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revan4559 06-04-12 10:24 PM

The Crusade of Blood. A Vampire Counts Roleplay(Recruitment.)
In Character Introduction:

The year is 1727 of the Imperial Calendar, Long before the rise of the most famous of vampire counts, Vladimir Von Carstien. One of the undead lords sits upon a dark throne in the lands Bretonnia brooding after his defeat at the hands of the dwarves. His name is Mordred Von Drakenblood, once a noble paladin of the Death God Morr who was stricken with the curse of vampirism over six hundred years ago by Kreiger Von Hidra of the Blood Dragon Line. In the summer of 1727 Mordred Von Drakenblood marched his undead horde from his castle located in Bretonnia nestled in the lands north of the fey lands of the Forest of Loren and south of the Grey Mountains. Taking his army north towards the Grey Mountains to make his way through one of its many passes and into his ancestral lands of the Empire were he could reclaim what he believed was rightfully his, all of the lands of Sylvania.

In one of the many passages of the Grey Mountains Mordred Von Drakenblood met Dwarven Thane Ragnar Ironhand and his Dwarven host in battle so that he could force his way into the lands of the empire but the heavily armoured Dwarven host and their cannons proved to be much for the ancient armoured skeletons and shambling zombies and even one of Mordred’s prized Vargulfs and after a bloody battle Mordred was forced to flee back to Bretonnia with what was left of his army to rebuild and try again.

So as Mordred sat and brooded on how he was defeated news reached his ears that deep within the heartland of Bretonnia was a castle guarded by Damsels and Knights that hid a dark secret. Buried deep under the castle was the ancient bones of a carmine dragon long since dead and several of the dreaded Mortis Engines. With these he could defeat the dwarves and bolster his forces in preparation to take over Sylvania.

Sending out a call to other lords and ladies of the night to heed his call and come forth to join his service with the goal of drowning the lands of Britannia in a tide of blood which shall be known as the Crusade of Blood and recovering the ancient artefacts that will surely bring great strife and despair to the lands of the living.”

Out of Character Introduction:

Welcome one and all to the Crusade of Blood, a Vampire Counts fantasy roleplay set in Bretonnia the land of Chivalry and Knights, 70 years before the rise of Vladimir Von Carstien and the beginning of the Vampire Count Wars. In this roleplay you shall be taking on the roles of the Vampires, be you the dark noble warriors of the blood dragons, the dark and seductive Lahmians, the masters of the dark arts known as the Necrachs or the beastly and feral Strigoi, that have answered Lord Mordred Von Drakenblood’s call to arms as he sets off to do battle with the knightly lords of the land to recover the bones of a long dead and ancient dragon and several of the magical artefacts known as the Mortis Engines and Coven Thrones, each of you will be one of the undead champions that have joined Mordred’s call though later in the roleplay you will have a chance to command your own forces in battle.

Of Battles and Magic:

For this roleplay I have decided to go with a dice rolling based system that I shall do with actual dice to determine whether your attacks hit/miss, wound and if your opponent survives. I shall note that the rolling will only be for those opponents who are classed as ‘heroes/lords/monsters’ that would normally on table top have more than one wound.

Attack Profile: You will see later on in the thread that there are stat-lines for each blood and each bloodline has a different number of attacks. Attacks represent the number of opponents you can kill in a single post( if that only have 1 ‘wound’) or the amount of attacks you can make against a multi-wound opponent. I shall PM you before hand or post in the update how many of your attacks hit/miss, wound and if you manage to kill your opponent as a small note under the update itself and will allow you to describe the fight in your post. Of course you will know in the update if any of your opponents attacks manage to hit and wound you should they survive of course, though once again I state this will mainly be in the case of fights with multi-wound opponents.

Magic: The magic system in this roleplay will work based on a points system which for every wizard level you have you have 10 points of magical power to spend in your when you wish to cast spells. When casting a spell you will need to pm me before hand so I can tell you whether or not your spell has successfully been cast, miscast or dispelled which you will then roleplay the result when you post.

