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Zion 05-05-12 03:04 PM

6th Edition Rumors (1st Post Updated 22 June 2012)
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With the White Dwarf and concrete information coming in now I've changed this to only reflect the confirmed changes. We've been speculating for a while now, it's about time we actually get to see what's going on, so for ease of reference it's all here (VERY big props to MadCowCrazy for all the hard work in getting this information to us as he didn't give us fuzzy scans that are impossible to read but instead copied it all into a readable format for us):

First up the new psychic powers and some product release information (for clarification: all these generic powers can be chosen instead of the ones in the codex (which races get which powers are listed in the White Dwarf and the BRB) but don't replace powers you don't pay for and are included as part of the unit's special rules/equipment/ect (like Hammerhand for the Grey Knights). From what has been seen so far you don't roll for these but instead choose them when you build your army):


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1243043)
Rulebook: 45, €60, 450dkr, 560skr, 560nkr, 450rmb, 225zl

Battlefield Objectives: The 12 six-sided Munitorum Battlefield Objectives are not dice, but rather a means of representing the location and significance of the myriad Primary and Secondary Mission Objectives used in the Eternal War scenarios. In addition, they can be used to denote the nature of a Mysterious Objective once revealed.

Vehicle Markers: The Munitorum Vehicle Markers are a quick and effective means of determining what damage a vehicle suffers when an attack has penetrated its armour, and serve as a visual reminder of any ongoing vehicle status effects. The set includes four AP 3 damage dice, two AP 2 Damage Dice, 2 AP 1 Damage Dice, two Hull Point counters and two Vehicle Status markers.

Psyhic Power Cards


Smite Range 12" - is a Witchfire

Iron Arm -something about Toughness

Enfeeble within 24" - suffers a -1, treats all terrain

Endurance within 24" - gains the Fe (Feel no Pain?), special rule

Life Leech Range 12" - If Life Leech, immediately, to his starting

Warp Speed - Attacks (Roll

6. Haemorrhage - Haemorrhage is a focussed witchfire power with a range of 12". The target must pass a Toughness test or suffer a Wound with no armour or cover save allowed. If the target is slain, randomly select another model (friend or foe) within 2" of him. That model must pass a Toughness test or suffer a Wound with no armour or cover saves allowed. If that model dies, continue the process until a model survives or there are no suitable targets within range.


Prescience - within 12, can reroll

Foreboding - this power is, Counter-attack, full Ballistic, this does not, Overwatch

Forewarning - within 12", a 4+ invulnerable

Endurance from Biomancy listed....

Perfect Timing - have the Ig

Precognition - Hit and To Wound

6. Scrier's Gaze - Scrier's Gaze is a blessing that targets the Psyker. Whilst the power is in effect, you can roll three dice and chose the result you want when rolling for Reserves, Outflank and mysterious terrain.


Flame Breath - Template

Fiery Form - +2 strength, Blaze special

Fire Shield - within 24"

Inferno - Range 24"

4. Spontaneous Combustion

Sunburst - Range 6

6. Molten Beam - is a beam with the following profile Range 12" S8 AP1 Assault 1, Melta


Assail - Range 18"

Crush - is a f, Roll 2D6, equal to the, automatically, automatic, of a separate

Gaze of Infinity - 24", Deep Strike

3. Objuration - a single enemy, rolls a 6, squadron)., with the H, for each).

Shockwave - Range 12"

Telekine Dome - within 12", invulnerable, power is in effect, AP equal

6. Vortex of Doom - is a witchfire power with the following profile: Range 12" S10 AP1 Heavy 1, Blast* If, when using this power, the Psyker fails his Psyhick test, centre the Vortex of Doom blast marker on the Psyker - in this case, the template does not scatter.


