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Captain Stillios 08-07-12 10:18 AM

Spray Paint retailers
Hey guys and girls, I'm currently working as part of a youth project and I've been told to try and find some spray paint retailers. Does anyone know where I can find-preferably cheap-spray paint retailers? My closest is B&Q but we're looking for something cheaper if we can find it.
I live in the North-east of England but delivery companies like Screw-fix are ok.

Stillios out

bitsandkits 08-07-12 10:28 AM

Captain Stillios 08-07-12 10:33 AM

We're going to be spraying a shelter and basketball court at the local youth club then we're doing some wooden boards each focusing on world issues. :)
We have permission for all of these.

bitsandkits 08-07-12 10:40 AM

i would look at somewhere automotive related, good range of colours and will be cheaper than B&Q and similar places, plus if you go for somewhere thats not a chain you might be able to get a discount if you tell them its for a youth project, also you could try calling a few and asking if they have any in the back that are dented or with nozzels missing etc that you can get cheap or free.

Business can be quite generous when asked, plus if you can offer a mention in a newsletter or something they get a bit of free advertising

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normtheunsavoury 08-07-12 09:15 PM

This site is pretty good, they have a very good selection and aren't mega costly.


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