Like on table top you will have one spell per magic level all it means is you know that kind of spell for example if you get a direct damage spell then you might know different types of direct damage spells but for simplicity and me inventing new spells it will use the same rules as the rules in its profile. This also means that if you have the Loremaster special rule then you will know all spells from your chosen lore. Note that different blood lines have access to different spell lores though the Vampiric Power: Forbidden Lore grants access to any of the warhammer lores(apart from life).


Lore of Death:

The Lore of Shadow:

Lore of Metal:

Lore of Heavens:

Lore of Fire:

Lore of Beasts:

Lore of Light:

Lore of Vampires:

1: Absolutely no God Modding. Breaking of this rule results in painful character death by killer lemons.
2: Be civil to other players and your GM in the recruitment thread.
3: All out of character posts are to be kept in the recruitment thread.
4: If you are unable to post for any reason then please let me know via PM before the update deadline.
5: Minimum post length of two good size paragraphs. (5-10 line paragraphs)
6: No killing other players characters or seriously injuring them without permission. Though feel free to kick Strigoi players down the stairs if you’re a blood dragon.

Vampire Bloodlines and Stat Lines:

The Blood Dragons: Sons of Abhorash

The Blood Dragons are Vampire Knights, usually from the realm of Bretonnia. They desire skill in military combat, but unwilling to become rulers or land owners, thus making them undead Knights Errant. Their goal is to succeed in mastering combat, and obtaining the same ability of permanently suppressing the need to drink human blood to survive as their leader, Abhorash did.

[table] Vampire Type | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Magic Lv. | Points
Fledgling | 6 | 4 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 6 | 5 | 1 | 150
Vampire | 7 | 4 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 7 | 6 | 1 | 250
Oldblood | 8 | 5 | 7 | 6 | 5 | 8 | 8 | 2 | 375[/table]

Magic Lores: Vampires or Death

Wargear: Hand Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armour.

May Replace Shield for Great Weapon(+2 S, -2 I ) or Extra Hand Weapon(+1A): 10 Points
May Replace Heavy Armour for Full Plate Armour: 15 Points
May Take Lance (Mounted Only.): 10 Points
May lower magic level by 1 level for to gain an extra 35 points.
May Take up to 75/100/125 Points of Vampiric Powers. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)
May Take up to 50/75/100 Points of Magic Items. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)

May Take a Skeletal Steed: 15 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Nightmare: 20 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Hellsteed: 40 Points

The Strigoi: The Beast Within

After the destruction of Mourkain the Strigoi have become hunched monstrosities, hulking creatures of muscle that have no human resemblance. They are mostly mad, but still immensely powerful, and like all vampires have a strong grasp on necromantic magic, even if it isn’t as refined as their other vampire cousins. They are often surrounded by Ghouls; indeed, people call them ‘Ghoul Kings’.

[table] Vampire Type | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Magic Lv. | Points
Fledgling | 5 | 2 | 4 | 5 | 3 | 6 | 4 | 1 | 150
Vampire | 6 | 3 | 5 | 6 | 4 | 7 | 5 | 1 | 250
Oldblood | 7 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 6 | 8 | 6 | 2 | 350[/table]

Magic Lores: Vampires or Beasts

Wargear: Two Hand Weapons (+1 A)

May Take Light Armour: 5 Points
May Take Heavy Armour: 10 Points (-1 I )
May Replace Hand Weapon for Shield: 5 Points(Loses Extra Attack)
May lower magic level by 1 level for to gain an extra 35 points.
May Take up to 75/100/125 Points of Vampiric Powers. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)
May Take up to 50/75/100 Points of Magic Items. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)

Mounts: N/A

The Lahmians: Beauty in Death

This bloodline is mostly female, descended from Neferata the original vampire queen of the city of Lahmia in Nehekhara. They emphasize the hypnotic beauty and seductive nature of vampires and many of their bloodline powers centre around enchantments and compulsions, giving them the ability to influence those they wish to manipulate to their own ends.