Psyhic Shriek - Roll 3D6, unit suffers, Armour and, caused by

Dominte - within 24", must pass a, shoot, Run, action is fo

Mental Fort(ification) - unit within, regroups

Puppet Master - of 24", as if it was, the Psyker, players control

Terrify - is a malediction, unit within, the Fearless, having the, Furthermore

Invisibility - within 24", Stealth special, gain no benefit, don't see it, Skill 1

6. Hallucination - is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". Roll immediately to determine the manner of hallucinations the target is suffering from (roll once for the whole unit).

D6 Result

1-2 Bugs! I Hate Bugs! Something unspeakable has gotten under the victims armour and has begun to crawl around. The unit is automatically Pinned, unless it would normally automatically pass Pinning tests or is locked in close combat, in which case there is no effect.

3-4 Ermmm? All sense of urgency is lost, and the befuddled warrior just stare listlessly into space. The unit cannot shoot, Run, declare charges or strike blows in close combat whilst the power is in effect.

5-6 You! You're a Traitor! Paranoia set in and the panicked warriors lash out at thei comrades. Every model in the unit immediately inflicts a single hit on his own unit, resolved at that model's own Strengths, but using the Strength bonuses, AP values and special rules of their most powerful close combat weapons (if they have any).

Dark Eldar Beastmaster and Beasts in finecast advance order from 14th July

Ork Special characters in finecast, adv order from 14th July

GK Brother Captain, Inquisitor with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol, Inquisitor with Inferno Pistol and Power Sword, adv order from 14th July

Next we have the confirmation of how the game is pushing to allow the players more options and the ability to create those moments that get told and retold:


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1243069)
There is Only WAR!

...has sat decaying upon his Golden Throne, a sad relection of his once-glorious empire. Now the carcass of the Imperium is ready to fall, picked apart as ancient enemies stir and aliens threaten its borders, even as apostates and heretics undermine it from within.

Forging a Narrative

In 40k there's nothing more important than being able to tell a story as you play, or as we've called it in the rulebook, Forging a Narrative. With that in mind, there are a number of rules to accommodate how individual models can make a difference to the battle without bogging the game down. Some of these rules are quite subtle, such as characters being able to pick out individual targets; others are more obvious and integral to the game, like challenging your opponent to a duel.

Have you ever imagined how cool it would be to bring down a Monstrous Creature by throwing a krak grenade into its mouth? Well, you can! Have you ever wanted your army's commander to call out a rival and engage him in a duel to the death so that you may settle a grudge from a previous encounter? You can do that too!

There are a number of special rules that have been included entirely for the cinematic imagery that they bring to the tabletop.

The Hammer of Wrath special rule, for example, allows jump units to leap into combat and crush their foes beneath their armoured bulk as they hurtle down from above.

Similarly, Flying Monstrous Creatures can deliver a deadly Vector Strike as they swoop over their enemies, tearing heads from shoulders with taloned limbs as they do so.

Even a unit's desperate actions as charging enemies bear down on them is represented by the ability to make an Overwatch attack - a free round of shooting, but at Ballistic Skill 1.

Allies & Fortifications

We expanded the Force Organistation Chart to allow players to represent just such a situation on the battlefield, featuring the option to include an allied detachment as part of your standard army. Not wishing to stop there, we also included a choice of fortifications that enable players to reinforce their deployment zones with defensive emplacements, ranging from a linked section of Aegis defence lines to the mighty Fortress of Redemption.

Skyshield Landing Pads can be positioned to coordinate the arrival of your reinforcement with utmost accuracy. Many fortifications can be further augmented with a comms relay or turret-mounted anti-aircraft weapons.

Each army is led by a Warlord - a powerful, charismatic leader that represents you on the battlefield. Before every game, your Warlord makes a roll on one of the Warlord Trait tables - Command, Personal and Strategic Traits.

Some scenery types are therefore Mysterious Terrain, only revealed as flesh-searing fireblood rivers or forests of overgrown spinethorn when a unit enters its area of effect.

