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DivineEdge 01-26-13 12:20 AM

Yep. The new plastic models are beautiful, and I painted them with bronze armour so they stood out.

But assembling phoenix guard and white lions the right way takes forever.

Tim/Steve 01-26-13 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by DivineEdge (Post 1254648)
Korhil - 10/10

I'm really not a fan of Korhil. The only thing I rate him for is giving PGs stubborn (which I found they rarely needed). I don't even think he's that hot on offence either since a noble with a great weapon has everything he does except killing blow... and if you really want that you can buy them the white sword which is identical to Korhil's "Unique" axe Chayal. In fact, if you are going to run him with white lions anyway you can make a Mini-Korhil with the white sword, dragonhelm and heavy armour for 1pt less (switches immune to poison and forest strider to 2++ vs fire and you get stubborn off the WLs anyway).

DivineEdge 01-26-13 02:52 PM

PG don't need need stubborn, but if you are running a teclis-star, then you do need it. In that setuphe is awesome.

But the thing is, you'd never put khoril in with white lions. Stubborn is a big part of him. If you built a noble to give stubborn he couldn't have KB.
And it is just that - he is more cost effective and killy that gives him the 10 in my opinion.

He is a challenge monster too. The KB on his attacks doesn't seem like much but it makes opponents more leery of him then they should be.

Tim/Steve 01-26-13 03:45 PM

Yup, but on the note of challenge monkeys I would add that my favourite was the simple noble with great weapon and talisman of loec, which is often how I ran my BSB. I figured that since I would never have a decent armour save on the BSB anyway the best place for him was in a challenge that he was very unlikely to take more then 1 wound from... worked most of the time :P

DivineEdge 01-26-13 06:41 PM

Yeah. Talisman is boss. Sometimes I'll put it on a bladelord because they can reap heroes or mages, and dying is a small price to pay.

Tim/Steve 01-26-13 07:32 PM

Yeah, now that really is a 10/10 that I think we can all agree on :P
Having a champ that can rip apart an enemy hero is pretty decent and since he's dead if he fails anyway taking a single wound to do it is hardly much of a cost.

DivineEdge 01-29-13 12:32 AM

Yes indeed. Now since you are the WFB guru of heresy, do you have any other points I didn't make/shouldn't have made?

And you got me seriously thinking about korhil.

ibm6789 04-04-13 02:31 AM

I loved this tactica, but I was confused on one point.

You mentioned in the section about Archers that Archers are overpriced (which I agree with) and that they are one point more than Glade Guard.

But it is the other way around, with Glade Guard being a point more than High Elf Archers. Or has there been some sort of Errata I am not aware of. Because believe me I would love to have me some ten point Glade Guard....

DivineEdge 04-04-13 12:01 PM

Yeah - I did change that. Sorry if I confused you. I was either thinking of Lothern Seaguard, or the old empire shooters. But you were the first one who caught it.

But the point is still the same - they really can't hack it. If I could take glade guard, I still would.

ibm6789 04-04-13 10:09 PM

Ok then XD

Well of course, Glade Guard are awesome, although I think over priced at this point as well.

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