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Dark Messiah 06-07-12 01:11 PM

Space Wolves Kill Team
This is going to be the first kill team list I've written, so hopefully it's a good idea. Fairly simple premise, Lone Wolf is a CC beast at this level with his sheer amount of special rules (EW, FnP, counter attack, furious charge, Beastslayer) and is pretty resilient. Melta and plasma will drop him pretty fast regardless, so I hope to keep the enemy distracted with the Grey Hunters, maybe even use them as ablative meatshields for the 4+ cover save.

Lone Wolf: 55 points (Furious charge)
- Terminator armour
- Frost blade
- Storm bolter

Grey Hunters: 115 points
- 6 bolters
- 1 Grey Hunter with MotW (Feel no pain)
- 1 Grey Hunter with plasma gun (Relentless)

DestroyerHive 06-07-12 01:49 PM

In my personal experience (I won a Killteam tournament with SW) Lone Wolves are overrated. Plasma weapons just eat them up, and he'll never make it to close combat. The Relentless Plasma Gunner is perfect, as he ended up being my hero most of the time. My list is this:

Thunderwolf (Furious Charge)
Thunderwolf (Preffered Enemy)

GH x 5
GH Plasma Guner (Relentless)

Total: 200pts

The Thunderwolves offer resilience, speed and assault. The Grey Hunters hold objectives and add firepower. The Plasma Gun snipes enemies off objectives and deals with heavy units.

Dark Messiah 06-07-12 01:59 PM

Makes sense, thanks for the input. I'm using kill teams as a way to get back into 40k after not playing for a long time, in preparation for 6th ed.

I don't have thunderwolves however, and I don't feel like dishing out any cash on models at the moment, so I'd need some alternatives.

DestroyerHive 06-07-12 02:32 PM

Alternative eh? Well, I played against a few 'Wolves lists that had some success. Let's see...

There was one guy I didn't have the honour of playing. He used 2 squads of 6 Hunters and a Lone Wolf if I remember correctly.

Basically, the best Space Wolf lists use a lot of shooting and little close combat. The Lone Wolf is a great close combat unit, but without a ranged weapon (which upset my opponent to no end) he'll get gunned down fast. Many people enjoy using AP2 weapons whenever they can, so multi-wound models, expendables, and AP2 of your own works well.

I played against a Space Marine player who used Scouts with a power weapon, Heavy Bolter, and snipers, and a bigger powerhouse in the form of a Techmarine. You can do the SW equivalent, but if I recal correctly, he didn't do too well either. It's still a fun way to play a Killteam though.

Dark Messiah 06-07-12 03:20 PM

I could run the techmarine and scouts.. I'd need to spend a few hours raging away trying to glue the techmarine back together (for assembly.. dreadful model), but it would be interesting. I'll try and give them both a go and give some feedback whenever I do a game,

DestroyerHive 06-07-12 03:58 PM

Awesome! Glad I could help :)

Dark Messiah 06-09-12 01:59 PM

Played a game with this list.. mixed results.

First off, I won. It was against necrons.

He had:
- 5 Immortals
- 5 Warriors
- 2 Destroyers

The first turn I lost about four marines, including the one with the mark of the wulfen. Still, I managed to double time it across the board (3x4') and get into assault with a few marines and the Lone Wolf against the majority of his immortals and his destroyers. Well, they charged me in fact (charge or be charged).

I cannot stress how tiring this got after awhile. The combat dragged on for.. I don't know, 7-8 turns at least, it was stupid, and we lost count. Lone Wolf could hardly kill. But eventually, they did win and killed the immortals and destroyers. Lone Wolf and two remaining grey hunters killed his last 5 warriors, thus winning. Game took about 50 minutes, which was silly.

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