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LordMolnar 07-23-12 05:37 PM

I'd be willing to bet that they're unveiling plastic kits(plaguebearers?)/finecast or possibly some new Greater Daemons. That would be great, as the models right now are awfully small and the Forgeworld ones are too large for regular games.

While I had also hoped for CSM, there is a wealth of available CSM artwork and a complete lack of it in the video.

777swappamag777 07-23-12 05:53 PM

If its deamons then it will be just like empire. they update them too many times. True the empire fans are happy but the bret players (me) are :headbutt:

Kastle 07-23-12 06:24 PM

I believe its just a relaunch of a bunch of different models for Daemons...

davespil 07-23-12 06:29 PM

Yeah, I didn't even think about a model release. I got it stuck in my head that you guys ment a codex. It would make sense if they released some demons cause you know they can be used in the CSM codex which is right around the corner. Some plastics and some failcast.

Fallen 07-23-12 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by 777swappamag777 (Post 1268886)
If its deamons then it will be just like empire. they update them too many times.

1st off the demons codex is pretty gimped in terms of choices front to back (ya, some nice HQ selections, but other than that its pretty much a 1 shot per god...) and isnt very good, fun but not very good...that said people who played FateCrusher f*cked me up last edition.

the equivalent to Empire for 40k is Codex Space Marines...you know that stuff that usually has a dude in blue armor on the front?:ok:

honestly i would love it if GW released a demons codex, or at least lots of new PLASTIC boxes (Plague bearers, fiends of slaanesh, Greater Demons, HERALDS, etc)


besides i would love it for Demons to be the "guinea pig" to start out the edition (see C:SM now)

Styro-J 07-23-12 06:38 PM

I think someone online mentioned an upcoming WD that changes a few things in the Daemon codex and armybook. I don't know about all that, but its something I'd like to see.

IanC 07-23-12 08:49 PM

Please not Daemons. I want at least one tournament with my current Warhammer Armybook.

Barnster 07-23-12 09:08 PM

Its a release of some new daemons, not an army book if the release schedule floating around is correct

so plastic plague bearers, screamers and a bunch of finecast like blue scribes, theres the remaining greater deamons as finecast as well

I think its a good thing before the release of CSM, praise the word of chaos brothers, the last days of the corpse emperor draws near

Archaon18 07-23-12 09:40 PM

Just in time for my birthday!

experiment 626 07-24-12 02:01 AM


Originally Posted by Archaon18 (Post 1268988)
Just in time for my birthday!

Well, I can pretend it's my birthday again can't I?!

Anyways, this is perfect timing really! I've been unable to really do much with my CSM's due to the impending new codex, and my poor Daemons have been looking down from their shelf wondering why I don't show them any love anymore...

Best news of all, we're finally getting some rules ajustments/amendments! Ever since the giant GK clusterfuck that rendered my entire army un-playable, I've been dying for some payback!

Tzeentch has at long last answered my prayers! Now it's time for some sweet, sweet revenge!

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