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humakt 05-01-12 08:34 AM

Army Painting Challenge - May 2012
Here is the May thread. I hope there are not too many real life cards this month and you all start building up those units of painted mini's.

infernalcaretaker 05-01-12 10:55 AM


If you're going to be like that...¬¬


Second Servitor Maniple! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

GrimzagGorwazza 05-01-12 11:43 AM

wooo vwhicle time, trhis month i'm gonna do 3 deff dredds.


1 is ready for paint, 1 needs minor conversion work to finish him and 1 is still in pieces, should be a challenge.

Carna 05-01-12 12:04 PM

imm0rtal reaper 05-01-12 12:43 PM

Not a darn clue what I'll enter this month. My dissertation is in on Friday then I have exams so probably won't decide until the latter half of the month :P

DeathKlokk 05-01-12 12:46 PM

I'll probably do a Razorback and some Trolls.

Turnip86 05-01-12 02:22 PM

Well I'm off to England on Saturday and back mid month and while I'm there I'll be picking up the new Empire army book (finally) and a box of state troops that I had delivered to my parents so I'll be painting up some (probably) Empire spearmen

Edit: Here's my entry (finally got them ready to be painted after a hectic month so far)

10 Empire State Spearmen with command


Lets hope I can get them done in the remaining 7 days of the month :)

RedThirstWill Destroy 05-01-12 03:14 PM

I think it'll be an assault squad this month

KarnalBloodfist 05-01-12 03:32 PM

Working on removing some mold lines from my 2 metal spyders. Time to bust out the Dremel and the sanding barrels!

KjellThorngaard 05-01-12 03:37 PM

Adding my first war machine to my army.


apidude 05-01-12 03:44 PM

Kerotk, The Servants of the Old Ones: Saurus II
Now on to May and Month three!

While I am tired of painting Saurus Warriors and am ready to move onto something different, the whole point of this competition for me is to give me the motivation to paint the CORE models that take forever to do. It is easy to motivate myself to paint the priests and special characters and unique models but not the CORE. So, I am going to continue until all the models I have currently assembled are painted, only I am going to pick up the pace a bit and try to do the whole 20 model unit in one month. Here is the starting pic.....


Good luck all!


Chris Guard of Mardat 05-01-12 06:56 PM

I'll be working on at least one of my scratch built Librarians this month:


Added a banner to the built librarian, and built the second one since this photo was taken. Slowly assembling the rest of my squads so I can use them in battle.

Good luck to everyone else

jaysen 05-01-12 07:05 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I'll be painting a full Command Squad for 3rd Company, Blood Angels. I want to use magnets to give them the option of power packs or jump packs. It will be my first real try at magnetizing.

Barnster 05-01-12 07:23 PM

I'll be doing some nids, probably something from the troop slot so either warriors or gaunts, tempted to go warriors to continue the "I really like the model, but don't field them in-game" theme my nids have taken so far...

Tawa 05-01-12 07:28 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hey guys :)

If it's not to late to join the 'Army-Painting-Party' I'll throw a Dreadnought into the mix for this (my first) month!

It's a mixture of spares and a rebuilt body from several sources including a couple of old marines armies from yonks ago.
Let's see if I can manage to finish it........ :unsure:

scscofield 05-01-12 09:34 PM

Saulot 05-01-12 09:46 PM

I'll be doing the mighty Bretonnian Field Trebuchet this month. :)



Zero Effect 05-01-12 10:44 PM

Well May has approached finally!

My entry is to be a marriage made in torture. That is right, to go with my Succubus are her select Bloodbrides


If I complete these then I will add a bonus unit.

Good luck to all, hope you keep the RL away.

Zero Effect

EmbraCraig 05-01-12 11:29 PM

To make up for my missing last month, I'm going for a big brood this time round - 16 hormaguants, sitting clipping them off of frames just now...


Uveron 05-02-12 01:00 AM

Well, its Tank time this month


Got a bit of magnitisation to go, to take off the doors and replace with lascannons, but as its normaly only used with the top gun, I will not panic if I dont get them done.

jaysen 05-02-12 04:27 AM

Oh wow, Bretonnians. That was my first WHFB army.

