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unxpekted22 04-04-12 10:03 AM

ABTN 3 recruitment
Following the succesful completion of the first two, here is the third installment of my series.

In this RP, we will be returning to the Scythes of The Emperor (link) and their unfortunate circumstances. Players will take the role of one of the scarce few marines left in the chapter.

I have tried, and will continue doing so, staying true to their history for the most part. I have already made a few changes and as mentioned in my last rp the setting is after any and all "official fluff" for them and so I will being doing as I wish with the chapter and characters. Upon you reading the warhammer wiki article, this is where the Scythes have come into my series:

The group of Scythes that are said to have left Miral before the last stand at the Giant's coffin were the last remaining company's worth of marines. They are said to have been going around the Ultima Segmentum finishing off Hive fleet Kraken's splinter fleets and remains as well as gathering up recruits while doing so to rebuild the chapter. In ABTN 1, players had taken up the role of Black Templars who went to a 'tau owned' world to extinguish some odd remnants of Kraken. This remaining group of Scythes eventually showed up, as NPCs, and helped venquish the Tyranid forces while the Templars focused on the ever stubborn Tau.

The wiki article explains that 300 or so new recruits were gathered during their campaign against Kraken's hive/splinter fleets and had become scouts or battle brothers since the fall of Sotha. I felt it was logical to assume that losses were taken in their constant battling of Kraken splinter fleets. Between those and the losses incurred in ABTN1, I began the start of ABTN2 saying that about 100 marines remained. Several Scythes of the Emperor fell during ABTN2 upon the world of Ferim while combating the anomaly Hive Tyrant and its forces.

This left them with about half a company's worth of marines, and no more new recruits. Another piece of the puzzle I decided to add was that all of the chapter's librarians have been lost in some way or another. So, the end of ABTN2 left the Scythes being content enough with their revenge against the Tyranids to calm down and focus on rebuilding the chapter. However, with no librarians any recruits that pass physical examination have no way of being mentally examined for taint. The chapter also has no current chaplains, one techmarine (named Laikus), a senior apothecary (Alexander) and only one other young apothecary (a player who rose to the title in ABTN2) named Niko.

The remaining Scythes of the Emperor are particularly concerned about their new recruits being tested for taint because another of the players began ABTN2 as a loyal, long term veteran marine (Astelan) who ended up becoming a traitor by choice. He was granted some of the gifts of chaos by one of Tzeentch's neverborn demons. Astelan had no intention of becoming loyal to Tzeentch though, instead intent on using the gifts of Chaos to begin his chapter anew. Coincidentally going along with what the wiki article describes, the players were mostly either one of the new recruits (scouts while Sotha was destroyed) or veterans dating back to the Damocles Gulf war. Astelan was one of those who strongly disliked the new generation and longed to see his chapter return to its prior state of glory. He was ultimately killed, through the joint effort of some of the Scythe players and a handful of Mortifactors who originally responded to a call for aid from the Scythes in battling the Tyranids.

A couple other things of note, I decided to make the current leader of the Scythes named Lord Sotha. It could be the same marine the wiki article describes as leading them now. It matters little. Whatever his name may have been before, I had him decide to change it to honour their homeworld. The Scythes still travel in the battle barge, The Heart of Sotha. Also, I have a character named Tobias. He is not meant to be the same mentioned in some of the 'official' fluff.

Now, you should take a look at my final post for ABTN2, which summarizes the end of the RP.

Now onto the present:

This RP will start early in the year 16.M42, barely more than 20 years since the loss of your homeworld and just over 15 since you left Ferim. The chapter has been busy finding able bodied recruits. You and your brothers have seen no action outside of normal battle practice and the occassional firefight with indiginous populations to prove you are in fact gods amongst men and worthy of letting potential recruits volunteer to leave with you.