The Battles section of the rulebook also includes a Warzone Traits table, introducing optional rules for fighting in unusual or abnormal environments. Change things up by fighting on a high or lower-gravity battlefield or, if you're feeling particularly brave, try waging war as your forces are assailed by a planet's corrosive atmosphere or toxic mist.

There are six Eternal War scenarios, each with its own mission objectives to achieve. In many of the scenarios there are a number of objectives to contest. Some of these may house useful technology such as a targeting relay or grav wave generator, but it's also possible for an objective to have been sabotaged with proximity mines.

Under normal corcumstances, only Troops units can control objectives, but in the Big Guns Never Tire mission, for example, your Heavy Support units can capture them too, even if they are vehicles!

In each scenario, players can also attempt to complete any of the three Secondary Objectives too:

Slay the Warlord, by killing the commander of the enemy army

First Blood, by being the first to destroy an enemy unit

Linebreaker, by storming the enemy's deployment zone.

Hobbyists are introduced to a series of unique scenarios that also serve to encourage and inspire players to generate their own campaign and mission ideas.

At the rear of the rulebook lies the Appendices section, replete with handy reference sheets that include the statistics for every weapon and unit in the game (including every vehicle's Hull Points).

The Appendices also feature thirty new powers from five psyhic disciplines that Psykers can choose to generate their power from. (Is this a typo? The psyhic power cards have 34 different powers listed, 35 being the most likely as a Biomancy power was listed twice).

Having a Blast

That it's the guy in the front of your squad who always takes the first bullet is not only very cinematic, but makes you think a lot more about every move you make. I also love the fact that units are reduced to Ballistic Skill 1 when resolving Overwatch.

But ultimately, there's nothing quite as satisfying for me as yelling 'Grenade!' as your heroic Sergeant tosses a frag grenade and blasts your opponents favourite squad to smithereenes!


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1243099)
Dreadnoughts 3 Hull points

Jump packs re-roll the 2D6" charge distance in the Assault phase.

Rage gives +2 attacks on charge (seems Rage isn't renamed)

In the Chaos Daemons army everything causes Fear, which is nicely representative of their horror. But thats not nearly as exciting as the Flying Monstrous Creature rules. These allow my Bloodthrister and Daemon Princes to soar up to 24" across the tabletop, ignoring all but the most dedicated anti-aircraft weapons as they get ready to assault the puny mortals below.

Soul Grinder and Land Raiders have 4 Hull Points

Bikes and Landspeeders have Jink, gives them a 5+cover save and 4+ if they Turbo-boost or move Flat Out.

Foreboding: Allows the affected squad to fire at an assaulting unit at their full Ballistic Skill rather than BS1.

In addition, his psyhic hood will usually augment any rolls to Deny the Witch within 6" to a 4+ making hime awesome at countering any enemy psychic powers.

About Terminators...

anything short of a power fist or power axe just won't cut it in combat, meaning they'll benefit from their 2+ armour save most of the time.

GK Terminators are equipped with frag and krak grenades, meaning they can throw one during the Shooting phase.

About IG squad...

Perhaps the coolest part of the rules is that every man counts, as they can all move and fire (even the lascannon!), and can even make a valiant last stand when they're charged, overwatching with their lasguns at the incoming foe.

Saying that, I'm told that the Deathmarks are quite nasty, as snipers can select targets if they roll a 6 To Hit!

Necron Warriors have always been implacable on the advance, but as they're now able to rapid fire at long range as they move this is doubly true.

Ghost Arks have 4 hull points, Gauss takes off a Hull Point for every 6 rolled to penetrate.

Example of Land Raider shooting 4 weapons (it can fire one flamestorm cannon normally, another using its machine-spirit and then snap fire both the assault cannon and the multi-melta). Doesn't say anything about snap fire BS.

Tau Fire Warrior example. not only can they move and still rapid fire up to 30" away, making them higly mobile as the background suggests, but they can Overwatch these S5 guns if they're charged.