[table] Vampire Type | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Magic Lv. | Points
Fledgling | 5 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 7 | 4 | 1 | 150
Vampire | 6 | 6 | 5 | 5 | 4 | 8 | 5 | 2 | 250
Oldblood | 7 | 6 | 6 | 6 | 5 | 8 | 6 | 3 | 350[/table]

Magic Lores: Vampires, Light, Shadow, Heavens.

Wargear: Hand Weapon, Light Armour.

May Take Extra Hand Weapon: 10 Points
May Take Shield: 5 Points
May Take Heavy Armour: 10 Points (-1 I )
May increase starting magic level by +1 for 35 points.
May Take up to 75/100/125 Points of Vampiric Powers. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)
May Take up to 50/75/100 Points of Magic Items. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)

May Take a Skeletal Steed: 15 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Nightmare: 20 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Hellsteed: 40 Points

The Necrachs: Masters of the Dark Arts.

Necrach vampires, the rarest of all bloodlines, appear monstrous and wizened, with gaunt features and grey, dry skin. They are relatively weak in combat but have much greater magical potential than the other vampire bloodlines and suffer the blood lust less than other families. They are described as solitary researchers, working on ever more terrible spells as they live out their undying centuries. Their ultimate goal is to turn all life into death.

[table] Vampire Type | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Magic Lv. | Points
Fledgling | 5 | 5 | 4 | 5 | 3 | 5 | 4 | 2 | 150
Vampire | 6 | 6 | 5 | 6 | 4 | 6 | 5 | 3 | 250
Oldblood | 7 | 7 | 6 | 6 | 5 | 7 | 6 | 4 | 350[/table]

Magic Lores: Vampires, Light, Shadow, Heavens, Death, Fire, Beasts, Metal.

Wargear: Hand Weapon, Light Armour.

May Take Extra Hand Weapon: 10 Points
May Take Channeling Staff(+10 Magic Points): 15 Points
May increase starting magic level by +1 for 35 points.(This will make and Oldblood magic level 5)
May Take up to 75/100/125 Points of Vampiric Powers. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)
May Take up to 50/75/100 Points of Magic Items. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)

May Take a Skeletal Steed: 15 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Nightmare: 20 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Hellsteed: 40 Points

The Von Carsteins: The Undead Aristocrats

Note: Vladimir was the most famous Von Carstien but rumor has it now the progenitor of the bloodline and seeing as this is set before his rise you are one of the unknown Von Carsteins.

Generations of Von Carstein vampires have ruled the lands of Sylvania, a cursed stretch of land on the eastern fringes of the Empire. They have clashed many times with the rulers of the Empire, and although they are not the only bloodline of vampires, they are the most well known to citizens of the Empire, and it is vampires such as the Von Carsteins who commonly appear in folk tales and myths.

[table] Vampire Type | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Magic Lv. | Points
Fledgling | 5 | 4 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 5 | 4 | 1 | 150
Vampire | 6 | 5 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 6 | 5 | 2 | 250
Oldblood | 7 | 6 | 7 | 6 | 5 | 7 | 7 | 3 | 350[/table]

Magic Lores: Vampires, Shadow or Death

Wargear: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour.

