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son of azurman 08-22-12 03:16 PM

fall of empires,rise of a republic (a sci fi rp)
Fall Of Empires,Rise Of A Republic

welcome to our galaxy known by many names amongst the advanced races it contains (to the zuntrak it is known as the coeliuk galaxy for example) and in this galaxy there are many sapient races from the promkra of guntral to the transok of linthal but amongst this large collection shine stars that have advanced far beyond there fellow settlers and have achieved travel amongst the stars and settling on worlds not of there origin.these are tales that have forged a legend in the history of our galaxy in the words of those who forged it but has been translated into your english i believe you call it.

“vol’trin come here i need to ask u something.”

“yes kra’wor what is it you want?”

“do you think this is a good idea,do you believe this plan will work?”

“of course,when have your plans ever failed.”

“theres a first time for everything,a first time for everything.”

a Zuntrak vessel lay still,it stood there in space above the surface of the planet ortyak III.the vessel was large,the length of an average moon and the breadth of a large city.at the vessels head was the great hall,this room was a large dome.the floors made from a crystal like substance,the walls were a great window looking out into the blackness of space.at its center a great tree from there home land of cruzamko surrounded by a small pond.stood at he far end looking out at the planets surface stood two Zuntrak.Vol’trin foe’s bane of froltra commander of the armies and fleet and Kra’wor fire heart of Cruzamko leader of the Zuntrak and head of foreign negotiation along with religious teachings.these two had lead there race forward and had both reached great roles as leaders of there whole race but they knew it would not last.they knew that contact with other races was inevitable and would eventually lead to war!and Kra’wor had posed a plan,he had sent emissaries to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to find the most advanced races they could and invite them to a meeting of peace on the surface of Ortyak III.one by one there ships arrived and as shuttles headed down to the surface thy knew it was time,time for negotiations to begin and to mark the beginning of the next age.

ooc.ok guys theres the intro so ye this is a sci fi rp based in another galaxy were there are many races each with there own sort of empire and in this the Zuntrak have reached out to them for a council of peace,below is the character sheets.the race sheet is for info on the species wile the character sheet is for that races representative wether it be there leader or just an emissary but this is the character you will control so i would prefer it be someone relatively high up and you will need a second character sheet which will be the character you control in battles.for the actual rp we will work out on the recruitment thread what will happen and in the update wile the posts will be either the character sending out orders or in a council with the other members wile in battle we will switch to the military leader or general on the field of battle.


race name:

planet of origin/the surface appearance:

average life span:

settled planets:

common features:

spoken languages:

written languages:

levels of leadership:



allies and enemies:


real Name:


rank in culture:



age:earth years and race years


weapon of choice:


.posts must be 5 sentences long at least unless said otherwise

.no goddmoding,so you cant make our race like a super fast super strong and super smart elite race with a massive army it has to have its weaknesses along with its strengths.

.make sure for your posts that if you want to do something ask the others on the recruitment thread about it and don't go further than the update.for example if you want to suggest something to the council put the suggestion at the end of the post so that everyone else can come in with there opinions and say you want to do an action you could do it yourself but you would either be voted out of the republic and go independent or just or just be put down from your seat of power and another character from that race would take his place cause as a republic we vote and discuss

Current players
klomster=the hive
general smyth=the menoetion empire
the black legionnaire=olori
yruo=the compact
farseer ulthris=mol'omra'chai
tyrrano the destroyer=the cybran nation
romero's own=the flusen

Malochai 08-22-12 04:47 PM


Race Character Sheet

Race Name: Nyæn/Nyæni (Nayn/Nayn-e)

Planet of Origin: Niindal (Neen-darl)
Home-planet of the Nyæn, is located in a rather densely packed area of space, which consists of three inhabitable planets (Niindal, Graea and Staoa), and numerous moons.
Niindal is a heavily-forested planet, with huge steppes and flat-lands dominating the eastern hemisphere. There are three oceans that cover a third of the landmass, which includes both northern and southern poles. Mountain ranges spot the surface, and the only detracting sights from the air are five huge cities that spot the land, neatly laid out metropolis' that run efficiently and are environmentally effective. They each have a tower of three hundred feet at the centre, half glass, from where the Entiniraan rule.

Year at Start of RP: 3rd Aaaea (Age) of the Nyæn, Aat 3090 - ‘The Age of Prosperity and Exploration’
(Each Age so far has lasted about 5,000 Aat, but it is based on events of import to the Nyæn as a race, rather than set increments)

Average Life Span:
Uutanaat: 152 Aat (419 'Earth' Years)
Nyæni: 127 Aat (350 ‘Earth’ Years)

Settled Planets: Niindal (Neen-darl), Graea (Grey-a), Staoa (Sht-ow),

Common Features: The Nyæn are humanoid, and generally about 6 and a half feet tall, but varying between 6 and 7 feet, with waist-length hair, braided differently depending on their age and specialisation, of colours varying between blonde and chocolate brown, a few individuals having pure white hair - this is seen as a sign of greatness. They appear to have no ears, but their hearing is actually very acute. Their skin is pale, but not to the point of being white, and as a general rule of thumb, their three eyes are shades of green. The third eye is set in the forehead, which is generally high. The use of this eye in unknown to outside races, as it remains closed in almost all circumstances and on the rare occasions it is opened, it varies greatly between jet and the colour of jade, often within seconds.
They have four canines on their top row of teeth, the lower only having two, an aberration developed over the last 4000 Aat. All Nyæni have long, dextrous hands, with four knuckles in each finger and three in their thumbs.
Every generation, a few Nyæn are born with ruby red eyes and pure-white hair. These children generally grow to be taller than most every ‘normal’ Nyæn, a lot stronger and intelligent. The reason for this is unknown, but it’s thought to be due to a rare, unidentified recessive gene. They are referred to as the Uutanaat, which means ‘Ageless Wardens’. This comes from the ancient tradition of the Uutanaat being the honour guard of the Nyæn clan-leaders.
Nyæn women bear children for a full Aat, and after having given birth cannot bear another child for a further 3 Aat, due to the strain that pregnancy and childbirth take on their bodies. This has improved as, before they perfected their healthcare, a Nyæni woman could only bear one child in her lifetime.
Key Features
Height: 6’5”-7’5”
Eye Colour: Blood red/ruby red/crimson
Hair Colour: Pure white
Height: 6’-7’
Eye Colour: Varying shades of green
Hair Colour: Blonde - chocolate brown

