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Dave T Hobbit 06-05-12 02:57 PM

Army Painting Challenge - June 2012
Presented for your painting pleasure, the June thread.

Good luck all.

reavsie 06-05-12 04:13 PM

@Dave - thanks for getting the thread started.

War Walkers for June - more pics in my Plog.

Good luck to all this month.

http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/448/82826491.jpg By reavsie1 at 2012-06-05

infernalcaretaker 06-05-12 04:17 PM

My 'Venom' for my Mechanicus - as-yet-to-be-determined pattern of transport speeder...


Meldon 06-05-12 06:06 PM

Well, it seems like Ive been struck with the Blues again, so Im switching army. I will continue to work on my Ultramarines from now on :)

To start with Ive got a Land Raider Reedemer

apidude 06-05-12 06:35 PM

Well all. I flubbed it last month and had to use a RL ticket. My 20 model unit of Sauran Warriors did not make the "Done" list. So I am going to finish them this month.

Here was the starting pic last month as well as the status today....

http://www.thegametable.biz/tsaurus2-1start.jpg http://www.thegametable.biz/tSaurWIPJune12.JPG

If I get them done early in the month I may try to do either a special character or a Chameleon this month as well BUT I intend to get that 20 model unit finished!

Hellados 06-05-12 08:16 PM

I did paint a handful of my orks but i forgot to post them. . . . . so i am going to paint the trukk is this pic for this months entry, and prob something else but not sure what yet, maybe the looters. . . . .


also where can i get one of those sigs guys? :D

and also can you work in advance of the comp :)

RedThirstWill Destroy 06-05-12 08:38 PM


Can i enter my terminator assualt squad into this one as at the moment i've got three primed and two with there first base coat applied, if i can i'll post proof pics with the date showing (also i've not fitted the heads to any or the storm sheilds to the thunder hammer carriers), only asking as i plan to finish these boys this month.

If not i'll choose something else to do.


Zero Effect 06-05-12 10:58 PM


Thank you for starting off the post!

I will be starting on my second cult of Wyches.

Here is my entry

Good luck to all that enters.

Zero Effect

KjellThorngaard 06-06-12 02:14 AM

I'll be adding these 12 Halberdiers to the unit I painted in March.

Barnster 06-06-12 06:48 AM

I'm being cheap this month, as I'm going to be really busy at work and running over the place at conferences

A unit of Spore mines


I'll also try and get a second unit of spores painted when they arrive in the post.

These are getting basic quality 101

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