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KjellThorngaard 04-08-12 05:04 AM


I have to admit I do get great pleasure from working on these models but I do draw the line at the necessity of the use of unguents and oils.
So no denying prayers to the Omnissiah. Cool. :victory:

Blackadder 04-08-12 05:25 PM

Oh! Omnissiah I thought you say Onan. :D

I pulled a virtual all nighter and managed to apply a bit of colour (gray is a colour) to the mechanical interior of the foot before final assembly. once the rear toe compartment is glued on it will require micro surgery to access the stabilizer components. I did a lot of reinforcing before I sealed it up. Its a good thing I took pictures because painted gray not much of the mechanics is visible.





Blackadder 04-10-12 09:48 PM

I cut the lower leg panels today, four rectangular pieces 8 inches by 3.5 inches nothing to show really but for dessert I installed some of the detail on the feet which has to be in place to check the clearance the when I bolt the lower knuckle to the foot.

I also got an idea for making the diagonal more flexible, note the right foot the diagonal toes may rotate in place to work with the front toes refer to the third image.




Blackadder 04-12-12 08:43 AM

She's got legs, Er lower legs, Er well plastic rectangles and she knows how to move them, Er well you gotta move them for her.

Hmm sounds like my ex-wife.

Anyhow the pivots seem adequate and should easily support ten lbs each.


Blackadder 04-13-12 08:41 PM

Patience, one must learn to savor the moment. Assembling these lower legs, as basic a structure as they are, teaches us how to build in strength with a minimum of material. I have assembled a box beam structure out of thin plastic and glue that can easily sustain for years if needs be a weight of 50 lbs or more. The ankle to leg joint likewise. There will be no need for buttresses as in the DS model (A problem he acknowledged in his sparse construction text.) except for decorative purposes plus the leg is moveable.

To quote the old carpenter's maxim, "Measure twice cut once." or the old Italian carpenter's lament, "Sunnva bitcha I cutta thisa two times and it'sa still too short!"



Blackadder 04-14-12 08:32 AM

Macro setting didn't work too well but these are just interim images There will be others later. To reinforce the ankle joint I applied arc segments for the spacer slides to ride on. This model will be of considerable mass, I figure about 7 kilo, so these shanks must be protected from torsion effects.



Blackadder 04-16-12 08:20 AM

You know after I installed those slides I had an epiphany, What if I cut cogs in the slides and used a toothed gear to actuate the semicircle, how would that be? I'll have to redesign the slides a bit but it would make perfect sense to have that as the mechanism.

Meanwhile todays run not as much as I had hoped for but I had to repair the porch.

Stepping out


You'll have to imagine the rest but the picture height isn't as high as the shoulder mounted lascannons

Blackadder 04-18-12 09:13 AM

I wasn't going to post this until I rectified the problem but then I thought, "Hey this is a good thing to demonstrate that even the Blackadder isn't infallible :) and has to go back to the drawing board now and then."

Seems I made the shanks too long by about an inch. measuring for the upper leg somehow the proportions just didn't look right so I remeasured and sure enough I managed to add an extra inch to the overall height.

So what's an inch you may say but to me it will change the look of the finished model from a hulking looming menace to a spindle shanked travesty ergo I shall be cutting the lower legs in half and removing the offending inch but not yet as I may have to do other things as well so might as well do all at once.


Blackadder 04-21-12 05:47 PM

Okay Ladies and Germs, this is what separates the Blackadder from relatively sane individuals. To borrow a phrase from another Charlton Heston movie, "The Agony and the Ecstasy"; The wine is sour, so throw it out!

I'm not happy with the look. The legs are too thin. So I'm bringing out my second biggest Xacto blade and rending judgment on inferior work.




Blackadder 04-22-12 03:29 PM

'cut and tacked this together this morning and attempted a side by side comparison. An inch removed may be too much mebbe 3/4 inch but definitely the joint and upper leg is greatly improved.



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