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humakt 08-01-12 02:22 PM

Army Painting Challenge 2012 - August
Here is the new thread for August.

This month is a chance to earn back one of your 'Too much real life' tokens. If you enter 2 units this month and have used any real life tokens previously I will let you claim one of these back.

Good luck everybody and keep those entries coming.

rxcky 08-01-12 02:29 PM

So basically this month should be spent on less boozing and being hungover on days off and more time painting to make up for previous transgressions.

Lets get it on!

Oh, and I shall start this month with a Destroyer Lord :)

reavsie 08-01-12 03:07 PM

Moriouce 08-01-12 03:55 PM

May you earn a third RLC? I'll post my enty as soon as they arrive from GW.

Zero Effect 08-01-12 05:32 PM

Woo Hoo August is here.

For the Poisoned Vines we will be having another elite choice fulfilled -


Good luck to all that enter.

Barnster 08-01-12 08:13 PM

This month I will finally paint my Malanthrope!


Unfortunately I'm currently out of purple :( so need to figure out how to paint purple in the new range!

Tawa 08-01-12 11:21 PM

Attempt No.2 at those Sea Dogs! :blush:

imm0rtal reaper 08-02-12 11:24 AM

I'll be trying to get 3 and 1/3 units of wraiths done:


The Wraithlord 08-02-12 05:32 PM

Box of Immortals for me this month.


imm0rtal reaper 08-02-12 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by The Wraithlord (Post 1276140)
Box of Immortals for me this month.


Lawl, I'm doing wraiths and you're doing imm0rtals, it was meant to be . . .

Taggerung 08-02-12 10:22 PM

10 man firing squad of infantry for me.

If I get them done with time to spare, then I will also be trying to get my IN navy fleet totally done....or paint more guardsmen, we shall see.

lokis222 08-03-12 02:17 AM

wazzdakka gutsmek and 5 warbiker boyz for me.

The Wraithlord 08-03-12 01:54 PM

Lol that's awesome Imm.

jaysen 08-06-12 11:31 PM

6 Attachment(s)
I'm still waiting for the movers. So I can't finish my devastators. However, I decided to repaint my special characters. I've finished Mephiston (originally painted in 2002) and the Sanguinor, except for the bases. My basing kit is not here yet. I've added a few progress shots to show the method used. I uploaded these from my phone and it flipped them all.

Kreuger 08-07-12 02:17 AM

2 Attachment(s)
This is going to be a crazy month. In addition to the usual full time job and parenting this month the mrs. and I are volunteering at a music festival as a "work-cation".

I'm aiming pretty low this month. My goal is an Iron Warriors terminator lord (style #2).

I already have about 20 terminators about half and half rogue trader era painted in a generic dark-metal chaos renegade scheme and half 2nd ed pewter ones painted in Iron Warriors colors. The old ones include a few characters but I don't really have an Iron Warrior terminator character.

I wrote almost the same thing in this thread last night and this morning it was gone. So either its a mystery or I was tired and previewed it instead of posting it. Ah, well.

Good luck everyone!

Taggerung 08-07-12 07:34 AM

Here is my pledge..


and the progress on last months pledge I had to RL due to buying and moving into my new house.


rxcky 08-07-12 11:03 AM

First one for this month done! My Destroyer Lord, had started with the Finecast Des Lord body but as with all the older figs that have been re-done in finecast, in my experience anyway, it was riddled with air bubbles and did not take the paint very well. Have replaced it with bits from the original destroyer kit and the overlord bits from the command barge, has turned out alright I think.

Have also finally found a way to get transfers on a figure without them looking like transfers and being all shiny and horrible.

Base is a bit plain at the moment, needs something else to make it stand out a bit more I think. Will wait and see how many scarabs I have spare once they are all put together and maybe stick a couple on there to finish him off.

On to item number two for August, either some scarabs or some warriors, amazing what some time off work and a little motivation towards getting things painted can do :)


Boc 08-07-12 12:22 PM

Score, looks like I'll be doing... um, let's go with scarabs and warriors (because you can never have enough warriors...) pictures incoming at some point in the near future.

KarnalBloodfist 08-07-12 10:02 PM

Alright ... A-barge attempt #2:
Yes, it still looks like this ... sadly. :blush:

Hopefully I'll be able to get a 2nd unit done so I can get my RL-card back! :victory:

lokis222 08-08-12 11:51 AM

here are my warbikers and warboss primed and ready to go.


