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Ordog 06-20-12 09:16 PM

Weapon-WIP by Ordog (Lifesize Powersword)
Hello again.

After a long break itīs time for some new stuff from me.

This time.....a bit bigger than the normal stuff i did before. Since i sold my Army on E-Bay for a new "Hobby" (My sweet lil daughter Saskia) i have to start from scratch...... with a piece Plastic.....


A big piece, isnīt it?

After some sanding and cutting the first test for full effect.

Powerd by an LED Mini-Maglight....


for full win......

Next step on the way:

Powerpack and sword handle in true Spacemarine-Style

Hope you like these early pictures from my first WIP in the last four years.

(Ans Sorry for my poor english......)

Sangus Bane 06-20-12 10:13 PM

...not bad. :)

Seriously though, this looks very promising. I espicially like the blue glow.
Look forward to an update!

Hellados 06-21-12 10:37 AM


love the update! definitely not the normal plog we get on here :)

Ordog 06-21-12 01:20 PM

Still need some bits ans pieces, but i am on my way ;)

And i never did the "normal" stuff

Ordog 06-22-12 09:06 PM


Today I took the first step for the Sword Grip. I wanīt some kind of "Mecanicus"-Style with some easy materials from my shelf.

Step 1:

Four pieces of wood, salvaged from a Flatscreen-Package.



Step 2:

Prepairing the pieces with white glue and some screws.


Repeat this step....


and then bring the two pieces together (with more screws and glue)


I used a saw, to bring both ends of the handle to the same lenght.

Step 3:

I took some electrical wire for homeinstallation (3x 1,5mmē)....


and stripped them from the isolation to get some nice looking copperwire. Now for the long hard work. covering the woodcore with copperwire. It took me 10 Minutes for a nice beginning.....


but unfortunately i donīt like the overall look and the feeling of this first try....


So i scraped this prototype, but i can still use the pics i took for a small "First Look". I will keep the copperlook, but I will move on to an more elegant Design......

Ceya soon


alasdair 06-23-12 10:02 AM

That looks awesome! Very inspiring work. Im assuming its for larp?

Ordog 06-23-12 01:43 PM

No, itīs just for fun, and later on as some kind of "Sleep Well" Moodlight.

Sangus Bane 06-23-12 03:57 PM

Grip looks promising. A friend of mine showed me a picture of someone who used crimson leather for the grip, it looked awesome but I think it's a bit more expensive than what your doing right now.

Keep it coming!

Svartmetall 06-23-12 04:29 PM

You'll need the hilt to be sanded or carved to a round profile, or else it'll just be too uncomfortable to hold or wield. Also, the round profile will allow the wire-winding to work better and look & feel more natural. Love the blue glow!

Ordog 06-23-12 06:57 PM

Like i said, i will make a new grip with a more fitting design :)

Itīs good to be "Back in action"

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