Spoken Languages:
Faida (Fay-da) - Spoken by the Fædanærie, only taught upon their induction into the ranks. To teach this language to any outside the ranks of the Fædanærie is a Capital Crime, punishable by death. This is to ensure that all matters of import to the Nyæn as a race are kept secret.
Entira (En-tear-a) - This is the language spoken by those inducted into the Entiniraan, taught to them only upon induction to their ranks. Whilst teaching it to another is not a Capital Crime, any who does will be shunned and almost certainly will not rise any further through the ranks. Their careers will stagnate, as they are considered un-trustworthy of the honour the agreement they’ll enter into if they learnt the Faida, upon induction to the Fædanærie
Scneira (Sneer-a) - This language is spoken by all of the Nyæn, taught to them at the academies of their race (Ædunarion (Ay-do-na-re-on))

Written Languages:
Fadari (Fay-dar-e) - Used by the Fædanærie, only taught upon their induction into the ranks. To teach this language to any outside the ranks of the Fædanærie is a Capital Crime, punishable by death. This is to ensure that all matters of import to the Nyæn as a race are kept secret.
Entiran (En-tear-an) - This is the language used by those inducted into the Entiniraan, taught to them only upon induction to their ranks. Whilst teaching it to another is not a Capital Crime, any who does will be shunned and almost certainly will not rise any further through the ranks. Their careers will stagnate, as they are considered un-trustworthy of the honour the agreement they’ll enter into if they learnt the Faida, upon induction to the Fædanærie
Scneirani (Sneer-arn-e) - This language is used by all of the Nyæn, taught to them at the academies of their race (Ædunarion (Ay-do-na-re-on))

Levels of Leadership:
Fædanærie (Fay-deh-nair-e) - Members of the top tier Nyæni ruling classes, and they make up the Council of Nyæn, and there are 1000 Fædanærie in total. Half are drawn from Niindal, whilst the other half is drawn equally from Graea and Staoa. They propose, debate, and vote on the universal laws that apply to all Nyæn. They are drawn from the members of the Entiniraan. Election is for at least 50 Aat (137 ‘Earth years’), or until the elected Member dies.
Entiniraan (En-tee-near-an) - The Entiraan are the members of the Nyæn who see to the overall running of each colonised planet, the ‘politicians’. They vote on the by-laws of their planets, and elect members from amongst their own ranks to represent them in the Council of Nyæn. They are themselves elected, mainly from the Tælan, but according to Nyæni law, ten percent of any planets Entiniraan must be drawn, equally, from the Udæn and Snaeren, to advise on the running and military capabilities of the colonies.
Udæn (Ew-dane) - The administrative arm of the Nyæni government.
Snæren (Snare-en) - The Snæren are the twin military and policing arms of the Nyæni race. Although they technically owe fealty to the Council, they are left under the command of their home planets Entiniraan in most circumstances. The exception to this is when the Snæren of the military arm leave the planet, in which case a Council-assigned representative leads them.
The Nyæn do not wage war needlessly, but are ready to do so to defend their own interests, if it becomes necessary. Because of this reluctance to take up arms, the Snæren are probably the least numerous of the Nyæn, but they make up for this with tactics that allow them to crush resistance with minimal losses, and a highly skilled and trained military that are the envy of the races they have yet been in contact with, and they are respected by nearly all the Nyæn.
Tælan (Tay-lun) - The Tælan are the most common of the Nyæni race, the mass population who inhabit the three major colonised planets. They are the farmers, the builders, the educators, the healers and the growers of uundairn, amongst countless other professions.
Ulan (Ew-lan) - The Ulan are those Nyæn who have been convicted of ‘Capital Crimes’ against ‘civilised races’. Whether the victims were Nyæni or from another race, the laws put down by the first Council of Nyæn, at the beginning of the Second Era, care not - they will still be classed as Ulan, and shunned by other members of their race.

There are varying ranks within these various branches of the Nyæni race, but this is a general outline.

