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CGall10 03-28-12 08:54 PM

A Tale of 4 Gamers - Part 1
Well it's time everyone! Time for yet another tale of 4 gamers! (insert applause here)

Most of you are familiar with how this works, but for those of you who aren't I'll explain!

First and most importantly, because we're not playing each other. Both Fantasy and 40k are allowed! It's about time we see more square-bashers anyway!

Every month 4 of us are going to try to buy build and paint a bit of an army until we reach our goal of having a completely painted 2000 pt force! This first period (Today until April 30th) our goal is to get 250 points of our army painted. This 250 does not have to follow a force org chart and will be scored as follows:
--- 5 points for having it completely painted and based
--- 3 points for having at least 3 colors on every model
--- 1 point for having some color that isn't just gray or primer
--- 0 points for not having anything done

At every point level the players are also going to have to post a battle report (yes even at 250) The players are going to have to, at some point this month. Play a battle and post a battle report about it. (We want more than just who won guys) Whether a turn by turn break down or a story either is ok. And win, loss, or draw doesn't matter. Just as long as you post a report on or before April 30th you'll nab yourself 2 additional points!

Rule Addition: if for some reason you are unable to finish painting you models in a month, don't worry about it! It just means a lower score. Next month, however, you must not only paint your new submission, but you must also finish last months. Failure to finish the months prior painting will result in -1 point. Example; it's month 3 and you've finished your new 250 pts and your battle report. so you have 7 points! but you never finished either of the last two months so you would lose -2 points, resulting in a score of 5. If you finished 1 of the previous months but not the other you'd get 6. Understand? Good! :)

Those are essentially the rules. Any questions please feel free to post them!

Now, on to the players!

First up we have The Gunslinger! with Space Marines.
The list for 250 is:
---10 Tactical Marines
------Melta Gun
------Missile Launcher

---5 Scouts

Next, we have Ratvan! with Tomb Kings
The list for 250 is:
---A Warsphinx
------Firey Roar

Third, we have jondoe 297! with Daemon Hunters
The list for 250 is:
---Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
------Rad Grenades
------Psychotroke Grenades
------Psyker with Hammerhand

---5 Purifiers
------2 Psycannons
------2 Force Halberds
------Daemon Hammer

Finally, myself cgall10 with Orks
The list for 250 is:
---20 Shoota Boyz
------2 Rokkit Launchas
------Big Choopa

---6 Lootas

Lastly Finally... If that makes sense :P is khrone forever with The Empire
The list for 250 is:
------lvl 2

---Hand gunners (between 15-20)

(submited a 280 pt list, there's no problemwith painting all those models but the game must be 250)

So that's it! I know I'm excited to look at something that's not a bunch of black and gray minis! Questions and comments welcome from everyone and for the players,

Good luck and happy painting! :D

khrone forever 03-28-12 08:56 PM

when the new empire comes in, ill sign up :P

CGall10 03-28-12 09:01 PM

Well feel free to jump in at 500 hundred points! We'll call it the tale of 4...ish gamers :P

however because they don't come out until march 31st, and because this round has already started, you'll be a month behind on points, are you ok with that?

khrone forever 03-28-12 09:03 PM

cant i just be 3 days behind painting?

Ratvan 03-28-12 10:25 PM

Greetings, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a confessed Butterfly gamer completely and utterly addicted to starting a new project and then flitting off to another usually WAY before the previous is completed.

It was mentioned that my first entry will be for Orcs and Goblins and I was to paint 6 Trolls. Well I had a slight issue in the GW store today, they had none in stock (gasps of horror) it was ok as I got my fix in and decided that it was high time that I took the long awaited plunge and got my Egyptian Kicks with the Tomb Kings.

I promptly bought two Sphinx Kits and a Casket of Souls.
So my first entry will be a Magnetized Warshinx/Necrosphinx (I have a 2250 list in mind that includes a Grand total of 5 Kitties :D)

I plan on completing a Stage by Stage Assembly guide on how to convert (is it a conversion?) the Kit as interchangeable and obviously paint the beautiful model to the best of my abilities (if we're being fussy its probably around 6 models if I count the crew and the second sphinx option)

So yes thats me, and apologies to any O&G fans out there that were looking forward to both WHFB and 40K Orcs/Orks, I'm sure that CGall10 will do a good job with lots of Green.

Ok so my entry

Khremian Warsphinx - 230 points
- Fiery Roar

CGall10 03-29-12 02:01 AM

Sorry! in my head march 31st was a month away lol Sure I'll edit it and put you in when the new stuff comes out! glad to have you a board khorne forever!

And thank you for that Ratvan! I hope to do them orky justice!

As for the switch to tomb kings, no problem! (they are also my fantasy army btw) :) Just make sure that you know for 500 pts we will be enforcing the 25%,50% thing that goes along with fantasy!

jondoe297 03-29-12 08:04 AM

Rocking the Grey knights.
My intention is for a Crowe list but we will see how it grows!
Much like Ratvan I too have a 'problem' with flitting between projects! So this should hopefully keep me in check an get me a completed force.
My Inquistitor will be armed
Rad grenades, psyhotroke grenades and psycher with hammer hand
Purifiers will rock double psycannon, 2x FH and a DH

The Gunslinger 03-29-12 07:06 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Hey guys, just introducing my self etc
Starting a space marine army in an effort to get back into the hobby seriously. Just finished the test model for the colour scheme of my homebrew chapter, looking to get the rest of the squad and the scouts done soon.

Umm not much else really, good luck to everyone else and il be in touch
The gunslinger

khrone forever 03-29-12 09:23 PM

is it ok if i miss out one some months, as money might be a bit strict? but it hopefully should be ok

CGall10 03-30-12 02:44 AM

no problem! (I always hated when these things don't accommodate for economic or school problems)

if you don't have the models then you'll receive 0 points for the bat rep, and if you have some models (at least half the model count, as in if i'm adding 20 models this round i must have 10 painted) completely painted you'll receive 2 points. if they are not complete you get 0! :) this goes for everyone!

P.S. a tank, for purposes of model count tanks count as 10 models, while a walker counts as 5

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