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Blackadder 05-18-15 10:28 AM

I quite agree, this is what FW should have been striving for albeit at a significantly reduced scale otherwise the model would have to be delivered in a Container-ship shipping container. Ha!

Blackadder 05-21-15 09:48 PM

My Two Cents:

There's nothing wrong with buying models, I've bought many in my time but the cost of models and resin models in particular has skyrocketed over the past few years and something must be done (at least in my case 'cause my kids gotta eat....) to offset the dollar drain. I offered an alternative and try to show what can be done when your budget won't allow dumping thousands of hard earned dollars on miniatures. A good case in point are the incredible Russian 40K forums that specialize in paper craft; producing high quality FW models out of paper. I learned a lot from joining those sites and believe me many of the artists there would put any one of us to shame with their skill at reproducing models indistinguishable for the resin originals. Now FW has offered what I consider a pretty mediocre $2000 dollar Warlord capitalizing on their name and rep. The model is nothing more than an undersized up scaled 'Knight' titan with very little innovation and imagination in it's execution and presentation (cripes couldn't they show it as a side by side with a Reaver and Warhound???? They wouldn't dare because it's too small!!! A minimum of 26 inches by their own formula is the requisite size for a Warlord and theirs computes 3 inches deficient.......). I'm thankful that I built my own Warlord but had they offered a reasonable production Mars Warlord uncompromised in size and grandeur I would have had my order in already.

elmir 05-21-15 10:12 PM

Yeah, Although I don't dislike the FW model at all, I still think your version trumps it. You should be happy you have yours to dwarf the other warlords that will be out there... ;)

Blackadder 05-28-15 09:22 PM

E.L.M.E.R. Gantry:

I've been thinking of making a base for my titans ever since I built them instead putting them on a shelf. I was walking past a neighbor's house the other day and they were throwing out one of those cheap plastic shelf units and there it was, the perfect setting for my titans with room enough for three.


The unit is tall enough to accommodate the Warlord with swing away arms overhead cranes and with a few girders, and staircases, safety rails, and intermediate maintenance platforms this could make the ideal display stand /display case.


With lighting, maintenance vehicles, and personnel this could be quite a focal point in my den.

Now I need a group of descriptive words for the acronym E.L.M.E.R.

Any ideas?

Blackadder 05-29-15 12:44 AM

Got it:


Thanks for all the suggestions, I got the two 'E's '&'

Blackadder 05-31-15 01:48 PM

Thanks for all your work.


Originally Posted by Gagoc The Ancient (Post 422211)

Finally a comparison shot and thank you. It's what I have always thought since first seeing the new titan (and pretty much the mistake I made when I did a concept study of my Warlord in scrap plastic paneling):

Written 2010/8/16 when I had just started my Lucius Warlord...........


Whew, were has the summer gone? I had hopes of rendering the basic structure and working on the detail this winter but no such luck plus there are serious errors in scale comparing the the body to the legs and waist. Just to prove the Blackadder is as fallible as they come here is my effort thus far ridiculously out of proportion. The legs are easily 2 to 4 inches too short and the model as it stands is only 19 inches tall. By adding 4 inches to the legs and topping the carapace with the void shield generator housings that should bring it to the goal height of 28 inches.

The difference is I recognized my mistake; it looks like FW studied it and copied it, Ha!.

When I build this ( The FW Warlord) I shall lengthen the legs at least 3 inches..........

Blackadder 06-05-15 08:14 PM

E.L.M.E.R. Gantry:

I took a week of to arrange my work area as things were getting pretty messy with all the projects going at once and I was rapidly running out of work space.

I did manage to cut out the intermediate deck of the E.L.M.E.R. Gantry (EXTRAVEHICULAR LEGIOS MECHANICUS EVALUATION & REPAIR Gantry) to receive the fully assembled Warlord; the gantry takes up all my paint work table space and hopefully when finished will provide both a display diorama fitting for such a construct plus a safe container to house the model in in one piece rather than separate the hull from the legs to prevent toppling as I do now.


Something seems wrong with the focus on my camera but in the images presented ther is the new beginning of the command deck hologram tactical display plus a Space Marine for scale.


Iraqiel 06-27-15 07:59 AM

Looks unreal Blackadder, you've done amazing work and I'm sure that the gantry will be excellent also... are you going to build in overhead cranes, weapons cradles, skitarii security check points and erratically arguing collegio techpriests?

Blackadder 06-27-15 09:40 AM

Well granted in it's initial state being fresh (Ahem; figuratively speaking) out of the recycling bin it is little more than a set of cheap plastic shelves but yes I am going to add beam mounted e.g.


four way overhead track traveling cranes with electromagnetic lifting heads (Rare earth magnets) on all four levels for moving heavy components.



Plus catwalks aplenty, recessed tracks for small cranes, and hangar support vehicles, oodles of suitable pseudo-religious 40K artifacts, tech priest enclaves, and I'm hoping to find 28 MM ground maintenance personnel and a few Sentinel Heavy Lifters to dress up the hangar.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.............

Don't forget, my Lucius Warlord was once just so many styrene sheets and recycled bottlecaps... Ha!

My goal is to make a stable display stand/diorama for my titan to be stored in when not in play as while it does have the capability of standing unaided for days on end it has toppled over on occasion incurring time consuming repairs. I'd prefer not to have to be continually rebuilding it. Plus this will make a handy storage/display area for my other two titans as well.

Iraqiel 06-27-15 12:48 PM

Sounds like an excellent project, time till completion notwithstanding! Do the Reavers fit in alongside the Warlord?

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