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Azkaellon 07-25-12 09:49 AM

You know your screwed when.....
So post what has happened to you when think to your self "well im screwed"

You know your screwed when your random doubles allie is about 35, has grey sweat pants on....With long black rubber gumboots in the middle of spring (When its sunny and warm out........I wish i was making this up) Then fires all the blast templates at a swarm lord and his single fire weapons at the genestealer swarm.....

Gret79 07-25-12 09:56 AM

I suppose there is only so much you can suggest :biggrin:

You can give advice about what to do with the army, but before you play, having to say "Go home and get changed or I'm not even going to stand next to you!" might not go down so well...

lokis222 07-25-12 10:41 AM

you know you are screwed when:

jaws of the world wolf insta kills 500 pts of you MCs on turn 2.

edit: true story. ;)

effigy22 07-25-12 11:40 AM

You know when your screwed when you roll a miscast, say "Whats the worst that can happen?" blow up your Lord on dragon, cause a panic test to all your chariot riding hero's and shaggoth and they run off the board (Turn 1).

This was 2 editions of fantasy ago if i remember correctly (when heroes riding chariots counted towards Core as well).

PS - Yes, it was a 5 model army in 2k.

Arli 07-25-12 02:19 PM

You know your screwed when you miscast and roll 1s on your Light slann's cupped hands roll. Following that, you get sucked into the warp and decimate the Temple Guard unit you were bunkered in.

That has happened at least 2 times since 8th edition has released.

VanquisherMBT 07-25-12 02:35 PM

When you deploy your victory at sea Japanese fleet against an American player.

(bias FTW)

Karak The Unfaithful 07-25-12 08:50 PM

...You dive headfirst into a pool and suddenly realise it has no water in it?

Warlord_Winters 07-25-12 11:02 PM

when you fail to apply the parking break to the delivery truck then chase it across the parking lot, jump in, slam the breaks on, you're 5 feet from hitting a car, you look over and see the manager standing there watching me...

Dicrel Seijin 07-26-12 10:52 AM

... on Turn 1, your Ork ally in doubles has not advanced his Battlewagon and Bikes to cover/support your own Ork infantry horde because he is waiting for his Warboss to come in from reserve.

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