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Nisditil 05-15-12 10:33 PM

Need Advice on build
I don't know the orks that well and am lookin for some advice on how to build some 1500 point army lists. My fiance plays orks but just got into the game and is still learning. Right now she has around 90 boyz, 5-10 nobs (can't remember exactly) 6 Killa Kans, 6 Defkopta's 2 warboss's, Mad Doc and a Big Mek. If i remember right this is all the models she has right now and wondering what would be a good setup for her, mostly playing against dark eldar or space wolves and she hasn't had much luck.

Could use a few pointers so I can point her in the right direction.

Tanrel 05-16-12 02:01 AM

Ok, so the main thing I see wrong here is that she's running deffkoptas in the beginnings of a dredmob. she has a horde army, which tends to move pretty slow. Deffkoptas are very fast, leaving them exposed and easily killed if you fly them ahead to get behind the enemy lines. Since they have no support, they'll drop like flies. If you choose to run them, I'd strongly recommend getting a few boxes of Lootas and running at least 10-20. That way, the shooting can take some of the heat off the Deffkoptas before more help arrives. Also, you can drop the koptas altogether and instead get more Kans or boyz.

If you run a horde army, I really strongly recommend getting 2 big mekks with KFF's. That 5+ cover save is invaluable to keeping the orks alive longer. Another thing about the KFF, if you put your Kans and deff dreds within reach of it, they count as obscured, and since they're so big, put your little boyz behind the walkers and then your Orks will have a 4+ directional cover to all fire from the front.

If you want to get started on Orks, I'd recommend trying to run a speed freakz army as the foil to your fiance's. Speed freakz don't have the same number of boyz as a dredmob or straight up horde, but they're highly mobile and can be pretty surgical if you want them to be. Something to keep in mind about running transport spam for orks though, their AV on tanks is not too much different from wet cardboard, but there is a way to keep them more protected without wasting points on a bunch of useless upgrades: KFF. Stick a Big Mekk in a trukk or a Battlewagon and his 6" cover bubble extends from the hull of the transport, granting the vehicle he's in and all vehicles around him a 4+ obscurement. This is particularly powerful if you can keep your opponents shooting at the front of a battlewagon. 14 AV that always has a 4+ cover? Part of the amazingness that is Orks. Speed Freakz run a lot of transports (Trukks and Battlewagons), bikerz, and deffkoptas, anything that moves fast.

The ultimate idea behind orks is to not strike in waves. Hit hard with everything all at once and overwhelm your opponents. If it's a horde, you make up for speed with numbers. If it's speed freakz, you make up numbers with speed and precision.

If you're fighting dark eldar, they're kind of a tough match up for orks. The Dark Eldar's speed is only rivaled by the eldar, but the key thing about dark eldar is that their tank's armor is just as bad as Ork's are. Get a bunch of lootas and blast their fragile ships out of the sky with d3 S7 shots a turn, then overwhelm them with the number of orks you have on the table. As for Space Puppies, make sure they don't the charge off on you first. The best way to do this is to stick your scary, yet completely disposable killa kans in front of your boyz. They pack a hell of a wallop if the enemy leaves them alone, but they're so cheap that a squad of SW's taken out will make up their points lost.

Nisditil 05-16-12 03:04 PM

Ok, thanks, this definantly gives me some ideas for her that will possibly help her out, though I think she is going for a more horde army right now and she doesn't use the kopta's that much cept to hit and run with missiles and the buzz saw i think it is. Most of her stuff has been from hordes of green with mad doc and a warboss. I Just got her the big mek so hopefully she will put em to good use this weekend when we play again :)

Tanrel 05-16-12 04:56 PM

The big mekk is so important to Orks, I cannot stress that enough. Good luck for this weekend's game!

Nisditil 05-16-12 05:32 PM

Thanks, I play Necron right now but since she is playing orks I gotta learn em both :P at the same time LOL.

Creon 05-16-12 07:44 PM

You might want to consider a Battlewagon with a Deffrolla as a future purchase. You can load a lot of boyz inside, and help witht he mobility issues. Slightly. It will also, and I think this is the better point, absorb your enemy's AT fire for a turn or two allowing you to arrange a better position to assault from undeterred.

Nisditil 05-16-12 07:52 PM

hmm, I'll have to see what I can do, think I might get her some lootas next so she has a squad of those, maybe get the battlewagon afterwords...

Nisditil 05-17-12 05:12 PM

Whats best to put on the KK's rockit launcha or big shoota or one of the other options? or would it be better to do 3 and 3?

Tanrel 05-17-12 05:43 PM

Don't run a single battlewagon in a horde army, it's going to get destroyed too quickly especially without a KFF in it. For Killa Kans, I always run flamers because I want them to be running across the board instead of shooting so that my boyz will get to combat faster. And when you finally get up close, heavy flamers destroy faces.

Nisditil 05-17-12 07:29 PM

So right now the list looks like this:
Mad Doc
Big Mek - KFF
Boyz x29 + 1 Nob w/ Bosspole & PK
Boyz x29 + 1 Nob w/ Bosspole & PK
Boyz x29 + 1 Nob w/ Bosspole & PK
3 x KK w/ Flamer
3 x KK w/ Flamer

Not sure what to do with the rest of the points cept to throw in the defkopta's for now will probably pick up some lootas so will have 8 lootas and 2 meks for now since that is how they come in the box, anything to change/add to this?

Game we play is at 1500 points so comin up a bit shy.

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