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Old Man78 08-11-12 02:20 PM

What gets you out of a bad mood?
For reasons best left unsaid (read as dealing with ignorant people) I am in an absolute foul humour in fact I'm in a bit of a rage and am trying to get back to a suitable level of calm in the traditional Irish way of having some all problem solving tea and a custard cream but its soothing effects have yet to hit me!

What do you heretics do to get out of a bad mood? Suggestions please preferably non violent I'm too pretty to go to jail!

SGMAlice 08-11-12 03:20 PM

Rain, Walk. But thats situational methinks.

For the most part i sit and fume but i have been known to take my anger out on video games, which ever one seems to amuse me (usually sadistically. i can be quite nasty when i want to be) at the time. Like UT2k4 where i can pick up the Flakk Cannon, increase the game speed, put the CPU on easiest and run around that maps fragging everything that moves in as gory a way as possible. Gibbed Skaarj is amusing.
When i get in a bad mood and play a game i prefer to get right in their face and put seveal bullets in them, regardless of the cost to my HP.

In short - Video Games: Hack and Slash your way through them, beating the snot out of everybody and everything.


spanner94ezekiel 08-11-12 03:33 PM

Type in fat guy falling over on Youtube. Cheers me up no end, ten times out of ten. Just don't get rickrolled - I'm not sure if that could aggravate things.

High_Seraph 08-11-12 03:39 PM

Listen to my favorite music pretty loud.
Go on a killing spree in a game.
Call some friends and get drunk.

Vaz 08-11-12 03:40 PM

Blow Jobs help. Tell that to the boys coming through basic in an all boys club, and they doubly dont piss you off.

Seriously, though, hardphys, just push to exhaustion (or in the event of recruits, makig them push to exhaustion) is a good reason to lose a bad mood. Either you are too knackered to remember or care.

Talking about bad moods, or rather arguments, I hate when you get into a taxi or something and they mouth off at somethimg; women usually, ive come up with the best counter, agree with them, but take it to the next level. Ie Fucking women drivers, should be shot, gets from me, yeah I agree, charlotte here doesnt drive anymore, last time she drove behind my back I hit her that hard she doesnt dare do it again.

When youve got a person of said denomination who plays along as well, its even funnier when they quickly bacltrack.

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Sangus Bane 08-11-12 03:45 PM

Pizza, one or two beers and a good movie. Unless the movie is on tv, cause commercials tend to piss me off even more.

Also, hobby wise, finishing a project I have been working on for a while tend to lighten my mood.

Hellados 08-11-12 11:46 PM

Gym (massively tire myself out so I don't care any more),

Swimming as fast as I can slowly building up my speed so I can fool myself into thinking I'm getting faster

Ride my bike through one of the many parks or if I'm in a really bad mood I ride right out of London into Kent


IF all that fails, by Sunday it's time for some rugby!!! :crazy:

scscofield 08-12-12 12:02 AM

When I was going through my rage issues during my divorce of my 1st marriage I would either beat the fuck out of a large grey rubbermaid trash can or go stick my truck in neutral and push it back and forth across the parking lot until I was to tired to do so.

DestroyerHive 08-12-12 12:20 AM

Put on one of my many masks and act like a complete psychopath when nobody's home. Otherwise, I wait for it to pass.

Reaper45 08-12-12 02:12 PM

Crowbars and breakable materials.

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