My Battlesuit is great as well - he provies nigh-on impossible to engage, as can scoot up to 2D6" way with his jetpack in the Assault phase.

MC are AP2, can halve attacks and perform Smash at double Strength.


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1243139)
Eternal War Mission table:
Mission 4: The Scouring
Place 6 Primary Objective markers face down on the table. These objective would be worth between 1 and 4 Victory Points for the side that controlled them, but, the value would not be revealed till after deployment.
In addition there were three Secondary Objectives - Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and First Blood - each worth a single Victory Point. In this scenario, Fast Attack units also counted as scoring units, but are worth 1 Victory Point if destroyed.

Psyhic Power: Telekine Dome (not Domination that I thought)

Command Trait: Inspiring Presence - units within 12" can use Warlords Leadership

Personal Trait: Immovable Object - Warlord can capture objectives

FNP: Ignore any wounds on a 5+ that don't inflict Instant Death (so power weapons etc make no difference).

MC Vector Strike: D3+1 hits at the model's Strength on a unit moved over.

Interceptor rule: Allowed to shoot at a unit as it arrives from reserves
Skyfire rule: Can shoot at fliers at normal BS, rather than BS1

Deployment Zone: Hammer and Anvil - Fight along the length of the table, deploy on the short table edges.

Mysterious Terrain: Psychneuein Hive - Every Psyker on the board immediately suffers D3 S3 AP2 hits

Reserves: Flyers always arrive from reserve, 3+ to enter on Turn 2

Deep Strike Misshap Table: Opponent Places unit and back into reserve are still in (unit dies gone?)

Charging Multiple units: You lose the bonus Attack for charging and all units can Overwatch shoot you.

Flying Transports: If shot down all embarked models suffer a S10 hit with no saves allowed (not even invulnerable?)
Passengers can't disembark whilst it's zooming, during hover mode they can disembark but the flier can now be hit at normal BS.

Fleet: Re-roll charge distance

Bastions: Armour 14 all around, and an emplaced heavy bolter on each facing - automated weapons that target the nearest enemy unit. A Bastion can be used as neutral battlefield terrain or selected as a Fortification as part of the FOC, enabling you to deploy within a solid defensive stronghold. A Bastion can be upgraded with a comms relay or heavy weapons on its battlements.

Tank Traps: Impassible terrain to all non-Skimmer vehicles. Bike can attempt to manoeuvre past them, but must pass a difficult terrain test in order to do so. Against all other units, however, tank traps are treated as open ground, though and models hidden behind a set of tank traps can still claim a 4+ cover save from its solid, robust frame.

Aegis Defence Lines: Offer a 4+ cover save, but any unit that decides to Go to Ground behind a defence line gains +2 to its cover save, rather than +1. An Aegis defence line may also be selected as a Fortification choice.

Mysterious Forests: Models within a forest's boundary benefit from a 5+ cover save. However, forests are also mysterious terrain, so as soon as a unit enters a forest, you must roll on the Mysterious Forest table to discover what fate awaits your hapless models. Mysterious forests can range from brainleaf fronds, the sentient tendrils of which can dominate living beings and cause them to lash out at their comrades, to carnivorous jungle, which inflicts D3 S5 hits on any unit seeking shelter beneath its boughs.

Ruins: All ruins are treated as difficult terrain, but offer a 4+ cover save to those concealed within their shattered structute.

Wild Undergrowth: Difficult terrain and 5+ cover

Imperial Statuary: IG, SoB and all SM chapters are Fearless within 2" of an Imperial statuary (if you are wondering what the hell a statuary is it's a statue, model in example is the SM dude holding a sword statue GW came out with last year, or was it the year before that. Guess they didn't sell so they had to include them in the rulebook....).

Fuel Reserves: 5+ cover, every time a model successfully passes a cover save, roll a D6. On the roll of a 1, the barrel was filled with fuel and explodes, inflicting a S3 hit on any models nearby.

