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Routine 05-14-12 07:08 AM

Scout/Vehicle Clarification
If a Unit with the Scout rule is deployed inside a vehicle that is not a dedicated transport (Land Raider or StormRaven for ex), can that unit still Scout? My thought was no, as it only mentions Dedicated Transports in the Scout Rule entry in the BRB. Clarification?

Necrosis 05-14-12 07:10 AM

No. You answered your own question by saying only dedicated transports can scout.

Magpie_Oz 05-14-12 07:10 AM

I agree, (see the other thread)

Routine 05-14-12 07:24 AM

Yeah, just checked the FAQ, if it isnt a Dedicated Transport, it doesnt work

Magpie_Oz 05-14-12 07:29 AM

Fair enough, the rule book is pretty clear, hardly needs an FAQ.

Nerfs the " 'Raven Swoop " tactic.

Archon Dan 05-14-12 09:28 AM

Hmm. Blood Angel Scouts in a Land Raider. Hmm. Might just have to get Scouts now. Never saw the point with my other Troop choices. But a cheap 5 guys letting a Crusader Scout move ...

Magpie_Oz 05-14-12 09:32 AM

Scouts don't get a Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport in BA surely?

Archon Dan 05-14-12 09:45 AM

All Land Raiders in the Blood Angel codex are Dedicated Transports. But I did just look at the codex and Scouts cannot take any transport. Bubble burst I guess. I'll look up rules and FAQs regarding them taking over another units transport during deployment tomorrow. I need some sleep.

Magpie_Oz 05-14-12 10:28 AM

Yeh, can't do that says quite specifically that a DT can only contain the unit to which it is dedicated or be empty in reserve.

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