Moriouce 08-08-12 07:15 PM

Boc 08-08-12 10:45 PM

In this picture/on the table for the month:
2x Necron Lords
10x Warriors
5x Scarab bases


Hopefully I can at least get two of those done haha

apidude 08-10-12 02:13 AM

I will be doing 20 to 30 Skinks (2 units of 10 or 15). This will finish up last months failure to do 10.

imm0rtal reaper 08-10-12 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by imm0rtal reaper (Post 1275920)
I'll be trying to get 3 and 1/3 units of wraiths done:


They're done!

Love how quick and easy this scheme is :P


Disciple_of_Ezekiel 08-14-12 12:00 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hey Folks,

For the month of August I will be working on another unit of 5 Krieg Death Riders.

Best of luck to everyone!


Moriouce 08-15-12 04:23 PM

Finished for August

Altansar Dark Reapers

jaysen 08-15-12 07:24 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I'm finished with my Devastator squad from last month.

RedThirstWill Destroy 08-15-12 09:39 PM

Well I've starteed this months unit and its another assault squad for me.

I will get this finished this month as the shoulder is getting better however I'm now moving to Canada in September so I might struggle to get that month done, I will do my best but there are no Garentees for that one.

Khorne's Fist 08-16-12 08:29 PM

It is late in the month I know, but I've up to my neck trying to get my Flames of War force finished for the ETC in Poland this weekend. In hindsight I maybe should have changed my army for the challenge to that one, because I managed to paint a total of 26 15mm tanks and two objective markers in the last two weeks. Oh well.

I will do my damndest to get Grimnar and and this demolisher that I recovered from my LGS bits bin for €10 done. I will get at least one done, but the way things are going I think I will need to get back a Real Life card for later in the challenge.


Pssyche 08-17-12 12:56 AM

Here's my entry for August.
An Eldar Autarch.



Hope you all approve...

Warlord_Winters 08-17-12 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by jaysen (Post 1278830)
I'm still waiting for the movers. So I can't finish my devastators. However, I decided to repaint my special characters. I've finished Mephiston (originally painted in 2002) and the Sanguinor, except for the bases. My basing kit is not here yet. I've added a few progress shots to show the method used. I uploaded these from my phone and it flipped them all.

HAHAHAHAHA oh goodness...naw this looks awesome!!!

rxcky 08-17-12 07:59 PM

Quick question on allies, since they are now back in 6th are we going to be able to bring these into this comp?

Deux 08-18-12 06:19 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Well suffice to say, I was pretty unhappy with 6ed. (I'd rather just play fantasy if anything). So I'm gonna switch my things to paint over to Malifaux. I'll be playing/painting Arcanist stuff.

Gonna start off with Kaeris box set (hope this can count for 2 models since actually like 3 sets of things but some are pretty small).

Zero Effect 08-19-12 09:31 PM

Well here is August entry completed.



I have added freehand to all the banners. More pictures of them will be in my blog.

Some lovely stuff being produced as usual on here. Good luck to the rest of you.


Disciple_of_Ezekiel 08-21-12 08:55 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Finished the 5 Death Riders. Here are the before and after pictures. As always more pics can be seen in my log.

Good luck to those who havent finished yet and gratz to those who did finish.


Turnip86 08-21-12 01:11 PM

Some more excellent entries this month.

Late entry for me, might not get it finished before the end of the month but I'll give it a go.

Helstorm Rocket Battery & Crew for me.


Chris Guard of Mardat 08-21-12 02:56 PM

I'll be working on getting a second Scout Squad done (so that I can hopefully get a Land Speeder Storm painted soon), and my second Librarian as well. I was going to use the Scouts in a Crimson Fist army but didn't really get far with them or the army, so they'll be re-primed and then painted up as Soul Drinkers.


rxcky 08-21-12 06:33 PM

Boc 08-22-12 04:37 AM

Not going to be able to finish this month. Too much RL coupled with the fact that I'm throwing all of my incomplete minis into a cargo container tomorrow so that I can have 9 months of only mostly-boredom haha

Also, some damn nice looking paint jobs so far... jealous...

GrimzagGorwazza 08-22-12 12:19 PM

Okay i know it's late but hopfully this month i can complete at least one, possibly two of the following units.

I'm going to be mainly working on the bomma, damned rivets are getting to me...but dependign on how focussed i can get into it depends on what get's accomplished. I'm hoping for the two planes...should be possible.

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