Fortress of Redemption: Comprising two bunker annexes, one main tower and housing an assortment of powerful weapons to defend against assault by land or by air, a Fortress of Redemption is all but unassailable. For 220 points, this awesome defensive stronghold can even be selected as a Fortification!.

Impact Craters: Area Terrain and grant 5+ cover


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1243163)
Assault on Fellstorm Airfield
Scenario: The Relic
Recover a valuable relic from no-man's-land that will help them to gin the upper hand in the ongoing conflict. The relic begins the game in the centre of the battlefield, but any scoring unit (in this mission units from the Troops section of the Force Organisation Chart) (I guess this means the Immovable Object Scoring Warlord power can't be used?) can pick it up and attempt to move it to safety. The unit carrying the relic cannot move more than 6" in a single phase and will drop the relic if killed.

Deployment Vanguard Strike: Diagonal deployment zone trunning through the centre of the board. (Top right vs bottom left side with the relic in the middle pretty much. Same as Apocalypse if you've ever played that.)

Flat Out and Run: D6 extra movement

Stunned Dreadnoughts can still Snap Shot, Snap Shots need 6s To Hit.

Krak grenade used in the shooting phase to destroy an Ork Trukk.

Still Move, Shoot and Assault as the above unit assaulted the boys that disembarked from the Trukk.

Flamers do D3 hits during Overwatch (Have fun charging 15 Burna Boys)

Fliers can chose to Evade when shot at giving them a 5+ cover save, but can only Snap Fire during their next shooting phase. Can leave the board and return from reserves.
"Da Krimson Barun, only able to fire Snap Shots having evaded last turn, gunned his engines and zoomed off the board, but would return as part of Ongoing Reserves in the following Movement Phase. (This happens during turn 3-4, does that mean reserves are now 3+ for turn 2, 2+ for turn 3, automatic on turn 4?)

Fliers can shoot Fliers with no penalties to hit. Explains the 60" ranged Stormtalon missiles.

Fliers: When destroyed scatter and damage units on ground.
"But Steve did have the last laugh when the wreckage of his Stormtalon spiralled earthwards to land directly on top of the Ork Bastion, killing three Ork Boyz in the ensuing explosion.

Units with a sergeant type model can perform Look Out, Sir, 4+ if model is not an IC (example used, Ork boy trying to save Nob...well, the nob grabbing an Ork boy to use as a bullet shield is the more likely scenario...).


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1243188)
More Finecast

Tau: Commander Shadowsun
Available for pre-order July14th

1. Foreboding - is a blessing that targets the Psyker. Whilst the power is in effect, the Psyker and his unit have the Counter-attack special rule and fire Overwatch on their full Ballistic Skill, rather than Ballistic Skill 1. Note that this does not allow weapons that could not normally fire Overwatch to do so.

Interesting note on the Hour of the Witch page.
"Only the armies (and units within those armies) specifically mentioned here can access the new psychic powers. Some armies (namely the Dark Eldar, Necrons and Tau) don't have psykers at all, whilst other races harness the Warp in such an unusual way (Orks and Chaos Daemons in particular) that they always use their own unique rules.

Why wasn't Sisters of Battle mentioned in the above exclusion together with DE, Nec and Tau? Knowing GW it's most likely a miss as when it comes to the SoB they can't even spell their rules correctly or show the correct model with the correct weapon...
If this is not a miss then I guess it's proof that we will have Inquisitors in the SoB codex as I can't think of any other Psyker the SoB would even tolerate.

Hour of the Witch
Witchfire: most psykers can't use more than one witchfire each turn

Codex: Blood Angels
A BA Lib (inc Mephiston) may use the psychic disciplines found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, instead of those in Codex: Blood Angels. If he does so, generate two new powers from the Biomancy, Divination, Telepathy or Telekinesis disciplines (in any combination) before armies are deployed.

Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Any model with psychic powers may use the psychic disciplines found in the 40K rulebook, instead of those in Codex: CSM. If he does so, for each psychic power he has purchased from Codex:CSM, generate a new power from the Pyromancy, Telekinesis or Telepathy discipline before armies are deployed. A model can generate powers from different disciplines if you wish. Typhus generates two new powers. Ahriman generates three.

Codex: Dark Angels
A DA Lib (inc Ezekiel) may use the psychic disciplines found in the 40k rulebook. Generate 2 new powers from Div, Pyro, Telepathy or Telekinesis.

Codex: Eldar
Farseer (inc Eldrad), for each power bought, generate a new power from Div or Telepathy. Eldrad generates 4.

Codex: GK
A GK Lib (no mentions of anyone else), generate a number of powers equal to mastery level from Div, Pyro or Telekinesis. If he does so he may not purchase additional powers. Hammerhand cannot be exchanged in this manner.
An Inquisitor with Mastery 1 can generate 1 power from Div, Pyro or Telekinesis.
Coteaz can generate 2 powers from Div, Pyro or Telekinesis.

Codex: IG
Primaris Psyker, generate 2 new powers from Bio, Pyro, Telepathy or Telekinesis.

Codex: SM
SM Lib (inc Tigurius), generate 2 powers from Bio, Pyro, Telepathy or Telekinesis. Tigurius generates 3.

Codex: SW
Rune Priest (inc Njal), generate 2 powers from Bio, Div or Telekinesis

Codex: Tyranids
Any model with psychic powers, for each psychic power it has, including those purchased, generate a new power from either Bio, Telekinses or Telepathy. (I'm glad they dont have Pyromancy as 3 Zoanthropes casting Molten Beam would be real nasty).

Article states: "Accordingly, players should feel free to use the guidance in this article to grant their psykers access to the new powers."
Sounds good and all but since they dont list all the powers and what they do the article is pretty useless. Or....do they mean you have to have this WD in order to be able to use the generic powers? Wont the list and rules be in the BRB?

Wound Allocation: Closest model is Shooting only?

Rest of the WD is ads pretty much.

Last page is a picture of some CSM and Daemons.
In next month's issue: BATTLE-BROTHERS AND INFERNAL ALLIES - We take a closer look at Allied Detachments.
WD 392 on sale Sat 28th of July.

If you have a question and it hasn't been answered by anything I've written so far then there is simply no answer in the WD. I've gone trough the WD page by page, article by article to fish out as much info as I could. If you dont have your answer you will have to wait for the BRB.

I put GW's high definition video and pictures from their blog to good use and here's what I gathered (everything inside quotes was taken from the rulebook):

Originally Posted by Zion (Post 1244033)
Hull Points - "Every vehicle has a number of hull points indicating how much damage it can take before it is destroyed." So I'm guessing it works like wounds, but there wasn't anything listed on that bit about if they can be insta-killed.

Flyers (there was a bunch here but I'm only going to list the stuff I could read all of so I don't misinterpret anything that was only partially visible):
Aerial Support - "Flyers must begin the game as Reserves."

Zoom - "If a Flyer Zooms it has a Combat Speed of 18" and a Cruising Speed of 36"."...."A Zooming Flyer can never voluntarilly move less than 18"." (If it somehow is forced to during it's movement phase it is destroyed)..."Zooming Flyers can make a single pivot on the spot of up to 90 degress before moving."...."Zooming Flyers can not Tank Shock or Ram nor can they be Tank Shocked or Rammed."...."Zooming Flyers can use up to four weapons if moving at Combat Speed or Cruising Speed."..."Zooming Flyers cannot be Assaulted."

Additionally the new rulebook is about 2", putting it at roughly the same size as the Fantasy one.

And both glancing and penetrating hits against armor exist, but how they work were not shown.

MadCowCrazy spent some more time with the teaser video and gleaned more information that I did:


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1244320)

Aerial Support
Flyers must being the game in Reserves - it takes time for a Warlord to organise and coordinate air support.

