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Blackadder 10-24-14 09:01 PM

Pardon My Dust:

While waiting for paint and glue to dry I started on the detail of the Command Deck.

Using the flash I was not aware of how much dust styrene filing was present on the model. Thankfully the Warlord head escaped contamination.


All the bitz are CoD


I'm really pleased that the vestibule lines up with the external 'Door to Nowhere. Purely by accident I assure you.



The right side external catwalk


The Left side catwalk


The internal detail on this deck is only about half done FYI

Blackadder 10-25-14 11:51 AM

What a Difference a Day Makes:

Last week I embarked on an experimental technique to try to find a decent finish for my Warlord. Painting it a straight this or that colour confounded me because once that colour you are pigeonholed into a theme. Nothing grabbed me as the definitive end all and be all of finishes until I chanced upon the 'Battleship' alien watercraft. There was the finish I coveted for my titan.

In a hurry as is my wont when I conceive of a direction I plunged ahead committing the most prominent assembly of the model to dubious untried ministrations and fortuitously the technique worked, the the results were satisfactory.and I proceeded to embellish a few other parts of the model with the same procedure.


Upon photographing the results I found the aluminum powder augmented the detail but also augmented mistakes, poorly sanded areas and lastly subsurface paint which changed the reflecting value of the new surface material.

So yesterday scraping, sanding and wet sanding the helmet, first piece I did, resulted in the finish today which I consider a distinct improvement.


Fortunately as this is the only piece that requires such an intense refinish; I can now proceed with the rest of the model.

Whoops, slightly out of focus; I'll try again later.

Iraqiel 10-26-14 01:08 AM

6 Attachment(s)
That's a commendable commitment to fine detail there Blackadder. Tell me, how do you find the aluminium powder to work with? Obviously it's not about to go hindenburg on you under a hobby light, but what is there to stop it abrading off from normal contact?

I tried to google the brand, but all I get are posters for a certain terrible movie...

Blackadder 10-26-14 03:07 PM

Nothing unseemly I hope.

The powder once applied is remarkably resistant to rubbing off, in point of fact the more it is handled the more ingrained it becomes picking up the oils and sweat from your (my) hands it increases in patine, at least such is my experience thus far. One thing I have noticed, it decreases the welding ability of the thin-set plastic solvent I use for gluing so repairs will likely have to be done with superglue or scraping off the metal down to the bare plastic but paint has the same problem so it's no big deal.

Blackadder 10-26-14 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by Iraqiel (Post 1937234)
I tried to google the brand, but all I get are posters for a certain terrible movie...

I googled 'Modern Masters' and got the manufacturer's web page; what are you googling?

Iraqiel 10-28-14 07:32 AM

6 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Blackadder (Post 1936538)
the 'Battleship' alien watercraft

Ha, thought the brand was 'battleship' and the colour was 'alien watercraft'. Obviously too much time working with GW names.

Blackadder 10-29-14 10:27 PM

Seriously you googled "Battleship" Alien Watercraft? :)

What was the problem with that movie; it was no worse than the (Marvel) Avengers (Don't get me started on that fiasco!) with a lot smaller budget.

Unreasonable Demands:

Due to unreasonable demands I have not been able to devote more than a few minutes this past week to applying aluminum to the legs and feet of the Warlord but this afternoon I got a bit done unfortunately I lost the light so I had to rely on the ambient light of my workshop.


The flash being too intense and the normal lighting being too muted; the actual is somewhere in between.


The bottom line is I am quite pleased with the outcome but the number of discrete pieces have me floored and I haven't even got to the main torso yet.


Better pictures tomorrow where I only have to work for a living instead of catering to the whims of the lovely Mme Blackadder.........


First glance at the images under flash look far too granular, such is not the case but merely an optical illusion of the camera, the actual surface is much more refined.

Blackadder 10-30-14 05:19 PM

Too Many Parts:

The legs and lower torso components take up a considerable portion of the kitchen table. Missing is the main hull and carapace components.


This is actually the first time I have disassemble the titan in its entirety and I am floored at the number of components.

I hope I can remember were everything goes...........

It will be fun when everything is painted and all the parts are laid out.

Iraqiel 10-31-14 02:33 PM

6 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Blackadder (Post 1940690)
Seriously you googled "Battleship" Alien Watercraft?

What was the problem with that movie; it was no worse than the (Marvel) Avengers (Don't get me started on that fiasco!) with a lot smaller budget.

Yes, I did. I must admit to complete novicehood in relation to these high end hobby good, I've really been focusing on quantity over quality of late, building my battle force.

I suppose Battleship delivered what it promised... I don't know, perhaps I've watched too many British naval films of the 40s and 50s and expected maritime discipline and the nobility of command and sacrifice?

That is indeed a sizable collection of parts you have before you!

Blackadder 10-31-14 08:25 PM

That statement out of context seems a lot more serious than I intended, I apologize.

So What ARE Those Wires Sticking Out Of the Greaves Blackadder?

Back about two or more years ago I got the idea of wiring diodes into the greave mounted search lights and to that end I installed the harness and the battery compartment and just left them dangling until today.

I have the parts and the electronics ready but to make this work I need lenses to fit the searchlight bitz so here's a brief tutorial of how I intend to produce the lenses.


I started by cutting square blanks out of clear styrene and gluing the blanks onto the ends of 7/16 inch (11 MM) using various sanding tools to produce the small round transparent lenses.

Pictured are the tubes with the blanks glued on; one before and one after (You have to look close to see the rounded lens still glued to the tube.


Also pictured in the top image are the greave mounted search lights positioned on the flying greave panel.

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