The history of the Nyæn is split into Aaaea (Ages), which are defined by large, cultural changes that define the way the Nyæn live.
Un-Aaaea (The Age Before Ages) - This is the time before recorded history, and all that remains from these times are archaic languages inscribed on ancient rocks, preserved by the advanced technology.
1st Aaaea (The Age of Darkness) - During this Age, the Nyæn were fractured into clans, warring between themselves constantly. The nomads of the west constantly raided the more permanent settlements of the eastern clans, and this was just the way of life. It was during this time that forging was first attempted, and the ways of war perfected, tactics recorded and venerated by the younger generations. The Age of Darkness is reported as being 5,204 Aat long, and it is estimated as many as five million Nyæn died through the disparate warring.
2nd Aaaea (The Age of Unification) - This Age was announced upon the formation of the Council of Nyæn, which was achieved when a series of huge, natural disasters struck Niindal. This caused devastation unmatched by the entirety of the 1st Aaaea, with hundreds of clans being wiped out in the blink of an eye. The clan leaders were shocked into action, deciding they had angered their gods though their wars, the blood-soaked lands abhorrent to their new-found deity, Neitur (Nay-chur). The priests who emerged preached unity, and the ending of unnecessary bloodshed. Many of these were Uutanaat, highly respected, and so many followed them dutifully at first, unconvinced but unwilling to cross those they saw as the messengers of the gods. Eventually, however, the entire race saw the benefits of following the ways of Neitur, and soon he became the primary deity of the Nyæn. The Unity saw vast advancements in technology, extending life-expectancy and creating efficient means of travel that didn’t harm Niindal or offend Neitur. It is during this time that the Nyæn discovered the means of growing uundairn, which was seen as Neitur’s blessing, a reward for their continued work to further his ways. Their was some reistance to the uptake of Neitur as the primary deity of the Nyæn, staying true to the Old Ways, worshipping the Pantheon. The Age of Unity was recorded as lasting for nearly 5,600 Aat, during which the Nyæn made truly outstanding technological advancements, which would have been considered outstanding, had there been any outside forces watching in.
3rd Aaaea (The Age of Prosperity and Exploration) - Reaching the stars had long been the dreams of a small, select group of Nyæni, who had spent most of their adult lives developing the technology to do so. The first time a piloted craft was launched beyond the atmosphere of Niindal, a new holiday was established by the Council. The first time a colonising party landed on Graea with pre-fab buildings, ready to establish the Nyæn dominance on the planet, a new Age was declared, to much celebration. It was titled The Age of Prosperity and Exploration for they came into contact with new species, intelligent life-forms which encouraged trade and brought in much wealth to the Nyæni economies. 200 Aat after the colonisation of Graea, a similar force landed on Staoa, and numerous outposts, military and trading, were established on moons and ambassadors were even sent to the hearts of those xenos empires close to them.

The Nyæn of Niindal use a form of crystalised light called uundairn (oon-dare-n) to power their technology. These crystals disintegrate as they are used, but are highly efficient, and so even the smallest crystal can last half an Aat (over one Earth year). Due to this being a completely renewable source of energy, there is little pollution on their home planet of Niindal.
Those colonies on Graea and Staoa use a hybrid technology of uundairn and nuclear fusion-like power, which is seen as a great taboo on Niindal, due to the environmental impact. Due to the distribution of power amongst the Fædanærie, it has become a stalemate argument, with neither side backing down and unable to create a majority to outlaw it, or make it legal. This is because the colonies away from Niindal do not have the capability to create uundairn on as large a scale as Niindal does.
They have been travelling the inbetweens of space for over 3000 Aat (about 8,267 ‘Earth’ years), using engines powered by huge uundairn crystals and ships made of a unique Nyæni composite material, lightweight and strong.

The Snæren use a mix of technologies in their weapons; from ranged to swords.
Projectile Weapons -
Guns - The guns of the Snæren take advantage of the unique Nyæni uundairn technology, and are only ever used by the military arms of the Snæren, and never the police. The ammunition is in actuality tiny crystals that shatter upon impact, which releases enough energy to cause massive damage to their enemy’s central nervous system. These crystals are incredibly potent to the physiology of the Nyæn, and thus these weapons are in very short supply, meaning warfare is incredibly difficult to sustain. There are rather large stores kept under the central government offices and military bases on all three colonies and outposts in case of attack.
Bows - Bows are used by both the nobility of the Nyæni and, occasionally, the Snæren. There are varying arrowheads that can be procured, but most use the same metal as the sword blades of the Snæren, and have the same consequences on the body.
Net-throwers - These are reserved for use only by the policing arm to give them a way to combat any civil unrest, which, despite being rare, has happened on several occasions. They look like shotguns, but shoot out a net that unravels in less than a second and will entangle a Nyæni in seconds. They have tiny uundairn crystals woven into the netting, which send out tiny electrical pulses, which can incapacitate most Nyæni.

CQB Weapons -
Swords - All members of the Snæren are presented with twin swords upon completion of the Tasks which gain them admittance to the ranks, be they military or police, more as a matter of tradition than anything else, but they are deadly, nonetheless. These swords, generally worn upon the back, are made of a metallic compound which reacts to the plasma and platelets in blood, rendering them redundant in some races, meaning that wounds do not clot and waste does not get removed from cells, killing them quickly.
Crowd Control Batons - These are reserved for use only by the policing arm to give them a way to combat any civil unrest, which, despite being rare, has happened on several occasions. They have tiny uundairn crystals in them which send out tiny electrical pulses, which can incapacitate most Nyæni.

If these weapons are used to kill animals, purposefully or not, to kill animals, whether in the vast wildlife reserves of Niindal, Graea or Staoa, or anywhere else, thanks is given to Neitur when an animal is killed, and great respect given to the killed creature.

The various cities of the Nyæn on their colonised planets are all connected via underground, train-like vehicles, which run constantly to transport goods and people. Each city has one central station which these trains can be caught from, with numerous sub-transport stations which run around a single city.
There are also two other forms of transport available, mainly restricted to the rich, privileged and the elite of the Snæren. The first are Sheinta (Shane-ta), which are essentially personnel shuttles, typically unarmed, which form the main part of the Nyæni Air Force. There are various Sheinta models, but the most common can hold up to fifty passengers, with a compulsory crew of three and the space for another twenty personnel, be they additional aides or armed guards of the Snæren.
The second additional form of transport is only for relatively short distances - the Sferian (Sphere-ian), a race of equine beasts with six legs, four at the front of the body and two at the back. One pair of fore legs ends in what appear to be articulated appendages, which allows the Sferian the grip onto various surfaces. They have four eyes, always jet-black, and a shaggy coat of fur the colour of snow. Whilst they may look docile, they are in fact predators themselves, capable of great damage with both their legs and teeth, which are razor sharp and pointed like needles; as tough as diamonds.

