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kuriojichan 04-19-12 03:09 PM

Back after 20+ years
So some similarly aged friends recently took up WFB and I decided to follow suit... mainly to see how much I still enjoyed painting. A long time ago I played 3rd edition WFB (Slaan) and 1st edition W40K (Eldar). My Slaan army is still relatively intact and sleeping in the attic - I never did get around to finish painting it before GW binned them. I only kept a few of my favourite 40K miniatures but I do have a fairly random selection of Citadel, Ral Partha and Grenadier miniatures spanning the early 80's - early 90's. Many are unpainted so lots of opportunities to practice.

Right now I'm really toying with what army to start collecting and buying for some friendly WFB games in the summer. I'm leaning towards DE's but would definitely want to try and break away from the black'n'purple cliche.

While I ruminate on this further... here is the general from my Slaan army probably painted around 1988 and recently retrieved from his slumber.


Red Corsairs 04-19-12 03:32 PM

Hello, welcome back to the hobby and welcome to Heresy Online! That general looks great, I look forward to seeing any more old minis you might have lying around.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

Svartmetall 04-19-12 03:35 PM

Welcome back!

Dave T Hobbit 04-19-12 04:10 PM


Fine frog there sir; you might be able to get a counts-as Lizardman army out of the old Slaan if you finish painting them.

I also would like to see more of your painting.

Skari 04-19-12 05:35 PM

Oh, cool! Welcome back... I guess it is possible for the dad to rise again.

shaantitus 04-19-12 10:13 PM

Welcome back. No school like the old school. :biggrin:

kuriojichan 04-25-12 08:30 AM

So almost finished my first painting project... and started a blog about returning to the hobby.


Scythes 04-25-12 02:47 PM

Hi and welcome back to the hobby. Some of the old models have so much character, even if they tend to have a bit less detail as today. It's cool to see old model armies as they're so rare. I can't wait to see some more of your work. :)

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