Flyers and Measuring
Flyers have flying bases that suspend them above the battlefield. However, distances are still measured to and from the Flyer's hull, with the exception of the vehicle's weapons and Fire Points, which all work as normal. The base of the Flyer is effectively ignored, except for when:

-The Flyer is being assaulted, in which case the models may move into contact with the vehicle's hull, its base or both.

-Models are embarking or disembarking from the Flyer, in which case the base of the Flyer is used as the Access Point.

Flyers and other Models
Models that physically fit under a Flyer model can move beneath it. Likewise, a Flyer can end its move over such models. However, when moving this way, enemy models must still remain 1" away from the base of the Flyer, and the Flyer cannot end its move with its base within 1" of other enemy models.

Flyers can usually only make a special kind of move called Zoom. Some can also Hover - see page 81. Zooming allows the Flyer to move at fantastic speeds making it very difficult to shoot down, but limiting its manoeuvrability. If a Flyer Zooms, it has a Combat Speed of 18" and Cruising Speed of 36". However, as a certain amount of forward thrust is required for the vehicle to stay in the air, a Zooming Flyer can never voluntarily move less than 18". If a Zooming Flyer is forced to move less than 18" in its own Movement phase, it is automatically Wrecked.

To represent its limited manoeuvrability, a Zooming Flyer can only make a single pivot on the spot of up to 90 degrees before it moves. Thereafter, it must move directly forwards in a straight line. In a turn in which a Flyer enter the board from reserve, it can do so facing any direction you wish, providing that the resulting move will not carry it off the board again. A Zooming Flyer can move over intervening units and impassible terrain exactly as a Skimmer. In addition, a Zooming Flyer does not have to take Dangerous Terrain tests even if it starts or stops over difficult, dangerous or impassible terrain. Finally, models cannot embark upon, or disembark from, a Zooming Flyer.

Zoom, Tank Shock and Ramming
Zooming Flyers cannot Tank Shock or Ram nor can they be Tank Shocked or Rammed.

Zooming and Shooting
Flyers have sophisticated targeting systems designed to work at the fastest speeds. Zooming Flyers can fire up to four of their weapons using their full Ballistic Skill if they have moved at either Combat Speed or Cruising Speed that turn.

Assaulting Zooming Flyers
Due to their high speed (and presumably high altitude)...
Zooming Flyers cannot be assaulted.

Leaving Combat Airspace
It's quite likely that a Flyer making a Zoom move will....
the board, either deliberately or by accident. If this happens
the Flyer is said to have left combat airspace - it then enters
Ongoing Reserves (see page 125). A Flyer that leaves combat
airspace must Zoom back on when it returns from Ongoing
Reserves, even if it has the Hover type.

Flyers and Damage Results
Zooming Flyers follow the exceptions given below.

Locked Velocity
If a Zooming Flyer suffers an Immobilised result, its velocity is
locked. A Flyer with Locked Velocity cannot change speed
for the rest of the game, but must continue to Zoom at
Combat Speed or Cruising Speed (whichever it was using when
it suffered the Immobilised result). Once a Flyer's velocity is
locked, it cannot Evade and cannot move Flat Out, however
with Locked Velocity you can still turn before it moves as normal
and if it leaves the board will enter Ongoing Reserves.

Crash and Burn
If a Zooming Flyer is Wrecked or Explodes, its flaming hull
rains down on the battlefield. Centre a large blast marker
over the Flyer - it then scatters 2D6". Any models under the
blast marker's final position suffers a Strength 6, AP- hit. The
Flyer is the taken off the board. If the Flyer is also a transport
any models within suffer a Strength 10 hit with no armour saves
allowed. Survivors are placed anywhere within 3" of the
marker's final position and in unit coherency. Any models that
cannot be placed are removed as casualites.


