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khrone forever 05-06-12 07:06 PM

Unit fillers for empire
hi everyone,

ive been thinking recently about unit fillers for my empire army, to make them a bit more interesting. for my handgunners i have used the monkeys that come with the kit, and was thinking of using ogres for state troops, but cant think of anything else to add verity.

has anyone got any ideas?


P.S here is my empire army for those interested

The Son of Horus 05-06-12 07:10 PM

Statues, large rocks, and battlefield debris all work well as unit fillers. Depending on the theme of your army, you could also have a mini war altar or something in the middle of the unit-- something that eats up the footprint of eight or ten guys.

khrone forever 05-06-12 07:14 PM

do you know of anywhere to get statue models?

Deneris 05-07-12 03:37 AM

Any of the Fantasy plastic building kits have a wealth of ready-made statues, like the Chapel or the Garden of Morr. You could even just mount normal models on a wide enough dowel, and pint the whole thing as a statue...

Rems 05-07-12 03:55 AM

Casualties at the back of the regiment, disassembled/wrecked cannon, priests blessing soldiers, a paymaster/pay chest, regimental mascot (gw does a model for this), ogres as you said, fortifications/emplacements, supplies/casks of powder.

khrone forever 05-07-12 05:31 AM

ok, thanks for the ideas guys :biggrin:

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