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Karyudo-DS 06-02-12 04:04 AM


Originally Posted by Col. Schafer (Post 1231378)
If they made it available for other tablets I would be less horrified. Optimally, I'd love to see them make straight PDFs of their books, although this would be redundant with what's already lurking in the corners of the internet...

Not to mention even if they sold them to you they needed a way to make sure you can't just upload copies everywhere. So this solution makes some sense...I think. Though being available for cooler OS's would have been nice or maybe a way to check them out and print them online otherwise. Not interested in an iPad when I have a device slightly bigger and one slightly smaller. No Point.

Good idea though.

TheReverend 06-02-12 05:58 AM

They look good and I'm liking this move. I can't see them going exclusively digital, at least not until the whole world is exclusively digital, and that is many centuries in the future (or not, only time will tell and I will be long dead...)

haha, even in the 40k universe they have libraries full of books...

RedThirstWill Destroy 06-02-12 07:12 AM

I can see what they've done, using iTunes is one of the more secure ways to go digital but it's not 100% secure, if they release all the dex's on there people only need to carry one item which is already smaller a codex and they'll have them all with them rather than carrying a bag full of books.

I like it personaly

khrone forever 06-02-12 08:15 AM

has anyone else noticed that hte two dudes in the pic are floating :P

anyway, a good move by GW, but only ipad :(

Todeswind 06-02-12 09:15 AM

42????? 42 freaking DOLLARS??? They want to charge me $42 for a product that costs them exactly $0 to produce other than the Apple commission per sale and paying a graphic artist to make the file?

That isn't just stupid and greedy it's wildly incompetent. People are capable of counting, if they weren't willing to buy the paper copy because it was too expensive they aren't going to spend more on a digital one. The people who have the disposable income to buy an iPad aren't going to spend 20% of what it cost to buy the damn thing on a book they already probably have a PDF dealing with.

Cruxyh 06-02-12 09:16 AM

I was interested, until I got to the part where it mentioned the ipad... I never quite got why anyone would want a ipad in the first place, so seeing GWS making ipad exclusive stuff is a bit of a let down, to be honest.

Guess i'll have to wait untill they make non-ipad exclusive digital stuff... :P

HOBO 06-02-12 09:18 AM

I like the move by GW to go digital, but why just ipad...there's about 4 or 5 such devices in my household and they're all bloody Tablets:angry:

LazyG 06-02-12 09:58 AM

Wow, lot of really diehard fanboyism in here...

Anyway, iPad makes sense as it is a platform with basically one format to orry about, one screen ratio, and one distribution channel. A lot of mobile stuff starts on iPhone/iPad only as it is cheaper to develop. The problem with developing for Android (both phoen and tablet) is the really large number of different handsets and subversions of the OS. Both handset makers and even individual networks customise elements of Android to their devices, making for a dizzing arrat of possible devices you might end up needing something to run on. For Apple it is considerable simpler.

This is basically an aspect of the old apple versus x86 argument. You can go for a closed ecosystem where everything is made my one manufacturer and get homogeneity leading to (generally) higher ease of use and better integration but at a higher price and with less user choice. Or you choose an open ecosystem which si lower price and has more user choice but leads to much more complexity for users and developers to handle.

What this means now is economically ya developer can give you a fixed price for developing for iPad, plus you know how to sell the product to people. Thats a lot harder on Android for now, so people tend to start with iOS then expand to Android if it is popular.

Also, is seems figures from March show Apple has 73% of the tablet market, which makes them the best to start with economically. If you were targeting smartphones not tablets then you'd really need to pay attention to Android, and maybe in fact smartphone editions of codexes, reformatted to be easily usable on the move would be a good idea, but that is a different product that requires new layout. Moving from paper to iPad is a relatively simple design task.

Kindle makes less sense to me, as only the kindle fire has colour graphics and the stuff they are releasing is the graphics heavy stuff not the text heavy BL stuff (which already runs fine on Kindle anyway).

I guess if this is popular you may see Android version soon. For Android fans, this means you want the iPad owners to get buying to show the concept is popular!

[I use a windows pc for gaming and media, a mac laptop for work and a raspberry pi running Linux as a media centre, fanboyism is pointless]

bitsandkits 06-02-12 10:53 AM

Thing is apple market share is only high because they were the only one doing tablets, there share is being eroded very quickly and by android, samsung will eventually become dominant in the tablet arena too and android will be the OS of choice across phones and and tablets and likely pc's at some point. GW really should have both formats available and should be thinking a kindle version too.
Plus outside of the states i dont think Ipads are that popular, i think i have seen 2 in the last 12 months and both people looked really paranoid to be using them in public,where as i see hundreds of people using kindles and android devices.
its a step in the right direction but it should be accross all formats.

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Shady ed 06-02-12 11:16 AM

I guess anyone who wants a digital copy and doesn't like wasting money on apple products will have to pirate them.

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