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1244327)
Unforeseen alliances happen all the time in the murky world of Warhammer 40,000. The Eldar might assist the Tau in destroying a Tyranid invasion, knowing that if they don't the vassals of the Hive Mind will destroy a Craftworld. An Imperial Guard general might hire Orks of the Bloodaxe clan, little realising that his Chaos Space Marine enemies have already struck a similar arrangement with the selfsame greenskins. The possibilities are endless! From a gaming point of view, taking allies in your army opens up entirely new tactical possibilities, making your already formidable force even more so.

Levels of Alliance
Of course, in the grim darkness of the far future (where there is only war), it's a sad fact that very few armies trust one another entirely - if a all. A labyrinthine history of grudges, wars, campaigns and betrayals (intentional or otherwise) have the....

Allies of Convenience
The tides of war can often throw unlikely allies together
forcing them to work in common cause for a time. Such
alliances seldom last for an entire battle, let alone a campaign
but that brief while can be sufficient for immediate ne...

Units in your army treat Allies of Convenience as enemy
units that cannot be charged, shot, targetted with psychic
powers or have templates or blast markers placed over.
However, if a psychic power, scattering Blast weapon or other
ability that affects an area hits some of these Allies of Convenience
they will be affected along with any friendly or enemy units. This
means that, for example, Allies of Convenience units:

-Can't benefit from the Warlord Trait of an allied ch...
-Cannot be joined by allied Independent Characters

More to come as we get it!

MadCowCrazy 06-17-12 11:45 PM

Now lets hope those floodgates open soon :crazy:

Zion 06-18-12 12:03 AM

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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1240693)
Now lets hope those floodgates open soon :crazy:

True that. I just hope when they open I can keep up!

Arcane 06-18-12 12:05 AM

The "leaked" cover photo doesn't look legit. It doesn't say 'rulebook' or follow the typical style of GW. My guess is, it's something other than the BRB.

Ninjurai 06-18-12 12:06 AM

lol 6th ed digital copy will be released on 23rd everyone else has to preorder. THAT is how they will convince you to buy the digi-copy.

Stephen_Newman 06-18-12 12:07 AM

There is just a lack of hammer for me. Normally the rulebook over the last two editions had some sort of symbology on it rather than a full ongoing battle.

SGMAlice 06-18-12 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by nevynxxx
So up thread there was a little bit of a spreadhsheet posted that had an entry for "Cut and past facebook status" as part of the build up from nowish.... I'm thinking we are seeing these now...

Originally Posted by Bury Store on Facebook
+++++++ incoming message +++++++
++ Planet Designation M41:137:39 ++
+++++++ Mission Directive +++++++
+++ Secure Planetary Resources +++
++++++++ Incoming Xenos +++++++

1) Is buryjust making stuff up?
2) If not, are all stores posting the same things?
3) If not, is someone keeping track of them all to collate?
4) Do we know which planet that is?

In reference to the post above, as the thread was moved to Rumour Roundup before i could reply to it:

To me that looks like a Date rather than a Planet Designation, as it states. I have done a bit of searching and found nothing to indicate a Planet with the designation attached. Going on it being a Date reveals little also; No major events took place at that time.

There is one close, that being M41:139, the date on which the Planet Destroyer (Abbadons Flagship) was completed. There is only one other major Event that took place near to the date: 'The Dark Heresy' on M41:126.

Not even the Imperial Armor books use that code set for Planet designations and they have extensive information on each one they describe.

It could be a completely new Event in the WH40k universe :dunno:


mcmuffin 06-18-12 12:29 AM

Could be abby obliterating terra . . .unlikely . . . . . we can only hope i guess

Zion 06-18-12 12:32 AM

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Originally Posted by Ninjurai (Post 1240703)
lol 6th ed digital copy will be released on 23rd everyone else has to preorder. THAT is how they will convince you to buy the digi-copy.

No rumor puts the digi-copy as coming out when the starter box does: September.

TechPr1est 06-18-12 12:37 AM

man if that ork clan dissolvy thing is true than that will totally fuck up my half finshed army covered in snake bites icons

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