Taggerung 05-02-12 05:38 AM

Vanquisher for me this month, it's totally magnetized


Garion 05-02-12 08:07 AM

Going to be a Mawlock for me this month


Moriouce 05-02-12 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by Saulot (Post 1211094)
I'll be doing the mighty Bretonnian Field Trebuchet this month. :)



Love trebuchets! I've built a couple of my own, here is my latest. :victory:

Saulot 05-02-12 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by jaysen (Post 1211270)
Oh wow, Bretonnians. That was my first WHFB army.

Mine too! Unfortunately I got distracted by Dark Elves and Night Gobbos, so I wasn't able to finish putting it together. Now, I'm back!! hehehe


Originally Posted by Moriouce (Post 1211372)
Love trebuchets! I've built a couple of my own, here is my latest. :victory:
Trebuchet of Hjerttorp - YouTube

That is so awesome!!! :shok: I loved the fireball at the end!! :victory:

reavsie 05-02-12 06:23 PM

Farseer and Warlocks this month:

http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/4691/45016310.jpg By reavsie1 at 2012-05-02

Was just going to be the Farseer, but then I realised the Warlocks probably wouldn't get painted otherwise, so will attempt to complete all.

Good luck to all this month.

lokis222 05-03-12 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by Moriouce (Post 1211372)
Love trebuchets! I've built a couple of my own, here is my latest. :victory:
Trebuchet of Hjerttorp - YouTube

that was wicked.

Skari 05-04-12 12:43 AM

Ultra1 05-04-12 05:30 AM

1 Attachment(s)
my may entry, something quick since i'm moving across the country on the 21st.

RedThirstWill Destroy 05-04-12 09:56 AM

This month i will be painting another assault squad


I hope i hav'nt bitten off more than i can chew (this, Veh + various other models):dunno:

jaysen 05-05-12 03:05 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Well, one model down, 4 to go! It's not perfect, but about as good as I'm gonna get without starting over. The jump pack is magnetized. I'll be painting up both jump packs and regular power packs for each model.

Rameses 05-05-12 04:58 PM

I'm switching Armies :)

I said in my introduction post that I'm a flake when it comes to "shiney new model" syndrome. Well ok we all know that Dark Eldar are not new, I certainly felt that the Dark Kin were more to my liking than the Craftworld Eldar.

So that said I'll be painting a Venom (not the one pictured) and a 5 man Kabalite Warrior Squad.

I'm just waiting for some sculpting putty to do the bases then I'll prime and paint.


smidge222 05-06-12 02:22 PM

Im going to be finishing this guy from last month hopefully I'll get him done this time.
This is where I got up to last month hope this is still ok to enter.


Barnster 05-06-12 04:52 PM

Well I have just finished a carnifex for the other painting contest, check it out, get involved etc but I promised this thread troops and troops it will get, but rather than warriors or gaunts, I'm going for genestealers


Now I'm not a massive fan of genestealers, I like the fluff, there good on the field, but their design aesthetic has never sat well with me. When they re-did virtually all the nids in about 2001 (I remember walking Zoanthropes....), genestealers were not changed or updated to the new style. Even when they had a slight update in 2006ish they were not really changed. To me the current Space hulk ones are great sculpts and the best out there, but genestealers in general are not that tyranidy

Kreuger 05-06-12 05:06 PM

Wow, things are already shaping up nicely for May!

I'm going a little smaller this month, 2 heavily converted Obliterators.


Moriouce 05-07-12 10:23 AM

My command Falcon, nick named Bird of the Blazing Skein. You'll see it's own rune when it is finished.


Chris Guard of Mardat 05-07-12 11:59 AM

Josh101 05-07-12 12:41 PM

This month im gonna paint Njal Stormcaller

TheKingElessar 05-07-12 12:50 PM

I think I will be attempting some sort of Rhino chassis this month.

RedThirstWill Destroy 05-09-12 01:10 AM

Here's a work in progress as I am at the moment


They're pretty much finished now, waiting on my magnets to turn up to do the assault packs, then there's some minor detailing left to be done on the mini's all in all i should have them finished by tomorrow night backpacks n all, less the bassing and magnetizing:)

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