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Obinhi 06-14-12 12:56 AM

New Baby Inbound
So I am in the hospital with my wife and she is in labor. I am very excited about it and seeing as I'll be up all night I figured I would post about it here. No pics or anything nasty like that but this is my fourth monster and I feel like kind of a pro.

To put it in perspective, I've been thinking about 6th ed relese date more then whats going to happen when my son is born. I know whats going to happen with that, He'll be washed, weighed and then presented to the wolf preists for judgement....

But ya, posting about my sleepless night seems like a super idea at the moment, so enjoy.

Loki1416 06-14-12 03:57 AM

Congrats man!

bitsandkits 06-14-12 07:07 AM

Obinhi 06-14-12 08:33 AM

Thanks gents, we are about at the half way point now at 0330 local. This is kind of new territory for us as this is the longest she's been in labor. Now I need to find a good time to slip off for a coffee.

Obinhi 06-14-12 10:26 AM

Jack Jeffery Boulden was born today at 0440 local time. Weight is 8lb 10oz making him the biggest of the four kids at birth.

I have to say, I am so proud of little man as his nuts are almost half his body weight!

Mom and baby are doing great.

TechPr1est 06-14-12 10:54 AM

congratz dude

are being serious about the nuts?:shok:

Alsojames 06-14-12 11:56 AM

We should call him J.J. :P

Congrats dude =D

Obinhi 06-14-12 11:57 AM

Sort of Tech, the man has a pair on him for sure, like I said above, I wont post pics or anything nasty like that, but its nice to see my wife can produce real men!

SGMAlice 06-14-12 12:03 PM

It happens, they will reduce in size soon enough. Your egotistical bravado is amusing though :P

Congratulations :)


Shady ed 06-14-12 12:17 PM

My dad would say if he is not 10 pound he is not man enough.

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