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Six_Paths_of_Pain 04-28-12 05:53 AM

GW, You need to make 8 inch Tall Figures!
I wish GW made some kind of Big Size figures (6 inches and over). C'mon guys (and Gals), you can't tell me you wouldn't buy one, cause hell, I would!

Because of their bulkiness I would love to see them in a 8 inch height (I only know western measurements) and non pre-painted, so we can have fun painting them.

khrone forever 04-28-12 05:55 AM

they make the inquisitor models at 54mm scale........ but it would be cool........and very expensive

Six_Paths_of_Pain 04-28-12 06:10 AM

They can't be too expensive, I mean c'mon, figs such as Playarts aren't extremely pricey (they are pricey, but still cheaper than miniatures :mad: )

bitsandkits 04-28-12 06:17 AM

They already did this with marines at forge world and a prepainted range under licence whos name escapes me

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VanquisherMBT 04-28-12 07:42 AM

And both were very expensive

Jacobite 04-28-12 08:10 AM

khrone forever 04-28-12 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Jacobite (Post 1208696)

those are only 54mm scale, so 2 1/4 inches high, not the 6+ inches the OP was asking for

chromedog 04-28-12 11:48 AM

Brother artemis is a fair bit larger than 2 1/2" tall (closer to 3 1/2 - 4"tall, regular action figure sized). The rest are proper scaled for humans next to him.

BloodAngelZeros 04-28-12 12:11 PM

No, I wouldn't want to see that. A single model from GW that was 8" or taller would probably cost close to $100 if not more. The swarmlord that I picked up is about 4.5" and is $54. This hobby is expensive enough as is.

jaysen 04-28-12 01:32 PM

Hmm, they could base a game on these larger models, with wickedly complicated rules... and people would buy (or not) a small squad as their army. And, they could build a role playing game around it too... And they could call it inquisitor.

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