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TechPr1est 04-02-12 04:46 AM

Lord of the rings tournaments
is it just where i live or has anyone noticed gw practically never put out any LOTR Tournaments. the same thing goes for my local Gaming Club, I have a perfectlly good Moria army collecting dust waiting for a game, I want to do a rohan army but i fear the same fate will arise for them

Lord Rahl 04-03-12 03:19 PM

I fear you are right, I do not know why people will not commit to lotr, but to be honest I think its the best game they have produced in a long while.

The rules are nice and simple to learn and it takes a lot of practice to master the mechanics and strategy of the game.

I have found its not just tournaments that are not being played, its the game in general :( This makes me sad and I really wish some of my gaming group would get into it.

Vivian89 04-05-12 11:52 AM

hi! seems like i am getting into it ;)
agree with you on rules rules being nice and simple!

TechPr1est 04-05-12 12:11 PM

but i dont understand why would gw shun lotr is it because they will make more money out of their own creations

Red Corsairs 04-05-12 12:28 PM

I agree with everything Lord Rahl says.

Unfortunately since LotR no longer brings in the profits it used to, they've started to give it less attention. This is mostly due to the massive BOOM it recieved after the release of the films, meaning it attracted lots of attention and large profits. As the hype of the films died down, so too did the attention the GW game recieved and as a result it stood no chance of keeping up with the profits it once recieved.

The game still brings GW profits, which is why it hasn't been completely ditched yet. I am hoping (as are many others including GW) that the release of the Hobbit films recreated the boom of activity from 10 years ago because it will mean more focus, more rules, more releases, more tournaments etc.

For now, the only tournaments that really happen as far as I can tell are the Throne of Skulls and GT's at Warhammer World (in Britain at least). Although individual stores will sometimes run smaller non-official tournaments if their particular store has enough interest in the game (as mine does). I've even managed to persuade the local manager to allow me to gather interest for the game to run a small tournament in-store in the past. Though that was a couple of years ago now.

TechPr1est 04-05-12 12:40 PM

i can just tell theyll do a tourney on the battle of fives armies. on a diffeerent matter the hobbit has been made .................incorrect. after reading the hobbit and seeing the trailer ive noticed bilbo baggins (sometimes i like to call him dildo baggins) looks like hes in his tweens (hobbit word for age 15-20 or something like that) in the book the one ring grants immortality (not invicibility theres a difference) to the bearer. thats how smeagol lived for 500 years and thats why in the fellowship of the rings bilbo is ccelebrating his 111th birthday and gandalf says "111, and you havent aged a day" hes 50 YEARS OLD WHEN HE PICKED UP THE RING PETER JACKSON!!!..........sorry bout that also if havent read the fellowshipfrodo is actually 50 years old when he leaves the shire yes i know confusion much

sgjohnson 04-11-12 04:24 AM

As everyone else said, LOTR isn't the cash cow 40k or WHFB is. At my store every 30 minutes or so someone will buy a WHFB or 40k box, while the LOTR shelf remains untouched for weeks.

cawizkid 04-12-12 06:09 PM

What it comes down to is you have to make it happen, talk to your Local Game store, set up some events, get them talking about it. I did this, my store had 2-4 people, one of which was leaving at the end of last year. So I talked to my Local staff, created a dedicated table, And created a 2 month long league, where everyone played one game every 2 weeks, Keep it small, as my league was before the new rules came out, I told every one (New players) to buy one box, we will convert a model into a captain. This keeps the investment small, and offer to teach them how to play. (don't beet up on them) This has worked out really well. Now there where allot of people who said "No that game sucks." My response was that is cause you have never played it, or you think it sucks cause you can not win based simply on your list. LOTR (SBG) is still the only game where to really god players can not show up look at each others lists' Deploy models on the table, and end the game, because you know who is going to win 95% of the time. The Community really has to sale the game. If you build it they will come.

seermaster 08-16-12 07:06 PM

i don't know about profits but ive one every single lotr tournament my gw has put on

impressive huh

well not when you consider that they were all by default

lordangers5 02-22-13 09:22 AM

Does anyone know of any tournaments going this year? I haven't seen any advertised in a while.

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