May Take Shield: 5 Points
May Take Great Weapon(+2 S, -2 I ) or Extra Hand Weapon(+1A): 10 Points
May Replace Heavy Armour for Full Plate Armour: 15 Points
May Take Lance (Mounted Only.): 10 Points
May increase starting magic level by 1 level for to gain an extra 35 points.
May Take up to 75/100/125 Points of Vampiric Powers. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)
May Take up to 50/75/100 Points of Magic Items. (Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood respectively)

May Take a Skeletal Steed: 15 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Nightmare: 20 Points
- Barding: 5 Points
May Take a Hellsteed: 40 Points

Vampiric Powers:

Dread Knight: The vampire has followed the path of the warrior to its ultimate conclusion, taking up arms in a dark mockery of the knightly vow. +2 WS – 20 Points

Master Strike: So strong is this lord of the night that a well placed blow from his blade can bring low even the mightiest of foes +1S -1I, Killing Blow – 25 Points

Supernatural Horror: Hideous to look upon this Vampire long ago left behind the trappings of humanity and beauty in favor of a bulker and more muscled terrifying appearance. +1T +1A – 30 Points

Forbidden Lore: To learn several paths of magic is beyond most men but time is of little matter to an undying scholar. Pick any lore of Magic listed in the magic section and you know all of its spells. – 30 Points

Dark Acolyte: Some vampires have an affinity with magic beyond even their undying peers. +15 Magic Points. – 30 Points

Quickblood: The sword strikes of even the most skillful men are but clumsy and childlike before the preternatural speed of this vampire. +2 I and Always Strikes First. – 40 Points

Flying Horror: This vampire is able to take to the skies with the aid of great monstrous membranous wings. +2 S, +1 I and Fly. – 45 Points

The Red Fury: This vampire has long had a savage and unstoppable blood lost that once wounded he will not stop until his enemies are dead at his feet. When you take your first wound, double your attacks for the rest of the battle. – 50 Points

Curse of the Revenant: Though magic, bloodletting or sheet force of will the strength of this vampire to survive the centuries is beyond compare. +1 T and W. – 55 Points

Master of the Black Arts: The mastery of magic and the winds of magic themselves present little challenge to this vampire, so matchless is his magical prowess. +30 Magic Points and know all spells from the Lore of Vampires along with any spells from your chosen lore.- 70 Points

Magic Items: You are only allowed one magic item from each of the following sections so you may not take two magic weapons or two arcane items. Feel free to change the names in your character sheet as long as you but in brackets next to its new name what it original was called.

Magic Weapons:
Giant Blade: + S – 60 Points
Sword of Bloodshed: +3A – 60 Points
Obsidian Blade: Ignore Armour Saves – 50 Points
Ogre Blade: +2S – 40 Points
Sword of Strife: +2A – 40 Points
Fencers Blades: +1 A and WS 10 – 35 Points
Sword of Swift Slaying: Always Strikes First – 25 Points
Sword of Battle: +1A – 20 Points
Sword of Might: +1S – 20 Points
Golden Sigil Sword: I 10 – 15 Points
Sword of Striking: +1 to Hit. – 15 Points

Magic Armour:
Armour of Destiny: Heavy Armour, 4+ Ward. – 50 Points
Armour of Meteoric Iron: Full Plate Armour, 5+ Ward. – 45 Points
Armour of Silvered Steel: Full Plate Armour, 6+ Ward. – 40 Points
Nightshroud: +1 to Armour save, Enemies have Always strikes last. – 40 Points
Armour of Fortune: Heavy Armour, 5+ Ward. – 35 Points
Gamblers Armour: Heavy Armour, 6+ Ward. – 20 Points
Dragonhelm: +1 to Armour save, 2+ Ward against flaming attacks. – 15 Points
Enchanted Shield: +2 to Armour Save. – 10 Points

Talisman of Preservation: 4+ Ward. – 45 Points
Talisman of Endurance: 5+ Ward. – 35 Points
Talisman of Protection: 6+ Ward. – 25 Points
Dragonsbane Gem: 2+ Ward vs. Flaming Attacks. – 15 Points.

Arcane Items:
The Book of Asur: +10 Magic Points, Pick 2 spells from the Lore of Shadow. – 60 Points.
The Black Periapt: +10 Magic Points and Pick 1 Spell from the Lore of Death. – 50 Points
The Staff of Damnation: +10 Magic Points, know Hellish Vigor(Lore of Vampires). – 40 Points
The Cursed Book: +5 Magic Points, know Melkoths Miasma. – 30 Points.
The Book of Arkan: Know Vanhel’s Danse Macabre. – 20 Points.

