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viking blood 05-17-12 12:40 AM

display board
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So, i just bought my wood elf army and decided to do a display board first, more or less to get my theme and colors to match. I dont have tons of time to work on it, so please be paitent with me. I will post as it comes together.

The first step was doing a mock up of where i wanted everyone. Gotta love a sharpie for this. Next, i used a dremel with the router attachment and engraving bit to cave out the base areas.
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viking blood 05-18-12 10:26 AM

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Well, i got the base slots cut out, a small hill that i may or may not add more to. Possibly a waystone, dunno yet. And the basic shape cut out. Attachment 959934952

kickboxerdog 05-18-12 10:42 AM

looking good so far cant wait to see the board come to life with sceanry.

Dawnstar 05-18-12 11:35 AM

I'll be watching this with some interest :)

Looking forward to seeing the work you put into it :victory:

viking blood 05-19-12 07:59 PM

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Thanks for all thevkind words, and i apoloagise for this taking so long. Lol, next to no days off seem to do that. But either way, i made up some textured paint and got that on my board last night. Cheap pva glue and dollar store paint mixed with some sand from a parking lot and small fish tank rocks.
Attachment 959934966

Moriouce 05-19-12 08:25 PM

Looking good so far. You wouldn't reconsider having a slot ontop the hill for some special character? Waystone sounds great by the way, maybe with LED?

viking blood 05-19-12 08:40 PM

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I was going to put a waystone or make a giant oak or other tree for the hill. Love the idea of hookin an LED up in the waysrone though. Decisions desicions.
so i got a little more painting done on it, overbrushing mainly cause im lazy, kinda looks crappy at the moment, but will smooth out after i pick out some smaller details.
[ATTACH]Attachment 959934968[/ATTACH]

kickboxerdog 05-19-12 08:44 PM

i think a massive oak coming up from the center with branches over hanging would look really good.

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