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Stuntiesrule 04-18-12 11:18 AM

Stunties Painting Plog
So basically I never really post on the forum. I mainly just search around this area and see all the wonderful painted stuff everyone is doing. I have decided now is the time to try and show some of my stuff and get some feedback. First up will be my two newest projects Wood Elves and Space Wolves. Hopefully tonight I can upload more stuff from my recently completed Emperors Children army.
Without further ado I give you a very wip Arjac Rockfist.

Long Fang

Glade Guard

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Ring Master "Honka" 04-18-12 11:45 AM

um sorry but if there are pictures there i cannot see them. dont know if its just me.

Khorne's Fist 04-18-12 12:24 PM

The SWs aren't bad, but the mold lines on the Long Fang's arm really detract from your work. I also notice that the handle of Arjac's hammer looks bent. This was the same with my model, but is easily fixed by dipping the piece in hot water just long enough to soften it enough to straighten.

Stuntiesrule 04-18-12 08:01 PM

Ah yes mold lines knew I missed something, stupid photos showing all my mistakes. Yea Arjac has a little bend I will try out your suggestion.

CLT40k 04-18-12 10:00 PM

Nice work...

Stuntiesrule 04-19-12 03:26 AM

So here are some of my recently finished Emperors Children Models

How this guy can see I will never know


And to show the true diversity that is what comes across my painting tray any given time


That's all for now.

Ring Master "Honka" 04-19-12 07:50 AM

aha i can see them now. nice work i also like the fact that you are painting different models from different armies keeps it fresh. i like the blind chaos marine

Red Corsairs 04-19-12 12:42 PM

I like the colour choices on your Space Wolves, nicely painted too it's just a shame about the mold lines. I think you could improve them all by adding more shadows to certain areas such as the fleshy areas and the armour plates on the marines (or added highlighting).

Melikor40k 04-20-12 11:44 AM

the camera is always our worst enemy :laugh: im liking the dark colors on the wolves, reminds me of the old 13th company from 4th ed, looking forward to more

Stuntiesrule 04-24-12 02:37 AM

Been trying out the few new citadel paints I could afford this week. Overall I am fairly happy with them. Without further ado Arjac.





The brown armor was done completely with the new paints. Hopefully I can pick up some more after I get my check so I can start getting some wood elves done.


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