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cpt.Octavian 07-22-12 05:33 AM

warhammer tourney (a work in progress)
Hello everyone this is a progress blog for a tourney me and my friend swappa are running. though i don't know why any of you would care we will try and keep this updated with plenty of pictures and sarcastic comments. so here goes nothing, todays players shall be me cpt.Octavian playing orks with possibility of allied dark eldar, Swappa playing grey knights, my brother with black templars, another friend playing eldar, and maybe infamous irongut?????? with dark angels. i will get pic up with my work so far and let others take it away.
As a last comment WAAAAAAAAAGH! soldiers of mork shall prevail :wink:

777swappamag777 07-22-12 08:33 PM

GK all day
here is my list


Brother captain
MC falcions and MC storm bolter
Orbital strike relay
psy ammo melta bombs and DW


Paladin squad x5(5 man)
All have Psy ammo and MC cc weapons
3 force swords 1 TH 1 halberd
1 apocecary

Ven dread
Extra armor
psy ammo


Strike squad x5
1 TH 1 force sword 3 halberds
psy ammo

Strike squad x5
2 force swords 1 falcion 1 halberd
psy ammo

heavy support+

Purgitation squad x5
1 halberd 1 force sword
2 psycanons 1 psylencer
psy ammo

Dread knight
heavy psycannon
personal transporter
great sword

total 1538


777swappamag777 07-22-12 10:41 PM

my first project
Alright guys lets give you something solid here is what i am starting now.


and here's a sneak peek


777swappamag777 07-23-12 09:13 PM


eskeoto 07-23-12 09:32 PM

Love the lightning effects on the power weapons. As far as criticism, all I can suggest is to thin out your bolt gun metal to put a smoother coat on your bolt gun. And honestly, that is extremely nit picking. Very good so far.

cpt.Octavian 07-24-12 12:52 AM

Octavian's army
Ork tourney army 1500Pts

Warboss- powerklaw, shootaskorcha, eavy armor, cybork body

wierdboy- warphead

15 lootas

20 choppa boys- 1 bigshoota, nob with eavy armor and pk

15 choppa boys- 1 bigshoota, nob with eavy armor

Fast attack
5 deffkoptas all with rocket luanchers

heavy support
Battle wagon- killkannon, cannon, 2 bigshootas, deff rollas, ard case, grot riggers, extra armor

2 killakans- bigshootas

deffdread- 2 bigshootas

Allies detachment
10 kalabite warriors with splinter canon, blaster and sybarite with power sword, and phantasm grenade launcher
5 hellions with helliarch with agoniser

Rhein 07-24-12 12:52 AM

The brother's army
Hello, I am the brother octavian was speaking of and here is "my" (they are actually his models) Black Templars army:

Black Templars 1500 pts

Master of Sanctity w/ bolt pistol termi honours 126 pts
Emperorís Champion w/ accept challenge 140 pts

5 sword brethren w/ termi honours, lightning claw, furious charge 160 pts
Dreadnaught w / twin linked lascannon 135 pts

9 initiates w/ bolt pistol chain sword, p sword, 154 pts
w/ rhino 50 pts
7 initiates w/ lascannon, melta gun, 194 pts
7 initiates w/ rocket launcher and meltagun 180 pts

Fast Attack:
8 Assault Marines w/ meltabombs and 1 p sword 202 pts

Heavy Support:
1 vindicator 125 pts
1 land raider 250 pts

Total: 1528 pts

cpt.Octavian 07-26-12 12:25 AM

picture progress
2 Attachment(s)
my dark eldar

cpt.Octavian 07-26-12 12:28 AM

My Orks
2 Attachment(s)
Orky goodness

cpt.Octavian 07-26-12 12:34 AM

My/Rhiens templars
2 Attachment(s)
For the Emperor

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