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elmir 04-13-12 01:50 PM

[Vampire Counts] Ghoulkin Army
Hey folks.

Since I managed to finish my 2k Skaven, I decided to start another army and the decision became Vampire counts. Now after painting millions of clanrats and slaves, I wasn't going to aim for another horde army in WHFB, so my eyes turned to the ghouls and their twisted kin for this army.

Vampire counts can be considered the "wet undead" so blood and gore is going to feature heavily on these models. I also plan to do a little more work on the bases of these models, and having read the armybook, it seems these ghoulkin armies tend to flock around mausoleums and crypts, so I'll be theming their bases to that.

I just purchased this box yesterday, but I have been having such a blast with these new WHFB kits, that one ghoul is almost finished as the tester model:



Hope you like it and feel free to comment with feedback. This army is going to be build and painted a lot more slowly then usual, also because I plan to make this on my entry for armies on parade for next year...


Dave T Hobbit 04-13-12 05:01 PM

I am not fond of blood spattered miniatures, so take my niggles in that light: the pooling blood on the rock combined with the clotted ropes make me think he has remained still for a reasonable period but the pose of the model suggests running forward. I think it would fit together better if the threads and pools were either angled sharply back to suggest a sudden pounce or replaced with spray and linear cast-off to match the speed.

elmir 04-13-12 06:16 PM

Good point, It's sort of too late to remove those goo lines, so I'll have to add something extra to at least make it look like it could have been sitting for a few moments.

Maybe some half eaten body parts on the base? So it looks more like he's jumping back up again to go after his next prey, or he became startled during "lunch". I think I have just to parts to fit onto the base for that.

Dave T Hobbit 04-14-12 10:31 AM

The running legs look enough like standing from a crouch, so adding lunch could slant it.

Scythes 04-14-12 10:33 AM

Might need to bring that back arm forward some though if you go that route.

elmir 04-14-12 03:54 PM

Unfortunatly, that's a bit late for such major conversion work. I'm wondering about the conversions for these sets in the future btw. They are amazingly simple to assemble, but also quite rigid in their posing. I'm thinking that a lot of greenstuff will be needed if I ever wanted different poses... :(

Anyway, some more WIP shots of the first trio. The blood needs some refinement and some thickening in other places, but the resin glue to make it is quite fickle from time to time, so It's not easy to get it right in one go.


Josh101 04-14-12 04:23 PM

Wow, going to be keeping an eye out for this one:biggrin:

Dave T Hobbit 04-15-12 10:53 AM

The levels of gore on the models made me think that the exposed muscle on the first one was a horrific wound, which made the unit look damaged rather than covered in lunch to me. Possibly it would work better if the muscle was either desaturated so it does not look recent, or made more blue in hue so it looks more ghoul than gore.

elmir 04-15-12 11:26 AM

Well, they do have regeneration... :D

I'm sorta going from the description in the book. Their ability to recover the most horrific wounds in an instant because the ghouls drank vampiric blood.

But those growth spurts and regeneration does leave them horribly deformed... Reading the armybook, there is plenty of reasons to have the models covered in blood. It's a vampire thing after all! :D

As a sidenote, I'm going for a rather "fresh" blood look to offset the cold blue-grey skintone as well. From a colourchoice point of view, I'm going for sharp contrasts in this army to make the models stand out a lot more.

A displaypiece will be made for this army in the long run. Mainly because it's an army on parade attempt. I want the models to be as eye-catching as possible to make them very different from the surrounding scenery (wich will already include lots of grey-browns, as it'll most likely be a graveyard with a temple of Morr).

elmir 04-16-12 07:44 PM

Some more updates on the crypt horror unit.

Added some extra shading after the airbrush highlighting of the skin did away with some of it. I also picked up a few of the swollen boils on their backs and head with dead flesh, washed with a mix of sepia wash and asurmen blue to tie it into the grey-blue skin a bit.

Covered the model in a dullcoat and had to re-aply a bit of glos varnish over the gore to increase contrast with the now dry looking skin. I also finally finished my permenent setup for my photostudio, so updates are now easier to do. :grin:








Untill next time!

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