The Nyæn have four main classes of ship for space travel - the Aerlani Class Cruiser, Jaelangier Class Battle Cruiser, Meulianan Class Inter-System Cruiser and the Feuineri Class Inter-System Battle Cruiser.

The Aerlini Class Cruiser is the main form of inter-planetary travel for the Nyæni. It uses three huge uundairn crystals, which can power the ship for over 40 Aat. It can transport over ten thousand, but doesn’t cannot travel between systems. Due to being a transport ship, it only has defensive weapon and shielding capabilities.

The Jaelangier Class Battle Cruiser is a huge ship, over twice the size of the Aerlini Class Cruiser, and is powered by a massive ten uundairn, each twice the size of those found in the Aerlini, as each Jaelangier has an armoury of weapons. These ships are rare, but can threaten many times their number of most other ships they have thus far encountered. As with the Aerlini, it cannot travel between systems.

The Meulianan Class Inter-System Cruiser is one of two prides of the Nyæni scientists, and the first of the ships created by the Nyæni which can travel between systems. It does this by making near-unique use of complex algorithms and light-bending techniques to bend the space around the ship, thus reducing point-to-point distance and reducing travel time exponentially. A huge power source of thirty uundairn power these ships, to power the inter-system travel.

The Feuineri Class Inter-System Battle Cruiser is the second pride of the Nyæni scientists; a ship with a devastating armoury that can travel between systems. They have become more prevalent, as have the Meulianan Class Cruisers, with the increase in travel between stellar civilisations. There are two Feuineri for every Meulianan, to provide defense in unknown territory. They are not as strong as the Jaelangier, but they have to be to enable the use of inter-system travel.

Allies: The Flusen (Romero's Own) - 'The Greandaux Nyæn-Flusen Aerlici'
('The Grand Nyæn-Flusen Alliance' - Official Nyæni scripture)

Enemies: The Compact (Yru0) - 'The Meudernin Leagaeu eaurde Compact'
('The Murdering League of the Compact' - Unnofficial moniker amongst the Nyæn, but used widely (even amongst the Fædanærie))
Whilst there is no officially declared war, there have been several border skirmishes.


Individual Character Sheet

Military Character

Real Name: Ædani Fieralra (Ae-de-knee Fear-al-tra)

Title: Fædanærie-Elect Generaux Ædani Fieralra of Niindal

Rank in Culture: Fædanærie of Niindal

Appearance: Ædani is 7’6”, amongst the tallest Nyæni ever recorded. He has hair of purest white, like virgin snow, which reaches down to his waist, and his eyes are blood red. The third eye on his forehead, which remains closed for the majority of the time, flits between jade-green and jet-black as is the Nyæni norm. His skin is pale, once again as is the norm for those of his race, but he has two scars on his face; running parallel across his right cheek; two inches long and the permanently pink skin is quite pronounced on his pale face.

Backstory: Ædani was born onto Niindal amongst a family who had long, proud Snæren roots; every member of his parents family had served amongst the Snæren for at least three generations before him. Determined to join them, and to prove that he was worthy of being amongst the hallowed Uutanaat, he dedicated himself to his studies in the Ædunarion he attended. After graduating, he immediately applied to the Snæren, and upon demonstrating his incredible skill with bow and sword, he was admitted as a Heruupta (He-roo-p-ta), or ‘Hopeful’, to undertake the customary Tasks that mark graduation and full acceptance into the ranks. He excelled throughout his time as a Heruupta, coming top of all his classes, be they physical or academic based.
Once he had attained the rank of Neiruupta (Nay-roo-p-ta), the lowest rank, he was sent to numerous military outposts on Niindal until he was considered for the honour of off-planet deployment. His first posting away from Niindal was on the inhospitable moon of Tæni, where he came into contact with his first xenos race, an unnamed, indigenous species that resisted the Nyæn outpost. After that, he was sent to many, varying outposts, encountering more and more races, and gaining ranks. Eventually, after a much longer career than is the norm, he returned to Niindal to retire and start a family. Now highly respected amongst the Snæren and Nyæn as a whole, he was elected to the Entiraan as soon as a position was opened, and then, after 5 Aat, the Fædanærie, such was his favour amongst nearly all his peers. When the Republic was formed, Ædani was voted to be one of the main representatives of the Nyæn, his personal support a cadre of Udæn and Snæren aides. He was elected due to his experience with other races, both in a military and ‘diplomatic’ context.

Age: 95 Aat (261 Earth Years)

Personality: Ædani suffers no nonsense, and being a general is used to putting his opinion forward and having others listen to and respect it. He is always very calm, even during the heat of battle, when he gains an intense concentration that blocks out all distractions whilst concentrating on all the varying factors.
One of the things that can really rile him up is the wanton destruction of nature, due to his dedication to the Nyæni deity, Neitur. He abhors such destruction, and will denounce any who commit what he sees as crimes that cannot be brushed aside.

