuff on the demon princes right arm connected to the arm enough, it looks like there is a little gap between it and the arm

Kreuger 12-17-12 06:50 PM

You have a lot of good work here. I really like the palette of colors on your death guard & cataphractii . . .with 1 exception.

The blood color isn't working. It's too bright and too shiny. It overwhelms the rest of the scheme and doesn't make a ton of sense. The Death Guard have been corrupt for 10,000 years, any blood by the gaps in their armor won't be that fresh, their armor didn't just split open today.

I'd make the same case for the zombies. They would look a lot better with a darker, scabbier red-brown. The color palette thus far is pretty muted and the red is pretty overwhelming. If you want to keep some fresh blood in there try to make it more restrained . . . Such as just in the mouth or on the claws.

Boc 12-17-12 08:56 PM

Great work so far, you've really nailed the sickly flesh tone, and the corroded white armour looks spot on. Can't wait to see that Daemon Prince painted up!

ckcrawford 12-18-12 02:54 AM

Nice Work. I like what you've done with your daemon prince and guardsmen. Your painting is exceptional, keep it up.

Khorne's Fist 12-18-12 01:37 PM

Really liking the clean white on the plague marines. Also like the Festus model. Looking forward to seeing more.

louisshli 12-19-12 12:59 PM


I quite like the shade of white you got but think your minis can use a wash to dull down the chalkiness from the drybrush.... Something like watered down Agrax Earthshade or a light sepia wash...

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