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humakt 07-01-12 08:39 PM

Army Painting Challenge 2012 - July
Here is your July thread. I hope the warm weather doesn't stop you painting too much. Although it looks like storms and rain for the month here in the UK.

Barnster 07-01-12 08:55 PM

I'll be painting a unit of warriors this month, I know they are awful in game but I own several sets so...

I think I should be able to have them done by mid week so may paint another unit, possibly a malanthrope, possibly a brutafex, possibly some more genestealers

reavsie 07-01-12 08:58 PM

Dire Avengers
Small unit of Dire Avengers for me this month:


Good luck everyone!


Tawa 07-02-12 12:20 AM

This month will be a box of Sea Dogs for my new Warmachine force. That is, when the postie drops them off for me.... :blush:

Meldon 07-02-12 12:23 AM

I´m gonna paint an additional 5 scouts for my snipersquad, they really need 5 more...


Moriouce 07-02-12 06:57 AM

I'll paint my second Wave Serpant and I'll try out more freehand runes on this one.

imm0rtal reaper 07-02-12 11:12 AM

They say variety is the spice of life. I call bullshit on that, have some more skellies!


I think (that's just how many I have) that this month will bring my painted skellie total to 160 :S

Skari 07-02-12 05:23 PM

I'm going to build and paint a dark eldar archon with a huskblade. Pic soon.

KjellThorngaard 07-02-12 05:45 PM

My entry is a unit of Handgunners. Ten for sure with a Hochland rifle. If I can get an build another ten in time a unit of twenty Spewers of the Holy Black.


apidude 07-02-12 06:41 PM

Skinks, Squad 1
For July, I'm going to do 15 or 20 of these guys (note the two finished ones are my paint scheme test models and don't count for the Challenge.)


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