Weapon of Choice: Ædani favours the twin swords of the Snæren when fighting; although modified a bit. His have uundairn crystals set into the pommel, and when activated these funnel energy towards the sword tips, pumping energy into his opponents which can be powerful enough to shut down their central nervous system, dependant upon the enemy.
He wears the light composite-metal armour of the Snæren and has a Sferian mount, called Eterian (Ae-tear-e-an)

Political Character

Real Name: Kædæ Fialdron (Kay-dee-ah Fee-al-dron)

Title: Fædanærie-Elect Æbritea Kædæ Fialdron of Niindal

Rank in Culture: Fædanærie of Niindal

Appearance: Like Ædani, Kædæis one of the rare Nyæni Uutanaat, but he is not as tall as his colleague, at an even 7'. His hair is braided in a unique, hugely intricate pattern from the history of the Nyæn, which went out of fashion at the end of the 2nd Age. His skin seems to be even more pale than is normal, almost translucent, which is thought to have happened because of his extreme age, he's ancient even by Uutanaat standards; definitely the oldest Nyæn living, and maybe the oldest to have ever lived.

Backstory: Kædæ was born onto Niindal 180 Aat ago, and had two older siblings, and three cousins. His parents worked at one of the Ædunarion, and pushed him to excel, to go further and faster than he thought he could. After graduating, he took further courses and became a highly qualified Dærduna (Doctor). He became one of the leading members of his field, and a respected member of his community. When he was 50 Aat old, he was elected by the Tælan to the Entiniraan, and changed his dedicated field to the Udæn, once more becoming a leading figure and finding new ways to help make the running of the planet more efficient. Another 20 Aat and he was once again promoted, to the Fædanærie. He worked hard and used his experience and expert knowledge to help prolong his life, without defiling himself with unnatural cybernetics. He now dedicated to making the Republic work as much in favour of the Nyæn, as he is to making the Nyæn work for the Republic. Despite his age, he is still as hale and hearty as an Uutanaat in his prime. The only factor showing his age are the deep wrinkles on his face and the almost translucent nature to his skin.

Age: 180 Aat (494 'Earth' Years)

Personality: Kædæ is a realist; whilst he dislikes the idea of war and the offences against Neitur that it can bring about, he knows that sometimes there are few alternatives and it can be the most favourable course of action - if the life of one Nyæni citizen was at risk, he would order the extermination of millions of enemies, but only after he has tried to exhaust other options. He is perfectly comfortable making tough decisions, and is determined that he will act in the best interest of the Nyæn regardless of the situation. He will try to get on with others, but will not hesitate to be ruthless and be a maverick if he feels it the right thing to do.

Weapon of Choice: Kædæ is one of those few members of the Nyæni outside of the Snæren who has been given the right to bear a fire-arm, due to his newly-enhanced status, and he carries a pistol which fires uundairn crystals.
So ... Is that OK? :P

son of azurman 08-22-12 04:51 PM

yep its good,the race you've already asked about so thats fine.for the character are you having him be fighting and political?

flash43 08-22-12 04:59 PM

Right, this is my race, I can explain any of it, in extreme detail, if need be :P

Race Name: The Galactic Federation of Pegasus (GFP)

Planet of Origin: Pegasus

Average Life Span: 140-150 years.

Settled Planets: Almost four hundred SLZ class planets (Sentient Life Zone) and innumerable, more hostile planets. GFP space extends in a near perfect circle from the core world Pegasus. There are three increasingly large rings of GFP space extending from Alpha space (around Pegasus). Beta and Ceta space are fully established with Delta space in primary development, a few dozen SLZ worlds and many resource rich more hostile worlds. The PDF (Pegasien Defense Force) Space navy defends all of Delta space and much of outer Ceta, but Alpha and Beta have a large network of space-stations. (lemme know if that's too much, idk how this RP is going to work, and I'll set it further back in Pegasien history, like only alpha and beta space or something.)

Common Features: Tall and athletic. Present day clothing. Pale blue skin (like avatar, but without all the markings, just smooth blue) but otherwise human in appearance.

Spoken Languages:There are two main Languages in the federation; Alumnite = A form of Latin type speech. Spoken by native Pegasiens as a first language. Slœvēc = similar to eastern-european languages on earth. The "business" language of the federation, a second language of most. There are multiple other languages from the few other alien races in the federation, but are spoken mostly by the people of the alien races.

Written Languages: Same as above.

Diplomatically the federation is a publicly democratic senate. Administrated by the senate, with a representative from the sub-senates which administrate sectors of each ring, containing several solar systems.
The members of the sub-senates are re-elected every year by the populations of the worlds they admin. The leader of each sub-senate (also elected) is guaranteed a place and voice in the Pegasus senate.
The Federation is very proud of it's progressive democracy, and the public can vote on most major decisions that affect them.

Leader: The pegasus senate has a leader who is re-elected annually. For the last four years it has been a man named Gerrit Alphus, who will likely remain for another two. He is 138 and wise with it. He is viciously intelligent and calculating. He is respected by the people and he in turn respects them. He strives for complete order and despises vanity.

Backstory: The ancestors of the Pegasiens came here at the beginning of the universe from what was claimed to be the end of it. They had unbelievable powers, some with those more powerful than other individuals.
The legend carried down through the years told of an ancient Evil, of unstoppable power. The Pegasiens fought it for many millennia but at the end, it could not be stopped. It was going to end the universe, prematurely. The Pegasiens had little time, the twelve most powerful Pegasiens gathered in the great temple to the spirits. There they amassed their mental power together over a week. They opened a portal, through the Slipstream, back to the beginning of time. Hoping this time to be prepared, to defeat the great Evil. But something went wrong, those chosen to go back, a dozen males and a dozen females, went without most of their tech. No one knew what really happened, maybe the Evil was involved. Whatever happened it meant the plan could never happen as proposed. But the twenty-four individuals sent back did what they could, they advanced the Iron Age proto-Pegasiens as far as they could with what limited resources they had. The Iron Age people worshiped them as gods. They kept the legend of the past future alive. And their advancement of the early Pegasiens allowed the current level of technological power ahead of the wider galaxy...
But now they are here, for most people the legend is a myth, and for just a few their greatest fear is that someday the Evil, will follow them here, and the future will repeat itself...
(Hooray for temporal mechanics!!)