Niko, being in charge of physical examinations, has allowed 32 boys to pass on to the next stages. However, the next stage requires mental examination and time is of the essence. For even in a year's time some of these boys may no longer be fit to begin implantation processes. Lord Sotha has come to distrust psyker's since Astelan's becoming one and betraying the chapter. Besides, even if they found a Librarian from another chapter who would help, the risk of him seeing into the Scythes' minds and finding out about Astelan's heresy is far too great.

Lord Sotha has instead come up with another plan, seeking the aid of the Black Templars still crusading near Tau space and Ultramar that the Scythes of the Emperor have fought with twice now. They have no psykers among their ranks for their own distrust and hatred of them. Their renowned chaplains will be able to examine the new recruits for taint instead. He plans to return to Ferim to meet them, believing it to be a familiar location in the area, discreet from other Astartes chapters as well as certain Scythes' wishes to check up on the planet. When they arrive, Ferim will quickly prove to not be the secure and familiar world they had hoped for in the slightest.

Before they return though, a unanimous decision has been made to make a heart aching detour back to their dead homeworld in order to retrieve one of their long lost brother veterans, who has been travelling outside the galaxy with an established rogue trader since before the Fall of Sotha. Not knowing if the marine is even still alive or intends on returning when was scheduled, the Scythes with so few numbers left decide to take the time to find out.


You will be stepping into a suit of power armor belonging to one of the scarce few Scythes of the Emperor Space Marines, placing yourself inside his battle helm and taking on all of the glory and hardships that come with it. His personality, opinions, decisons and all the rest will be yours to make, and shape, along the way. You are about to step onto the battlefields of a war that your dying chapter cannot afford to wage, with no clear or single enemy, all while desperately trying to keep a devastating secret hidden, praying to the God-Emperor that the Black Templars by your side don't shove their swords through you at any moment. You might watch your leaders, brothers, and possibly even yourself crumble in mind and body. One thing is for certain, the choices you make and words you speak will have consequences, for better or worse.

Template: I am looking for maybe 7-8 characters. I know of three people (there may be a 4th but havn't spoken to them) who are returning players, assuming they still intend to do so. Post order does not matter to me. I will choose the ones I feel the best about.


Age: 36-375 years old please.

Appearance: Don't have to include the fact that they are really muscular and such, aside from being a space marine what do they look like? Also, some detail about the power armor you wear, but no errant armor, sorry. Customizing the armor with markings, scripture, or anything to have it better suit your personality is fine and encouraged as long as it is kept logical. I will say if I wont allow something.

Weaponry: Going along with the current fluff, you will each be armed in a manner that attempts to make each individual marine as efficient and versatile as possible. The chapter cannot afford for each remaining marine to have the normal, codex astrates roles. You will all be carrying the following blessed weapons: A bolter, a bolt pistol, a chainsword, a combat blade. No grenades. There will be times in the rp when other weapons may be involved. Your bolter rounds are standard issue unless I state otherwise.

Personality: pretty self explanatory

Background: a bit of their role during the fall of Sotha and how they managed to stay alive fighting Kraken's splinter fleets for several years or any significant events that happened to them during. Any real history after that would be in the confines of my last two installments of this series.

(The main reason I ask for the personality and background sections is to help me determine which players I want to take, so quality over quantity please. This can be long if you want, the more developed your character the better, but dont just write a ton of stuff just to write a ton of stuff... We are here to make a full fledged story in the action thread, not in recruitment)

Keep in mind the chapter has few left, so It would make sense for your charcaters to be very familair with each other. However, I understand that you have yet to interact with them yet, except for returing characters of course, so if you can come up with a reason why your marine isnt too familair with the others I am okay with that. Perhaps the loss of the homeworld put your character into a very aloof state for example, losing their whole squad or pretty much their whole company even. Or perhaps they have been so fiercely focused on battle practice and training in order to better seek revenge for what has happened that they haven't made much time in getting to know new marines on a very close level. One thing is a definite must though whether you add it to your character sheet or not, all of you will have heard of one another and have fought with one another before. So if nothing else, the other players' names are well known to you.