Armour Reference Sheet:
Light Armour: 6+ Armour Save.
Heavy Armour: 5+ Armour Save.
Full Plate Armour: 4+ Armour Save.
Shield: +1 to Armour Save.
Mounted: +1 to Armour Save.
Mount Barding: +1 to Armour Save.

Character Creation: You each have 500 points to spend on your character and please follow the character sheet below.

Name: What are you called? No Titles unless given.

Homeland: Which of the human lands did you hail from?: Empire, Bretonnia, Kislev, Tilea and Albion.

Gender: Are you Male or Female? Remember only Lahmians are Female and most Blood Dragons are Male.

Age: How old are you? (Fledglings: 30-150, Vampires: 150-300, Oldblood: 300-400)

Appearance: What do you look like even though you haven’t aged since you became a vampire? A good description helps a lot.

Personality: What are you like as a vampire? Are you cruel and sadistic? Do you have a sense of pride and honour? Silent types really wont get on well in the roleplay so keep that to a minimum though being a brooding thoughtful vampire is fine. Once again a good description of your personality helps.

Background and History: What did you used to be before becoming a lord or lady of Undeath? What events led up to you being turned? Do you know who it was that turned you?(Making up your own sire is good as I don’t want to see named vampires here like Abhorash, The Red Duke or Neferata.) Why have you come to join in the Blood Crusade? Do you know Mordred personally or know of him?

Blood Line: Which of the five major blood lines are you?

Vampire Level: Fledging, Vampire, Oldblood(post type and points cost.)
0-6 Fledglings
0-10 Vampires
0-4 Oldbloods.

Magic Level: Post your magic level here.

Vampiric Powers: Post which powers you have taken and their points cost, noting your Vampiric power allowance.

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Post all of your Wargear options here along with their points cost, including magic items and mounts.

Total Character Cost: Post here your total character cost.

Im looking for 6+ Players to join this roleplay.

Accepted Characters:
1: Markus von Carstein - Malochai - Vampire - Von Carstien
2: Maithas Blackjor - Praid - Vampire - Blood Dragon
3: Klaus - Blackguard - Vampire - Blood Dragon
4: Yakov - Khorne Forever - Oldblood - Stigoi
5: Ezekiel Von Carstien - Hogglord - Oldblood - Von Carstien
6: Open
7: Ulric Von Drakenblood - Midge - Old Blood - Blood Dragon
8: Natasha Von Drakenblood - Lord Ramo - Vampire - Lahmian
9: Gaelan Von Drakenblood - Santaire - Vampire - Blood Dragon
10: Khalidel Von Drakenblood - Captain Stillos - Vampire - Blood Dragon
11: Sasha Vykos - Akatsuki13 - Vampire - Necrach
12: Alexander Romera - Romero - Vampire - Strigoi
13: Viktor von Carstein - P_Folis - Vampire - Von Carstien
14: Radu von Carstein - Dark Angel - Vampire - Von Carstien
15: Nuso Esva - High Seraph - Vampire - Lahmian

Rems 06-04-12 11:29 PM

Revan's at it again! I swear you're mad for running so many games at once.

Is there any reason why the players are unable to raise the dead? It seems somewhat to go against the spirit of the Lore of Vampires.

I am concerned though about the character's power levels. With 500 points to spend each it seems like characters could be really powerful, game breakingly so. Obviously i don't know what enemies you intended to set against the party but still. There also seems to be only limited potential for character growth (narratively and from a 'levelling' standpoint), especially as an ancient old blood loaded up to the gills with spells and magic items.

I am tempted though to create a bonkers Necrach and the uni holidays are coming up.

