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pchandler43 06-25-12 06:21 AM

Thoughts on playing by yourself
I find it exceedingly difficult to get a game going, so much so...that in the nearly 8-9 years of being involved with the hobby, that I have never played a single game. I love collecting and painting mini's, but I would really like to play a game, there just either always something important coming up or the people who say they are going to, end up blowing me off because they're anti-social and afraid of sunlight...

So, I'm posing this question to the community so that I can get your thoughts on the matter. What are your thoughts on playing small (250-1000 pts) games of 20k by yourself, and do you think you could remain objective and unbiased toward either army if you did so?

I have a ton of space marines, I was also thinking about making some Necrons or maybe Chaos...and then there's the gaming board itself...so it isn't like I'm just going to jump right into it tomorrow or anything, just wanted some opinions.

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Gobbo 06-25-12 06:28 AM

Hey, I know this is a little off topic but you should try the vassal online gaming program if you are struggling to find oponents.

humakt 06-25-12 06:32 AM

I have heard of people playing games alone before. I have tried facing units off against each other too see there effectivenes but with the advent fo the combat calculator, this seemed pointless. Personally I would probably be biased against my favorite units. But that may just be me. It would be hard to have clever tactics as you would know what you were planning.

kiro the avenger! 06-25-12 06:32 AM

This is a topic that interests me, I posted this question awhile ago and people ip with some cool custom scenarios such hunt the blind dreadnought and other stuff

bitsandkits 06-25-12 06:32 AM

What lengths have you gone to ? Are there no store or clubs you could goto or consider starting one?

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Dicrel Seijin 06-25-12 08:25 AM

Have you tried the tactic my friend used on me and on which I've used on other friends--get them interested in 40K?

My friend lent me the books first and once I began discussing the fictional universe with him, it was just a matter of time before the exploratory questions came: If you could, what army would you play?

And then came Games Day and another friend offering to split the starter set with me (on top of the 20% discount) and that was it. I had my 500pt army and was looking to field them.

SGMAlice 06-25-12 10:39 AM

Solo games are not really a viable option.

Sure you can play, roll the dice, consider outcomes and judge a unit on it effectiveness against certain types of enemy but there will be no tactical challange. Your always going to know what the other side is going to do because you are doing it.

Tactical thinking is one of the major parts of actually playing 40k and a basic knowledge is necessary if you want to play against anyone.

Try to explore other avenues of acquiring an opponent, such as the suggestions other member have posted here.

Either way, good luck :)


Moonschwine 06-26-12 12:46 AM

I'm surprised that you've never played a game!

Anyway, solo-gaming wise. Well, I think you can legitimately make a little game out of 40k mini's. I was once bored enough to draw up a load of "skirmish" missions where I had a load of different tables I'd roll on each turn. It was a bit like a randomly generating "dungeon" game and I ran it as a 200pt "Squad" game without limitations on weaponry. Imagine Space Hulk meets Heroquest meets Pathfinder meets Dawn of War: Dark Crusade the tabletop. With the whole Planetary Empires thing it was cool to make little campaigns and what not.

Worked well, but that foreveralone feeling was depressing.

Anyway. With regards to true solo-play. Playing any game over 250pts is just not viable. There's not tactical acumen required (you know every move) and if you cheat to favour a particular unit or force then that's pretty lame to begin with. Also, moving back and fourth between board sides just serves to remind of the lack of social contact you are having.

The best advice I can give is google gaming clubs in your area and hope for the best.

Hellados 06-26-12 01:00 AM

I have and I have heard about people playing loads of people playing chess by themselves.

Let me put it to the naysayers like this, try to out smart someone that can read your mind, know's everything about every unit in your army and every ability they have, good luck winning unless you can do the same :D

TechPr1est 06-26-12 01:51 AM

playing with yourself is shit, i just get bored in three seconds and quit

oh god that did sound wrong:spiteful:

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