Rules/miscellaneous information:

Please respect my role as GM. If not its no biggie, as the section's moderator and I have much respect for one another.

I take my RP threads pretty seriously. I put in a lot of effort trying to make them good in hopes of getting similar effort back. If you are unwilling to read others' posts or type more than a couple of sentences, this may not be your kind of rpthread.

for post length I am setting no minimum or maximum. Rather, I will tell you if things are too long or too short. Here is a good general rule of thumb though. A one to three paragrpah post I would normally consider short, assuming each paragraph is 4-5 sentences. Too long is harder to define, as sometimes a lot needs to be said or thought or done so I will just let you know if I see someone who I feel is putting too much into single posts. If you come back to it in a day or two and cant even get yourself to look at it its so big, then its probably too long.

Time for posting: I am more concerned with getting quality posts than I am getting them quickly but keep these things in mind: its no fun when one post comes in per week or longer. No one will remember whats going on or be able to get involved enough to care anymore. 'I would post, but I havnt thought about that charcater in over a month...." Also, the longer the rp takes, the more likely certain players will have things come up in their lives that make them too busy. Sometimes if the players have created very good characters the loss of one can be irrepairable. There is no way for me to know if you have the ability to post in a timely manner. Upon posting a charcater sheet, this is something you have to decide and that I have to trust.

Please tell me, if possible, if you know you are going to be absent for a long period of time or intend to drop from the rp.

You can post multiple times per update, but it tends to only be necessary when interacting with other players or NPCs.

Guess I have to say it, no god modding.

I run my rp based on text alone, no numbers, no dice. My intent is to have interesting charcaters in an interetsing environmet with interesting goals. A story written by multiple people narrated by myself, essentially.

If you all have questions or concerns for each other or myself, use the PM (private message) feature or post in the recruitment thread.

Try to pay attention to detail, and try to add it yourself.

A note on humor: I dont like goofy, slapstick humor to show up. The mentality of certain Ork players comes to mind. I will not say that marines cannot have a sense of humor, I dont believe that at all. But, part of role playing a character is trying to feel out what that charcater would really be acting like in their situation/enviroment. I would imagine most humor in 40k settings would be dark, ironic, satirical, sarcastic, violent, poking fun/picking on eachother. Stuff like that.

I want to mention that maybe about half way through this rp, I plan to take it away from a straight line, constant hour by hour day to day type of timeline or flow that most rpthreads tend to follow. Instead the timeline will start becoming a series of scenes. By the time this happens, characters should be established well enough where things will remain interesting, perhaps even more so with the ability to randomly seperate and combine certain players and NPCs into different scenarios with eachother. I also feel that this will be the best way to really capture the feeling of being involved in a full out war and drawn out conflict.

Lastly, there will be times full of action, and there will be times full of next to nothing but standing around talking, or even just thinking. An action scene, a conversation, or a moment to ponder should all be seen as equal in potential for getting in good posts and creating development for your character.

Once character sheets are in players can use this thread for whatever, but until then please no clutter.

Lord Ramo 04-04-12 06:04 PM

I would like to return if I can whether I have to create a new character or not.

unxpekted22 04-04-12 09:49 PM

You are welcome to add a charcater sheet using kain again or create someone new. Up to you!

Lord Ramo 04-04-12 10:32 PM

How badly damaged was Kain in the fight against the hive tyrant thought? Must be quite robotic nowadays

Deus Mortis 04-05-12 12:39 AM

Name: Solaki Korallo (Realised in ABTN2 he didn't have a surname)

Age: 104

Appearance: His dreadnought shell is a conglomeration of several salvaged dreadnoughts that were present at the Battle for Sotha. However, over the course of the past years, Laikus has made a few sanctioned adjustments to the armour. The left plate beside his 'face-plate' reads the same as the prayer scroll Solaki wrote before the battle for Ferim.