Midge913 06-05-12 12:46 AM

As per our conversations I am in. I will be working on a character over the next couple of days.

BlackGuard 06-05-12 01:10 AM

Character Creation: You each have 500 points to spend on your character and please follow the character sheet below.

Name: Klous

Homeland: Bretonnia - Montfort Province

Gender: Male

Age: 221

Appearance: Stands approximately 5'10" in height. When he was turned he was in above average physical condition with broad shoulders. Although one could tell that his muscles were wiry instead of bulky and that his muscles seemed to wrap around his bones rather than grow around them. This has given him a rather lithe looking build that does not immediately deleiver intimidation. His dark blonde hair as seen began to fade to a white(ish) color, though this may simply be his own doings.

Personality: Thoughtful is the best description to give Klous. Since he became a vampire he has long pondered what exactly he was meant to do with the curse. He is a consumate tactician who looks before every weakness weather it is in single combat or large-scale battles. He seeks to find the peak of bloodlust and in that moment hope to find a way to control his own cravings. Most of the time he is curt and polite but always searching for weaknesses.

Background and History: Klous was a Knight of Bretonnia, one clad in iron armor and destined to serve in one of his lord's many armies. He fought in a number of campaigns and wars primarily focused on the Beastmen and Orks which occassionally roared from the forests or charged down the mountains. He sated his bloodlust early in his military life, approximately around the age of 25. He claimed he saw a vision from the Lady and set out to become a Questing Knight. For years he went around Bretonnia, the Empire, and even Albion attempting to quest in the name of the Grail and smite the many evils of the world he saw around him.

Finally he was directed to a small chapel dedicated to the god Ulric and within found a simple priest, called Krale. He had come to this chapel to because he had, had a run-in with a fledgling vampire in Albion and he found himself nearly killed by the creature. Now his soul burned for vengeance upon the creatures. The old priest promised him he could help in the situtation and would teach him all he knew. He went out on a number of quests, not all of them as righteous as he would have desired. He murdered merchants in their homes, massacred peasants believed to be involved with vampires. He killed a fair share of the monsters. Each time the priest asked him exactly how things went and what he had learned and the weaknesses in himself he had discovered.

After his final trail he returned to the priest. He was bloody and wounded. He could barley walk and his blade was cracked in a number of places. He had slain a true Vampire, not some fledgling, not some cult of fools nor a petty pack of ghouls -- but a true vampire. Krale asked him how it felt, to which he answered he felt only emptiness in his soul for upon slaying the creature he found not satisfaction. Krale smiled, for the first time since he met Klous and revealed his fangs.

He wasn't able to stop what happened next and he was soundly beaten with little effort, the vampire sinking its teeth into his neck even as he cried out in anguish. He awoke to find Krale standing over him, and he could already feel the effects of the vampire poison coursing through his veins. He was congradulated for his successful completion of his trials and therefore granted immortality. It was the last time he ever saw Krale, who promptly walked out of the chapels crypts. When he completed his transformation he murdered the Ulric priest he found kneeling before the altar but found it wasn't Krale. He never saw him again.

He wondered the Empire and Bretonnia for years, even made an expedition into Kislev. Constantly the bloodlust haunted him and he found himself sinking into madness more and more every day. Over the years he found contacts that were vampires, well after his hatred of his kind ebbed away with the realisation that he could never go back to his old life. He worked for a number of lords and ladies, from Albion to Bretonnia and beyond. He attempted to sate his bloodlust in battle and did his very best to attempt to conceal himself and his true nature from the world. He often fought as a solitary knight, fully encased in armor and rarely speaking. At other times he merely observed the moves and sublties of the court through shadows in the rooms or from hearing the machinations only dare spoke about during the night-hours. He could never become a Grail Knight, this he knew, but he could still kill with a sword, with his hands, he could still fight and gain glory.

Even if such glory would earn him only hatred and damnation in the eyes of the very people he sought to impress.

