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Six_Paths_of_Pain 05-02-12 05:54 AM

Ok, what did I do wrong?
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Hey guy's, just now I was making a Space Marine (For practice before I go on my Space Wolves) and I wanted to point out something that happens to me every time I paint my practice marines.

Here it goes, I'm trying to go with a Dark Grey as a Base color and Orange for the Shoulder Pads. I have absolutely no problem with the base (I put Chaos Black for Base and then Dry Brush it with Reaper's Shadowed Stone) but when it comes time to color in the shoulder pads using Orange (Vallejo Orange fire)... omg, the orange always ends up being see thru, thus exposing the Dark Grey under it. So I figure, "Let me let it dry, and will apply another coat" but guess what, SAME THING!

So I want to know if I'm doing something wrong, I'm using a Windsor & Newton Series 7 Size 1 to color in the orange, if that info helps...


PS: If you look at the pic, look at the orange and you will see a bit of "See thru" effect (Also, note it doesn't look exactly like this, but I'm limited to my Phone Camera, so lighting is not the best), also sorry for the mess... I'm a Newb at painting.

Sakura_ninja 05-02-12 06:02 AM

It's Orange over black, it will always happen, your better off spraying the pads seperate in white or if molded on masking the model except pads, spraying, wait to dry, mask the pads then spray your model black, remove masking tape and there yah go.

khrone forever 05-02-12 06:20 AM

if you re-undercoat it with a white, light grey or red it might help. i would sugest astronomican grey, but your using Vallejo :(

Magpie_Oz 05-02-12 06:23 AM

+1 it's what's underneath that determines what goes on top will look like.

An all encompassing undercoat of black isn't always the answer, I use a light grey primer actually as it has a reasonably neutral effect on the subsequent layers.

By the by, Vallejo aren't the be all and end all, they are good but not so much for a noob I reckon. (Speaking as an even noober noob)

Marius_Ruberu 05-02-12 07:29 AM

What i have found works with yellow, or any light colors, is to add a little bit of water to white, cover the pad in that, then color over that with your orange.

the-ad-man 05-02-12 07:33 AM

Six_Paths_of_Pain 05-02-12 08:12 AM

Well now I know, thank god I didn't make this mistake with my Space Wolves or I would had been hurting... lol

Unfortunately the shoulder's don't come off, this are AoBR SM I bought off eBay as a practice dummy you can say. But that idea of Masking the pads is brilliant, didn't think of it.

Also, I get Vallejo cause I see people talk good about them on Youtube, don't really know the difference to be honest in between GW's / Vallejo / Reaper / Ect...

Ratvan 05-02-12 08:15 AM

I find that a Brown undercoat works well on Orange/Red over black primer, something like snakebite leather (or whatever the GW colour name is these days)

shadow reaper 05-04-12 04:52 PM

paint it with tallarn flesh or dehnab stone first the cover with the orange, works like a charm

falcoso 05-04-12 10:34 PM

If u try building up layers, going from dark to light. Not only will this get rid of the see through look but it will also make the pad look generally nicer if u oeave a pit of the previous layer in the recess

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