However, since Solaki represents all the chapter hopes for, Laikus (at Sotha's instructions) has strived to make him integrate as much into the chapter as possible. Across the upper 5th of the 'face-plate' of his chassis has dark red tribal swirls, patterns descended from Sotha's heritage. These mark his blood-feud with the tyranids, and will continue to grow with every battle against the xenos. His 'shoulders' are trimmed with a thin layer of yellow, and his left 'shoulder' bears the golden crossed scythes of his chapter. Because there aren't separate companies within the Scythes any more, his right 'shoulder' doesn't bear a company marking, but simply the Imperial Aquilla. His lower half is the least adorned part of him, having not died with any real honours to his name, but if anything the blankness of the rest of his armour testifies to his willingness to serve his chapter with all of himself and earn honours to fill those spaces.

Weaponry: Dreadnought close combat weapon, under-slung storm bolter, twin-linked lascannon

Personality: Solaki is known for his fierce loyalty to his Chapter, The Emperor and his brothers. Like all Astartes, he has a great hatred for xenos and heretics, but after the events of Ferim and Sotha, he has a particular prejudice towards the Tyranids. He constantly blames himself for the mistakes he made, believing himself to have betrayed himself and his chapter whenever he fails. For Solaki, battle is not a thrill or a joy, it is his punishment and his way to redeem himself. He is easily aggravated when squad mates appear to care more about themselves than their brothers, seeing them as selfish individuals and becomes very untrusting of them, knowing that in a life or death scenario, they would chose themselves over him.

Background: As a scout he carried the squad's heavy bolter, and did quite well. When he passed from scout to marine, his lost his heavy bolter, and was given a normal bolter. Frustrated at this, Solaki strived to prove himself as Devastator material. At one point during the first stages of the the Damocles, Solaki's post was being over-run by kroot, so he grabbed a fallen brothers bolter, and fired both his and his dead brother's at full auto into the oncoming hoard. This resulted in shattering his wrists, but is did stop the kroot from over-running the post, either to avoid more casualties, or that Solaki's bravery had shocked them into a retreat. When the Apothecaries looked at his injuries, they found that his bones had strength beyond what a normal space marine has, and thus stopped his arms being torn apart by his act of heroism. This was the main reason for him being inducted into the devastator sect. Since then, Solaki faithfully wielded his Las-cannon as part of a Devastator squad, or an add-on to a tactical marine squad. During the Damocles crusade, Solaki was responsible for the destruction of 2 Hammerheads, 4 Piranhas, a Skyray Missile Defence Gunship and 4 Devilfish APC's, who's passengers were quickly gunned down by his squad mates. At one point, Solaki and 9 other devastators all armed with heavy weapons were commissioned to be an anti-Manta assassin squad. During the 3 years, Solaki and his other squad mates took down no fewer than 3 manta's and the damaging of dozen others, allowing the passengers hoping to be transported to safety or to better firing positions to be quickly thrown out and disbanded, ready to be killed by his brothers. On one occasion, it was reported that the passengers of the Manta were incinerated by the apocalyptic explosion that ensued. This earned Solaki and his squad purity seals on their heavy weapons, which all of them maintained with pride. Each member from the Manta hunting team bore a tattoo of two scythes crossing over a Tau ethereal's head, on their left shoulder, which marked them as brothers in blood.

On Sotha, everything changed. Solaki was used to having a long drawn out fire-fights with enemy armour, whereas now there was none of that. Solaki was drafted into a tactical squad and made to be the "assassin" of synapse creatures. Once again, Solaki proved himself a valuable asset, and was recorded to have halted an enemy assault on the armoury by blasting a hole through the assaults leader, a hive tyrant. The sergeant, and 2 others of his squad reported that, in an effort to halt the assault, Solaki and his squad attacked the hive tyrant. In response to this, the hive tyrant butchered 5 members of the squad, and left one immobile, fit only to be incased in the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought. Enraged by this defiance of the The Emperor's justice, Solaki attached his combat blade to the end of his Las-cannon and ran into the hive tyrant. Wedging the combat blade into the hive tyrant's chest, Solaki pressed the trigger and blew a hole in it's chest. In the beast's death spasms, it threw Solaki against the wall of the armoury, knocking him out cold. When he woke, the Tyranid's were gone and his surviving squad members and a dozen other survivors were left. He was told he turned the tide of the battle by his bravery. He replied "We do the Emperor's will, he saved you not me."

