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Words_of_Truth 07-26-12 12:40 PM

Looted Valkyrie
So I decided to "loot" my old Valkyrie because I found some inspiration in converting it so that Orks are piloting it and have made it into a bomba and this is what I've done so far. The Ork with the "pintle" mounted weapon has a magnet at the bottom of his foot and one is in the rear of the Valkyrie so that it's like a tail gunner and can be removed if I want to paint it or possibly move it so that it's hanging out the side doors which can still be opened and closed. Could us some tips as to how to improve it, like the canopy for example.


Words_of_Truth 07-26-12 07:10 PM

Any thoughts? Even if they are negative :P

HOGGLORD 07-26-12 08:26 PM

I like the idea and the plasicard work is very good.
I think that it could do with a few extra 'orky' glyphs, and a slightly more pannels/random bitz added to the structure (I don't see too many on the body) and I'm excited to see how it would be painted.
In essence, it's great, keep doing what you've already done. Do you have a specific clan in mind for it?

Oh, and a few gretchin somewhere always makes me feel better about ork vehicles, maybe have a few crew inside carrying bombs/ammo to drop out of the back or hanging onto the back of the tail. Dunno how you might model that though.

Galahad 07-26-12 08:39 PM

A gretchen clinging desperately to the hull, perhaps about to be sucked into an engine, maybe some chianed up squigs on the wings as bombs...perhaps some tusks.

it's a good start, it just needs to be more orky

Words_of_Truth 07-26-12 08:40 PM

Thanks :D

Yeah I got the basic bits for it from bits and kits as I don't actually have any other Ork bits about.

I was thinking of going with Death Skullz, I like the idea behind them looting everything and I have some Leman Russ tanks and other vehicles lying around that I thought I could loot, just need to get hold of some bits.

I love gretchin's wasn't sure whether to get some from GW or forgeworld though or try get some elsewhere.

Words_of_Truth 07-26-12 10:03 PM

scscofield 07-26-12 10:16 PM

It is still too....pretty? Clean? I picture lots of weapons, pipes, random holes, and more armor plating when I think looted. It is going to be amazing when it is done though, even if you just leave it as it is now.

Words_of_Truth 07-27-12 08:40 AM

Any advice on the clans? I originally picked the Death Skullz cause I thought their colour scheme would be easy to paint as I ain't the best painter, but should I do more with it?

Words_of_Truth 07-27-12 07:42 PM

I've got a good length of model ship chain still, where do you think it would be best to put it? I was thinking of rapping it it around the rear struts, but not sure.

Also going to make some panels and stuff out of my plastic card, but there will be little in the way of detail on them unless I scratch it on.

scscofield 07-27-12 08:05 PM

I say look at the Stompa for ideas, it is built along the lines of what I was thinking.

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