Technology: The GFP uses complex and advanced technology. They are almost 1000 years ahead of most other major races and use advanced weapons and veichles. Their starships use Slipstream technology to travel FTL. Most of their weapons are energy based but carry solid rounds in a laser pulse. I can provide examples and in-depth descriptions of their tech.

Allies and Enemies: The GFP strives for peace, but realises the necessity of war, for defense of course, against those who would threaten. However they prefer to remain autonomous (and peaceful!) if possible, hoping to be the group joined, rather than the group joining.

No military description because it's massively complex in full, and I don't know how much I need/am allowed.
Also sorry for any grammatical errors or other discrepancies as I wrote this on my phone last night.
Feel free to tell me the probable many errors with mine, I will put a character tomorrow.

flash43 08-22-12 05:11 PM

And malochai, these crystals your race uses wouldn't be like the crystals Pegasus uses would they? :P

Malochai 08-22-12 05:15 PM

Yep; political and fighting. His title essentially means

Fædanærie-Elect - An elected member of the Fædanærie
Generaux - one of three generaux who command equal portions of the Snæren.

All of this makes him one of the most powerful members of the Nyæni race, with both political and fighting experience. If that's OK, of course?

And I don't even know what crystals you're talking about, Flash :L It just came to me when I thought, 'Hmm, what energy source is sustainable, but kinda futuristic' and the idea of crystals made of light energy came to me :P

Yru0 08-22-12 06:02 PM

Haha, I think a resurgence of 'the Compact' may be in order :3 I ALWAYS wanted to use that idea :D Azurman, quick bunch of questions though, I can deal with a yes or a no for any of them:
1. How are you on the line of Empires consisting of allied races? Is it a no-go due to the republic essentially being that? Or is it ok if they are essentially unified?
2. Are Humans in this galaxy? If so, can we use them (not necessarily an 'Earth' Empire)?
3. For the military character, do you want a soldier on the front line, in the depths of the fighting, a 'grunt' if you will (well, not quite), or a General who commands the armies?

Cheers ;) Hoping to get something up! :D

Klomster 08-22-12 08:03 PM

Race name: They carry no name, when they speak of themselves the refer to themselves as "us" or "the hives", others mostly call them bugs or some other degrading name.

Planet of origin: The planet which they originated from is unknown, but a few probable possibilities exist after calculating their spread and triangulating to the middle.
Planet visuals: A planet in full control by the bugs tend to look barren, since forests and the like tend to be destroyed, but shrubs thrive and the planets are generally kept evenly hydrated and fertilized.
This takes a very long time though. But in the end, the entire planet looks mostly like a forest of large bracken, easily 2-3 meters high.

Average life span: It highly depends on what type of specimen within the hive is at question, but mostly 1 year for the vast majority.
The queens live for several hundreds of years though and the warrior specie lives up to 5 years.
The newly bred ambassadors live for about 30-50 years.

Settled planets: The problem with the bugs is that they have no diplomatic borders, and generally spreads without the content of anyone else.
They generally appear in a wide radius around their supposed home world, and spread to all worlds within that area.
No matter if someone else was there or not.
This has left the species overlapping borders and without any borders of their own. As they appear more like a menace than an empire.
They don't attack other however unless resources on the planet they have settled is scarce or if the residents wander to close to their hives.

Common features: They are bugs, in all the gross forms imaginable. And they can with some work spawn new types of themselves.
One thing that groups them together is the fact all of them (in one way or another) has six legs situated on their stomach, two mandible arms often shaped like a mantis arms and they have three sections of their bodies.

They are also very resistant to natural hazards, like poison and radiation, and adept at mutating to better survive different climates.

The common specimens are:

Workers: A 2 foot long cockroach with ant like body sections that digs most of its life, other workers collect food and/or builds.

Warriors: these are generally up to 5 foot tall, but grow their entire life, and some reports speak of specimens up to 10 feet tall. But they are rare.
They have a rather high ground clearance compared to the workers and look more elongated, more slim.
They have flaps on their sides which resembles wings (but they cannot fly) which they unfold to appear bigger, this is to scare off trespassers.

Queens: Few have seen one, and they appear mostly as huge larvae.

Ambassadors: To try to blend in with other races, the bugs have tried to spawn a type of ambassador. More similar to bipedal species they walk on only two legs. But otherwise are as horrid and gross as the others.
They stand 7' feet tall. (Think district 9 prawns.)

Other: Variations exist locally. Flying specimens are common to be bred on some planets where flying will be useful.

Spoken languages: Unknown. Linguists are confused over their communication, they believe they use sense, smell and sound as well as some kind of telepathic communication.

The ambassadors can speak all languages if they spend some time learning it, but they have difficulty with speech and often stutters or speaks slow and clicky.

Written languages: No. The ambassadors can learn to write other languages.

Levels of leadership: All is controlled by the hive mind, and by its extent its queens.
The higher the concentration of bugs the higher their telepathic abilities.
The communication between worlds is difficult, and can only be made with large societies.

Back-story: Wherever they go, they are disliked and feared. As long as is known, they have been around making it perhaps the oldest race in existence. If they happen to colonize a planet with warlike beings they tend to be in for a conflict. Most never care to realize that the bugs are sentient, and see them only as a pest.