Once again, Solaki's squad changed and he fought on Ferim. His squad mates consisted of Tobias, Niko, Ares, Astelan and Belial. Almost immediately, Astetan despised Solaki and Belial, and they bickered like children. For the first strike, Astelan and the rest of the squad were separated and Kain took Astelan's place. They fought against the tyranids, and Solaki nearly died, first when Belial tended to his own wounds instead of fighting with Solaki and second when Solaki held of a wave of gaunts to let the others fall back. That would have been the end of Solaki, but the blast from his own grenades threw him clear of the gaunts. Over the next few days, Solaki defended Ferim valiantly and fought with everything he had. This culminated with Solaki killing a Carnifex and fighting the Hive Tyrant, which took both his legs and temporarily paralysed Kain. The trauma almost killed Solaki, and the Tyrant taunted his inability to save his brothers by spitting volatile acid onto Kain's head which would eat through his entire skull very quickly. Refusing to let any more brothers die, he then crawled to try and save the life of Kain by trading helmets before Niko could arrive to properly attend to both of their wound properly.

After suffering multiple wounds and struggling to remain conscious, he was held in stasis and transferred to The Heart of Sotha. Here Laikus petitioned for Solaki to be interred into the Dreadnought chassis he had been repairing, being the only viable candidate the Scythes had. And so, it was need for a mighty weapon such as a dreadnought and not Solaki's renown or prowess which led to his interment. Laikus then worked to bring Solaki back to consciousness for many weeks, until he finally returned to the chapter remade. Since then, Solaki has spent an unusual amount of time out of hibernation acclimatizing to his new body and his new role within the chapter. Whilst he is keenly aware that he is in his position not because he is a great hero but because he was just the right person at the right time, Solaki still believes something more, a higher standard, will be expected of him as the chapter's one and only Dreadnought. However, for all this and despite the fact that he can no longer feel the recoil of his lascannon or the bones of his enemies being crushed beneath his fist, Solaki still longs to bring the Emperor's wrath to his foes once again.

Just so everyone is aware, unxpekted said it was ok for Solaki to return in this form (i.e. as a Dreadnought). But, as always, I leave this in his capable hands to say if it ok or not. Anyways, hope you like him :grin:

unxpekted22 04-05-12 07:24 AM

Welcome back Deus. I feel I should back up the fact that I allowed you to bring back Solaki myself as well:

Solaki was turnd into a dread at the end of the last RP and I have already worked that idea into this one, so it was not an off the bat decision and I am not ignoring my charcater sheet rules. Returning characters to any sequal will almost always have some differences.

As Lord ramo has mentioned, His charcater Kain became a sergeant, so if he uses him again, he would be a sergeant, and Niko would be an apothecary. They all started completely equal in the beginning of the last RP, and any newly created characters will adhere to the same idea and follow the current character sheet accordingly. So, regular tactical marine with the listed modified weaponry.

William Siegfried 04-05-12 07:48 AM

Hmm... I'm interested in joining, or wouldn't mind joining lol. Just want to be an Assault Marine XD. I love having Characters that have Close quarter combat Wargear as their main focus and have a higher set of skills in that field XD.

unxpekted22 04-05-12 04:28 PM

You can make a character who prefers and excels in close combat, if you want, but no assault marine specifically and no variation in weapons.

