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Garion 03-31-12 08:40 AM

Help needed with zoanthrope base. Page2
Here are a couple of things I am working on at the moment.

Mighty Zug Star player for my human team.


He needs rebasing at the moment, I just chucked those stones and grass on for now until i decide how I am going to base the whole team. Also a little touching up is still needed i think.

Waaaagh Apes!

This is an Orc team I am working on the theme is sort of monkey Orcs. I always liked the idea of Orcs moving on all fours and being quite feral.

This is 1 lineman, using standard Orc skin colours



This is one of my Blitzers, I have used a more earth browny/green for my blitzers, at least I plan too anyway.



When i took this picture the mini started falling over, I have since glued him down properly and its feet are higher in the air now, I will get some more pictures soon. I'm still looking for a troll that resembles a big gorilla so if any one sees one send it my way.

Next up I will show my Tyrnaid army which i am in the middle of painting.

Skylifter 03-31-12 09:12 AM

Cool to see some BB minis once again. The orks are conversions, aren't they?

Garion 03-31-12 09:16 AM

Yeah, I converted them from the Warhammer Orc Boar boys kit and bits from Ogres and Orks kits too.

And of course LOADS of greenstuff. That arm that is touching to base on the leaping orc is all green stuff up to the wrist strap.

khrone forever 03-31-12 09:19 AM

i love these, the poses look so natural :biggrin:

Garion 03-31-12 02:16 PM

Howzaa 03-31-12 04:40 PM

What are you going to call the monkey orc team cos in itself just doesn't sound right, great idea though and nice work on the conversion

Garion 03-31-12 04:43 PM

They are called waaagh Apes.

Melikor40k 04-01-12 10:07 AM

nice to see some BB stuff, great work

Garion 04-01-12 08:00 PM

Thanks for the kind words :)

This isn't new but I have never posted it online before so I thought I would share some scenery I made for Warhammer.

It is an inn as you can no doubt see. I think I could make it a little better with some more paint work so if anyone has any suggestions how i can take it to the next level please let me know :)





Garion 04-02-12 11:31 AM

Is there anyway I can change the title of my thread? Or is it impossible on this forum?

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