This has left the race disliked at best, since the race have countless of incidents with most other races in existence.
That they have shown interest in the new federation shocks and confuses mostly everyone. Mostly because few knew they were sentient.

Technology: They are biological. When a society is large enough (most commonly when they have taken over an entire eco-system) they are capable of launching space pods. These pods contain everything needed to create one hive.
One hive usually have about 600 workers and take up about one square kilometer under ground.
The hives rarely have large enough entrances for anything larger than workers and as such, warriors are bred inside but move out to live the rest of their lives outside the hives they protect.

Warriors usually fight with close quarter mandibles and or spit a super corrosive acid that can melt most known substances. Not equally fast naturally but its qualities have never really been reproduced by any scientists.

The hives reproduce VERY fast, a hundred new workers can be hatched in just a few days, and that's when they are not speeding up the process. The specie can (and have been) a great nuisance or even eco-terror several times because of this.

New types of specimen are never spawned unless the hive is large. (About 5'000-12'000)

Allies and enemies: This race doesn't consider itself as being at war with anyone. Several other races complain and say these "bugs" have needlessly attacked and killed dozens, hundreds and even thousands in some stories.
To their defense the bugs always claim it was self defense and/or necessary for the longevity of the hive.

This has most races have a in-built dislike and disgust for the bugs.
Mostly since they appear at random and starts to colonize without any-ones content. And secondly, they are horrible nasty creepy evil bugs who live to feed on your corpse and to destroy your planet (according to everyone else at least)

That's my race idea, it's a low power space empire race but on a planet they are very hard to deal with. Since they live underground and like bees, most can transform into queens if it is a panicked situation. Of course, only one queen per hive.
They have no space craft except the space pods, which are launched at random. Although they have an uncanny ability/luck to actually hit habitable planets.


Real Name: Unknown, he is a bug. (Get him a suitable nickname in-game, it should be down-looking but he wont mind.)

Title: He carries the title "Ambassador"

Rank in culture: Ambassador primus, since he is for some reason extra smart and telepathically strong, he can with great concentration and solitude contact nearby large hives.
It is although exhausting. Other species able to sense telepathy will hear a constant buzzling and/or clicky mess around large numbers of bugs. Around only this guy it's not to bad though and can easily be ignored.
A telepathic alien would NOT want to spend time on a massive bug world, they would be mentally exhausted by all the telepathic noise.

Appearance: If closely compared to other bug ambassadors, he will appear smaller and darker, but otherwise he's indistinguishable except the fact he has deep blue markings on his hide.

Backstory: The Zuntrak was going down to inspect another specie when they met him, the specie reported huge problems with bugs and that the bugs were (evil and bad) and destroying their eco-system.

The Zuntrak observed the purification of a hive when this specimen approached, hands raised.

The Zuntrak spotted the obvious surrender, but the locals wanted to execute all bugs so the Zuntrak of simplicity took him prisoner so the locals couldn't harm him.
It became known (for the first time ever) that the bugs were not mindless destroyers, but a sentient race, that now had a voice.

The locals eventually exterminated all bugs on his homeworld. But the ambassador never showed any signs of revenge.

He now lives with the Zuntrak, acting as a diplomatic envoy of the bugs.
Seldom respected by most species, but the Zuntrak believed in everybody having a voice, and a chance to be in this galaxy together.

Age: Now the ambassador is believed to be about 10 years old. Since he refers to himself as "He spawned two warrior lifetimes ago"

Personality: Very respectful, never rash, never angry he is a pacifist in person, but can suggest anything. Almost apathic and his ignorance of everyone except his kind (which in his world is always right)
He can completely rationally and calmly without emotion suggest the annihilation of entire species since they would harm the hives.
He lacks emotions other sentient races has, and this worries many.

Weapon of choice: Woe betide if he ever came in a battle, he is no warrior, he doesn't have blade arms, nor acid spit like the warriors.
He has been given a small energy pistol for self defense, but it took a long time for him to implement its concept to himself.
He has two warriors as bodyguards though, but these are not welcome at all anywhere and mostly only leaves his quarters in dangerous situations.

Small facts: The bugs produce nectar, it's similar to honey in how it's made but contain more kinds of nutrients, it doesn't look to nice but it tastes sweet and is very nutritious to most species.

This can be bought from the bugs, although the payment they want is what resource is lacking in the local hive.
Only large hives has the ability to produce more than they need and an ambassador needs to be present.

Although most consider nectar as vile and disgusting (it's made by the evil bugs after all) by some it's common goods and to some even a delicacy.

My character in a battle is probably another ambassador. They are the only ones who can convey orders from non bugs and try to implement concepts the bugs don't use.
Like march to somewhere, attack and generally anything that is not defending their hives.

That's my race, at least it's not the Trymg :P The most mad race i've ever created.

son of azurman 08-22-12 09:11 PM

Ok the bugs I love and thats ok,now for Yruo:
.Yes they can be different species but they have to be a small amount so not like a huge alliance and if you wante to do that then you will have to come up with multiple race sheets.
.no this is a different galaxy but resemblance is aloud just not near the same.
.kind of like a front line general who is fighting but is also sending orders not just at the back looking at a map of the field.

General Smyth 08-22-12 10:10 PM


Race name: The Menoetian Empire

Planet of origin: Thémia, a red, radioactive wasteland. Now uninhabited.

Average life span: Natural life span of ~70 years however with augments many will live up to 4 times this age.