Lord Ramo 04-05-12 09:08 PM

Name: Sergeant Kain Scrious

Age: 107 (cant find my original character sheet on him and as such I am estimating his age)

Appearance: Kain is a shell of what he used to be. His once angular face has been reduced to metal plating and wires covering oneside of his face, the end result of the fight with a hive tyrant. Now he sees out of one eye in a shade of sickly red, the biotic eye replacing his due to the acid that almost claimed his life. The iris of his other eye is brown, though he loathes how he looks upon the world now. Kain's body is covered in scars, a lifetime of warfare being placed upon him and his brothers, as well as fresh ones from Ferim.

His armour scrapped together from the dead, his suit being badly damaged on Ferim. He now has a blend of mark 6 and Mark 7 armour, the chest piece, backpack, helm and greaves of mark 7, whilst the rest is mark 6. Kain has an oath affixed to his right shoulder, as well as a purity seal attached to his left knee.

Weaponry: Bolter "Sotha's Fury", bolt pistol, a chainsword "Reaper" and a combat blade "Alexis" are his weapons. The last one is named after a blood brother that he lost on Sotha.

Personality: Since the events on Ferim Kain has become far more recluse than he once was, almost bitter. He remains fiercely loyal to his chapter and his squadmates, though now he doesn’t trust as easily as he did before. Due to his elevation to sergeant he now looks at the big picture more, and how he can best serve the chapter in the long run rather than just get revenge on the hated foe. He has made mistakes, most especially on Ferim, and they have all come back to haunt him, the brothers that he could not save.

Background: Kain served the chapter briefly before the events on Sotha being part of the noble third company. He served most notably against the orks and chaos filth before being recalled along with the rest of his company to Sotha to defend it against the menace of the tyranids. When the tyranids struck Kain and his squad were protecting the landing pads, allowing the escape route of the chapter to remain open so that they could withdraw and live to fight another day if the enemy began to overwhelm them. Whilst all the space marines took their bloody toll on the horde it wasn’t enough, and the tyranids took the world from them, Kain and his squad being one of the last to board the thunderhawks and escape from the doomed fortress monestary.

Kain was forced to watch as his home burned and swore to take his revenge on the tyranids in blood, until his dieing breath. He was give a chance to hurt them even more when the remaining Scythes held the coffin, and Kain took more lives of the tyranids. Though members of his squad died during these battles, Kain survived. Finally his squad all fell on Ferim, all but him. In a tyranid ambush their rhino was separated from the others and his brothers fell one by one to the Tyranid horde. Kain was lucky to escape with his life, though he felt a hole torn through him at the loss of his squad.

He was placed in a new squad with Solaki and Belial, two battle brothers that had survived Sotha, as well as a few others including a young apothecary named Niko. He preformed well with this new squad lead by Veteran Sergeant Tobias.

Kain made a mistake as he defended his brother Astelan against the Mortifactors who had come to judge him and his newly discovered psychic power, a thing that Kain regrets to this day. He now crys the word of the Emperor and his praise in battle, wishing that the Scythes would one day gain a chaplain so he could gain absolution.

In the final defence of Ferim Kain was almost lain low by the Hive tyrant, leaving Niko, Belial and the Mortifactors to deal with his traitorous brothers whilst he desperately tried to help Solaki and other scythes bring down the hive tyrant. He risked his life to save his brothers, though some died in the process. Kain was wounded by the tyrant who then almost killed him with acidic bile, spat onto his helmet as revenge for the death of a carnifex that Solaki had killed.

It was only thanks to his brother that he survived, that and the skill of Niko who arrived quickly with news of the tyrants death as well as the traitor. Kain now tries to atone for his mistakes, and believes it is his fault so many of his battle brothers have died. He will fight for absolution and for revenge until he stands by the Emperor’s side. He was promoted to sergeant after Ferim, though he is unsure on his new position. One thing he is aware, and afraid of is that he will lead his brothers to certain doom.

As said I can't find my original character sheet on him, any issues and I will change them.

Deus Mortis 04-05-12 10:48 PM

The old gang's getting back together again :cray:

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