Blood Line: The Blood Dragons

Vampire Level: Vampire (265 points) [Options Taken: Heavy Armor Replaced by Full Plate Armor - 15pts and Lance (Mounted Only) 10pts]

Magic Level: 1 (Spells: Invocation of Nehek 5pts and Aspect of the Dreadknight 5pts]

Vampiric Powers: Dread Knight [20 Points]

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Bloodmourne [Obsidian Blade - 50pts] , Bulwark of Nightmares [Enchanted Shield - 10pts] , Befouled Lady Amulet [Talisman of Endurance - 35pts] , Hellsteed [40pts], Krale's Journal [The Book of Arkan, 20pts]

Total Character Cost: 490 pts

I'm fairly certain I've made a number of errors. Please point them out to me and I will correct them.

Lord Ramo 06-05-12 01:32 AM

As you know Revan I am in, will have my character up in a couple of days.

khrone forever 06-05-12 07:25 AM

would it be possible for me to join, but my posting may be sporadic as exams are coming up?

Romero's Own 06-05-12 07:34 AM

i will definatly make an oldblood Strigoi who will be absolutly mad. Mwhaha.

revan4559 06-05-12 09:05 AM

Good character Blackguard but i think you misunderstand how the magic works, Per magic level you get 10 magic points which is your magic pool and one spell. You spend your magic points in combat each time you wish to cast a spell so im going to use Mordred as an example.

Mordred Von Drakenblood is a level 2 Wizard: 20 Magic Points, 2 Spells.

He Casts Invocation of Nehek in battle, costing him 5 magic points so his Total of 20 goes down to 15.

So you will need to drop one of your spells to be a legal level 1 wizard.

Also The Obsidian Blade, The Enchanted Shield and Talisman of Endurance already comes to a total of 95 Points of your magic item allowance. As you are only a Vampire your maximum magic item allowance is 75 points. So you will need to look at your magic items again.

My dear Rems.

For now i intend to keep Players as champions of the army so they can get stuck into battle more without having to worry about ordering their troops around and means you are more likely to interact with each other instead of nameless faceless skeletons. Later on though you will get troops when you start storming castles and in battles of ridiculous size. Its a good thing i have the Storm of Magic, Monsterous Arcanum and Throne of Tamukhan books to use along with all Brettonian, Wood Elf and Beastmen army books?

I designed Oldbloods so that seeing as they cost 350 points they only have 150 points left for their options. If they spent all 125 points in their vampiric power section then they would only have 25 points for mundane and magic items. While if they spent 100 points in magic items they would have 50 points left for vampiric powers.

The bonus of being an oldblood is your better stat line and more access to the higher end level of Vampiric Powers such as Master of the Black Arts(which if you are a Necrach oldblood makes you evil as you then have 70 magic points to use when fighting.) while also comining a few other options.

Does anyone else have any more questions? And yes you can join if you want Khorne Forever.

Also here is an Example Character sheet, though ive skipped appearance, personality, background.

Name: Rakarth the Undying

Homeland: The Empire

Gender: Male

Age: 400 Years old.

Appearance: ---------

Personality: -------------

Background and History: -------------

Blood Line: Necrach

Vampire Level: Oldblood - 350 Points

Magic Level: Starting Level increased by +1(35 Points). Wizard Level 5. (50 Magic Points)

Vampiric Powers:

Master of the Black Arts: 70 Points (+30 Magic points, know all spells from lore of vampires.)

Forbidden Lore: 30 Points (Know all spells from the Lore of Death).

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Channeling Staff: 15 points(+10 magic points).

Total Character Cost: 500 Points.

Romero's Own 06-05-12 09:11 AM

would it be all right if i joined. I am not completly at home with vampires but a quick reading should sort me out.

revan4559 06-05-12 09:40 AM

You can join if you want Romero. Simply to go Hammerwiki and read up on vampire counts there or Lexicanum.

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