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TheKingElessar 04-29-12 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Sakura_ninja (Post 1209459)
People might hate me for this, but I like your general idea vanquisher.

When I started I had a very hard time finding people to play, I can't talk to people easily and find allot of people don't want to approach me, I've never had much help with this so frequently found myself not playing, or playing some very unpleasant people.

I still have this problem today and it is depressing, so I would love this kind of help and interaction, if you could can you PM me the club you go to as well.

So having a little system where somebody could help me find a game until my confidence grows and I know people better would be amazing as hopefully I would get to fight people like me gaming wise.

So top idea, I really like it, great for us shy people.


Where that is the case, as I said, the members should be on the lookout to try and involve newcomers in the atmosphere, if not necessarily the gaming - and the staff following on.

'Sadly' Vanquisher has been banned, but perhaps the OP can pass you on the info.

Words_of_Truth 04-29-12 06:22 PM

I was hoping a gaming club was going to be set up near where I live in birmingham, because I don't like going to Sutton Coldfield, rather it was closer to me. Unfortunately the organising of the club has been put on hold.

RetiredFlagellant 05-09-12 01:54 PM

Thank you all for the support, encouragement and sound advice. It certainly generated lively debate! My opinion on the enforcement of painting standards and player levels, etcetera, is that the arena will be offering an atmospheric and inspiring place to play a miniatures battle game. It is not in the business's interest to be turning away customers if they haven't painted their Empire Swordsmen (on a personal level I play friendly games and its more important to me to have a good laugh, so it doesn't bother me that there will be unpainted models on the table). We will have a meeting/seating area with a cafe (seperate from our book/hobby store) so we are hoping that this will facilitate customers finding new opponents. We have had a massive response but still need more market research to confirm the results and lead the business development.Thank you again.

Access the market survey here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...VGFZbEM4WEE6MQ

Words_of_Truth 06-08-12 09:07 PM

Any further news on this?

RetiredFlagellant 07-06-12 05:57 PM

Hello. We are searching for a suitably sized building (we will need about 40,000 square feet) that we can convert and fit out so it is unlikely that we will open for business this year. We will try and push it to coincide with the release of The Hobbit film. We will be starting a Youtube Channel to promote the business and the amazing boards we have planned; keep your eyes peeled for future updates.

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