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scscofield 07-01-12 04:47 AM

So how many points of Allies max do you feel should be included in a 2k list?
Am stuck at how many points I should spend, I am wanting to use allies but at the same time I have to shoe horn it into a list with SW and still be happy with the result. So ignoring the whole double FOC thing at 2k how much max do you people think should be spend on allies? 500 points? More? Less?

The Sturk 07-01-12 05:00 AM

It's really up to you. If you feel you could get by with 500 points of allies, then go ahead. Some might split it 50/50 to get the most out of them. It also depends on who your ally is I suppose. In my case, I might take Chaos just to get some Plague Marines for objective camping, or some Tau Broadsides for Anti-Tank.

Fallen 07-01-12 05:35 AM

id say at most 1k.

Serpion5 07-01-12 06:01 AM

Ideally I'd say none. :P

But, generally speaking it wouldn't bother me so long as it fits the parameters.

scscofield 07-01-12 07:08 AM

It gives me an excuse to sneak more models past the wife :-p Well less sneak and more rationalize. More likely than not as each army reaches a level where I can play it on it's own I will either start another or play it without allies. At the moment I am using it as an excuse to build a IG army to compliment my SW and the GK army I am helping my daughter build. More models, plus terrain, equals being able to play at home without wondering who to play when all the college kids grad each summer around here.

Sakura_ninja 07-01-12 07:12 AM

50/50 max, but I'd only do it if it makes sense, if we suddenly see grey knights along side dark angels, or an inquisitor next to space wolves, I won't even bother, it just Shits on the fluff

scscofield 07-01-12 07:15 AM

I'm lost as to why that would be an issue, the GK can be basic allies with pretty much all the 'good' marines from what I have seen.

Sakura_ninja 07-01-12 07:25 AM

How about the 40k background, dark angels don't do allying with people poking there noses where it does not belong, and we all know how space wolves feel about the inquisition

scscofield 07-01-12 07:28 AM

The way I see it if they are brother in arms then they are bestest bros and hang out together at bars.

If they are grudging allies then something has forced their hand, some greater reason that they are agreed to work together for. Situation will be dealt with they will nod to each other and go their own ways hoping it don't happen again.

Unholy alliance is grudging allies to an extreme level where whatever the issue is will most likely not prevent them from then turning on each other once it is dealt with.

Reasons DA would do something with GK? Demons.....

Sakura_ninja 07-01-12 08:06 AM

Daemons?...seriously how many times do you expect to fight an army that has less players than sisters of battle?, so what would be the fluff reason your grey knights and dark angels would fight orks?, tyranids?, tau?

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