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32BitHero 06-06-08 05:05 AM

BloodThirster Faq
My BT's are going up against a bloodthirster on saturday and i was wondering if any one could give me the stats on the bloodthirster so that i could know what im up against. Strangeley after 3 yeasrs of gaming uve never fought one THANKS!

Juiceypoop 06-06-08 05:26 AM

Can't give you the stats (I'm pretty sure it's against the forum rules). but I can tell you what your basic marine will be hitting and wounding on ;)

Basic marine goes last in assault, hits on a 5 or 6, wounds on a 6, and then has to get through a 3 plus armour save.

bloodthirster goes first, has 6 attacks on the charge, hits on threes and instant kills on 2's.

You basicly don't want a blood thirster to get into assault- ever, it is more than capable of single handedly killing an entire squad of marines. I'd recomend shooting the crap out of it with lots of assault cannons las cannons and missile launchers if you can spare the fire power. if you do have to get into assault, with it, take lots of thuner hammers and power fists.

32BitHero 06-06-08 05:38 AM

ah ok thats what i thought [email protected]

Juiceypoop 06-06-08 05:47 AM

No problem.

Bishop120 06-06-08 07:31 AM

Yeah even your Champion will not fair well against him in CC. As said.. best bet is to unload lots of ranged firepower on him.

Trudge_34 06-06-08 08:40 AM

If it's the actual Bloodthirster from the Daemon codex it's what the guys said before me. Weapon skill of 10 means you'll be hitting on 5s with WS 4 and probably 5 too, I don't have the chart with me right now. Toughness 6 meaning unless you have a PF you'll be wounding on 6s. 3+ armor save with a 4+ invulnerable and 4 wounds is a tough thing to bring down.

If it's just a "Greater Daemon" from the Chaos codex that happens to be a Bloodthirster it's not as bad, but still pretty tough once in CC. WS 8, strength and toughness 6 with 5 attacks and a 4+ invulnerable save is still pretty mean.

bl0203 06-06-08 08:49 AM

Some things just need to be shot... :grin:

slaaneshy 06-13-08 11:40 PM

Yeah, shoot the crap out of it, plasma guns are always a good investment for this...

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