Settled planets: Pérsēs, Stýx, Menoetius.

common features: Unaugmented, a typical Menoetian would resemble a 7ft human, powerfully built, red hair and red irises. However since augmetic enhancements are incredibley common amongst the populace, many can look vastly different.

Written and spoken Languages: Hērmēs and Kakia.

Hērmēs: The ancient language of the Thémia, rarely used nowadays.
Kakia: A official language of the Menoetian Empire.

Levels of Leadership:
The Red Empress:
Ever since the great departure, the women of clan Algea have ruled the empire with an iron fist. The current Empress is Lupe Algea, she has ruled for the last 10 years and has been known as the most benevolent ruler to date. The masses love her for this but senior archons have whispered of her weakness.
The Council:
Made up of senior Archons, Stategos' and Émporos'.
Advise the Empress on the most important issues of the Empire.
The Assembly of Archons:
The Archons are local leaders who control their sectors with some amount of autonomy. They come together to discuss politics and put forward bills to the council.

Thémia was once a beautiful and thriving planet. It was inhabited by several warrior clans who constantly fought over territory. This was the status quo for thousands of years and the clans grew more and more technologically advanced over time. This status quo was broken, however, when Clan Astraîos discovered how to split the atom. While at first this was used to power the cities of Thémia it didn't take long for the more blood thirsty clans to discover its raw desturctive ability. It then became an arms race, each clan seeking to find the means to end the other clans and gain total dominance of Thémia although no-one could even imagine the dire consquences. And then it happened, thousands of nuclear missiles were launched at clan capitals and headquarters. The end result was complete annihilation. 85% of the planet was destroyed, once lush forests and meadows were turned into radioactive wastelands that were inhospitible to any sort of life in a matter of hours.

Only 2 major clans survived, the blood thirsty Thaanites and the women dominated Clan Algea. Fearing for their planet, an unspoken agreement was made about the banning of nuclear missiles but the fighting continued. This meant they had to find new ways to fight, the vast plains were huge armies had once clashed in swirling melees were gone, replaced by barren stretches of land that would kill an unprotected man in seconds. So a new arms race was made, to create ways to fight in these hostile enviroments.

The Thaanites tried to uphold tradition and continue to fight hand to hand by designing and producing advanced personal enviromental suits for there troops to fight in but the more advanced and forward thinking Algeans built crude warmachines for troops to pilot. This led to the dominance of Clan Algea for a century. Then the scientists found a safe way to vacate the planet and colonise the nearby planet dubbed Menoetius. The Great Exodus, as it was called, was done in the following months. The final act of the Algeans was too fire a salvo of nuclear missiles at the surviving areas of Thémia, destroying what was left of the Thaanites.

After The Great Exodus, the Warmaiden of Clan Algea declared herself the new Empress of Menoetius, destined to rule all. In the following centuries, this new Empire slaughtered the native sentient species of Menoetius and the other 2 planets in the system, Pérsēs and Stýx.

The empire makes wide use of nuclear fusion power and has perfected it so much that the augments installed in most citizens can run off a clean nuclear power source located in their body.

The empire has continued use of war machines large and small to fight its battles. From the single manned Lēlantos class scouts, the agile yet deadly Ártemis class fighters and the colossal Árēs class titans.
Lēlantos class-
The Lēlantos class war machine can act as a scout and outrider for a Menoetian army. Fast, lightly armoured and equipped with a wrist mounted machine gun.
Anemoi class-
A two manned machine that rules the sky, several variants exist from light and agile dogfighters (Zephyrus), the heavily armoured bombers (Boreas) or the generalist craft (Notus).
Ártemis class-
War machines fitted with massive Pyrovόlo cannons on their shoulders that can devestate enemies from miles away. The Pyrovόlo cannon requires considerable set up times during which it is very vulnerable.
Athēnâ class-
The backbone of the war machine army, the Athēnâ class predominatly fight in close combat using two giant clawed fists and a flamethrower mounted on the underside of one of the arms.
Árēs class-
Grand titans who rule the batlefield. To pilot an Árēs class machine is a great honour. Weaponry on these machines vary greatly depending on the pilot.

While these machines are deadly on the field of battle, they are limited in numbers and what terrain they can fight in so an infantry army is still required to act in unfavourable conditions and as a screen for the mighty war machines. Harkening back to the days of old, close combat is still the preferred method of battle with enemies so a typical soldier, or hoplitē, will be equiped with a spathí (sword) and a sfaíraspída (A shield with a submachine gun mounted on the inside) in battle.


Real Name: Deimos of Pérsēs

Title: Próta-Stratēgos

Rank in Culture: Commander of the Pérsēs fleet, Council member.

Appearance: 7ft5, Bald, Half of face destroyed in a battle years ago, replaced with a metallic mask on his right side resembling a silver skull. Entire right arm is augmetic.

Backstory: The youngest Próta-Stratēgos since the great departure and considered to be a tactical genius since his win over an invading alien fleet.

Not much is known about his early life, he was an orphan of a low ranking officer. After excelling in school he was granted a place in a leading military academy. After graduating with distinction, he was given command of a small ship and has risen through the ranks quickly.

Many older Próta-Stratēgos have expressed concern over his rapid advancement, command of a fleet and council seat but have been silenced by the Empress who has developed a liking of the young Stratēgos.

Age: 40 Menoetian years

Personality: Despite his skull mask and terrifying reputation, Deimos is a calm and collected man who will analyze every situation. He has little time for people he does not respect and is not afraid to give his mind.

Weapons of choice: Kólasi (Inferno) pattern automatic pistol, for close combat Deimos uses the immense strength in his augmented arm to crush his enemies.

I hope that's ok, if anything else is needed just let me know :)

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