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Blackadder 03-21-12 09:13 PM

RedThirstWill Destroy 03-21-12 11:57 PM

Oh my god, this is going to be a work of pure art!!!!!

I understand how you feel when you get so drawn into one project, it's nice to just drop it for a while and do something different it means when u come back to it you feel fresh again and stops you from hating it! I'm the same when it comes to painting, I'll have three, four or sometimes five on the go at once.

Keep it up mate its really good

KjellThorngaard 03-22-12 04:35 AM

You have a great start going on. I believe the planning and thinking you are doing will make a differance in the long run. I will be watching this for the sheer lunacy of trying, and the awesomeness of the idea.

+Rep for the brass ones to try this.

Blackadder 03-22-12 08:10 PM

I appreciate the responses and the subscriptions but just so you know 'The Blackadder' is very prone to mistakes. I spent half a day building the pistons receiving the cylinders on the discs and after forming them and starting to install them found that they were totally unnecessary!

Since they are totally hidden inside the ankle discs whats the point of even installing them? added work more parts to fail; who needs that so eliminated. But all is not lost, they may be useful in another area and if nothing else they keep me humble.

They are shown in the left forground.

So who would know they are even missing :*)

Blackadder 03-24-12 08:46 AM

It's extremely gratifying to envision something in your mind's eye and then to duplicate it in some medium. In this case extremely malleable styrene but I can see how real engineers get their rocks off. Granted the days of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and John Scott Russell are pretty much over where an engineer designs and executes an entire construct but I'm sure even today such gratification must still exist.

Case in point, this highly speculative tilting table mechanism for the foot attachment.

I believe I have come up with a viable solution to allow the foot to tilt side to side, be light and strong and also look complex enough to grace a 40K denizen.

Were I to build this for a real vehicle I would enclose the axle within the disc housing so the table doesn't shift side to side as much but then the mechanism would be totally hidden. so this way I have an excuse for the diagonal toes linear actuator system that give enhanced stability during the stepping process and decreases the upper body swaying which is the cause of so much seasickness in some Warhound crew members.

That's my story and I stick with it :P

When I see how much of this system will actually be visible I may fancy it up a bit using some of mxwllmdr's lightened girder and buttress techniques.

The beauty of this construct is it can be disassembled for maintenance, painting and repair.

Blackadder 03-28-12 09:00 PM

This mornings run adding a bit of detail and checking the relative sizes.


jonileth 03-28-12 09:45 PM

A very solid development of the design so far!

Turnip86 03-28-12 11:30 PM

This is ridiculously awesome and yet it's still just feet.

It's still difficult to put the scale into perspective though, kinda hard to imagine that it's going to end up the size of a small child and just as destructive.

Blackadder 03-29-12 09:08 PM

My initial drawing was for a vehicle 24 inches tall. I have since revised that to 25 to 26 inches tall. Hopefully no taller.

Blackadder 04-01-12 10:17 AM

Back to business:

Before I close up the workings of the feet perhaps a demo of the hinges I came up with to allow the side toes to flex.

At tis point they can flex up and down but once the box like hydraulic compartments at the base of the toes are installed upward movement will be restricted.





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