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apidude 05-01-12 03:44 PM

Kerotk, The Servants of the Old Ones: Saurus II
Now on to May and Month three!

While I am tired of painting Saurus Warriors and am ready to move onto something different, the whole point of this competition for me is to give me the motivation to paint the CORE models that take forever to do. It is easy to motivate myself to paint the priests and special characters and unique models but not the CORE. So, I am going to continue until all the models I have currently assembled are painted, only I am going to pick up the pace a bit and try to do the whole 20 model unit in one month. Here is the starting pic.....


Good luck all!


Chris Guard of Mardat 05-01-12 06:56 PM

I'll be working on at least one of my scratch built Librarians this month:


Added a banner to the built librarian, and built the second one since this photo was taken. Slowly assembling the rest of my squads so I can use them in battle.

Good luck to everyone else

jaysen 05-01-12 07:05 PM

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I'll be painting a full Command Squad for 3rd Company, Blood Angels. I want to use magnets to give them the option of power packs or jump packs. It will be my first real try at magnetizing.

Barnster 05-01-12 07:23 PM

I'll be doing some nids, probably something from the troop slot so either warriors or gaunts, tempted to go warriors to continue the "I really like the model, but don't field them in-game" theme my nids have taken so far...

Tawa 05-01-12 07:28 PM

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Hey guys :)

If it's not to late to join the 'Army-Painting-Party' I'll throw a Dreadnought into the mix for this (my first) month!

It's a mixture of spares and a rebuilt body from several sources including a couple of old marines armies from yonks ago.
Let's see if I can manage to finish it........ :unsure:

scscofield 05-01-12 09:34 PM

Saulot 05-01-12 09:46 PM

I'll be doing the mighty Bretonnian Field Trebuchet this month. :)



Zero Effect 05-01-12 10:44 PM

Well May has approached finally!

My entry is to be a marriage made in torture. That is right, to go with my Succubus are her select Bloodbrides


If I complete these then I will add a bonus unit.

Good luck to all, hope you keep the RL away.

Zero Effect

EmbraCraig 05-01-12 11:29 PM

To make up for my missing last month, I'm going for a big brood this time round - 16 hormaguants, sitting clipping them off of frames just now...


Uveron 05-02-12 01:00 AM

Well, its Tank time this month


Got a bit of magnitisation to go, to take off the doors and replace with lascannons, but as its normaly only used with the top gun, I will not panic if I dont get them done.

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