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Blackadder 10-25-12 02:42 PM

Considering that this forum was down for the better part of the month and all the while I was doggedly forging ahead; I had on my other frequented forums posted a great deal of updates.

I could repost those here if there is an interest.

DecrepitDragon 10-25-12 06:52 PM

I'm ashamed to admit that your genius with this project has quite royally trumped my desire to begin anything similar.

Terrain? Sure, no problem.

Painting? Easy.

Gargantuan projects of infinitely minute detail? . . . .

Nah. Maybe when everybody has forgotten yours (which seems unlikely!) and mine wont look so juvenile. :grin:

I know my limits, so I'll just watch and respect from afar. So please, repost a summary of the intervening steps for clarity maybe, but frankly, for me at least, just seeing the progress is enough.:victory:

Blackadder 10-25-12 07:58 PM

The point of this thread is to demonstrate what can be done not stifle creativity. All that I have done is by trial and error not at all a tour de force of building. I am a mere tyro (so saith a disgruntled individual on another forum) in building technique and admittedly so as I make too many mistakes. The fun is overcoming my lack of skill and enjoying the learning process after all this is only my second full scratch (if you discount the 'bitz') attempt.

I still have a lot to learn.

DecrepitDragon 10-25-12 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by Blackadder (Post 1298943)
I still have a lot to learn.

Ah modesty. A trait that serves you well, yet skill is a relative ability - that is to say, in comparison with me, you are a master scratch builder. I'm sure you'll agree though, that in principle at least, there's always "someone better" out there somewhere.

In all honesty, I wouldn't attempt something of this scale, nor would I take to it so well, without a horrendous amount of prep. Which is something I feel I dont need to do overmuch when it comes to terrain or painting, for example.

To put it bluntly mate, you're a natural, no matter how modest you may also be. Thanks for sharing the learning process. :victory:

Blackadder 10-25-12 08:25 PM

Well self-effacement is not a strong point with me and I see by your signature that you have a paint/terrain site an area I am found wanting in; count me as a subscriber

And thanks for the considered reply.

Blackadder 10-26-12 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by Blackadder

Originally Posted by Inquisitor Pravious
This mechanical beast that is so loveingly being build by Blackadder weighs in at 2500 points and has 9 structure points (Note that these are structure points not hull points). The full rules are in Apocalypse (which was released prior to 6th Ed, hence no reference to hull points, not sure if there is an errata to update the super heavy rules) so it is fully usable in an Apocalypse game of 40k.

I guess I should know this but it's a toss up of studying quantum physics and WH40k and fool that I am I opted for QP. Now that you are appreciably dazzled let me state that I am a mere tyro at QP as well of having none of the math credentials to even basically appreciate the subtleties of the Quantum theory but I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to comprehend recent developments. Fortunately reading these events doesn't preclude my working contiguously on the detail of my project to duplicate the hood bling imaged below:


so here is the days run of labor namely the aquila insignia on the hood, I started with a google search for an apropos image


and edited it on my editor to fit the model. Tracing the result onto 0.010" styrene


I cut out the extremely tiny components and glued them to a 0.010" substrate which is where I am at the moment


taking a Martini break and tracking 'Sandy'.

Blackadder 10-28-12 08:18 PM

Okay boys and girls I'm about to impart the secret of Blackadder's millions. There's gold in them thar pieces of trash! It's commonly known that Blackadder is heavily into recycling. My old microwave has run its course to the extent that the floor of the chamber has rusted out and when I turn it on the under cabinet fluorescent lights glow so time to replace the old GE with a new one but wait. The door has this fantastic perforated shield panel! I don't know if you have priced this material in the hobby stores but it runs about $6 to 8 bucks for a few square inches and here's about a square foot about to be relegated to the curb......


Well I'm not about to toss $30 to 40 bucks down the crapper so I whips off the door and have enough vents to furnish a lifetime of 'scratching'.

Another helpful hint from EB AKA Heloise :D

gearhart 10-29-12 03:15 AM

Haha! great use out of that! as for interest im sure there are im personally interested and love your work but i usually just watch yours on warseer, great work as always might i add. Your work is always inspirational....is there any chance of having everything pictured that would be a sight to see....and whats next in your mind of wonders?

Blackadder 11-05-12 11:45 AM

Sorry for the delay in posting but the hurricane has taken up all my time for the past few days. By "everything pictured" I take it to mean all the basically completed components for the warlord? I'll have that posted later on today.

Thanks for the reply.

Blackadder 11-05-12 08:53 PM

A bit of an update on my recycling foray; there are some concerns as to the advisability of employing a microwave door for scratch bitz namely concerns about residual radiation lurking in the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never stand near an operating microwave considering the average microwave oven is manufactured in the same country that is putting lead and mercury in our children's toys and asbestos and formaldehyde in our sheetrock not to mention they cannot seem to manufacture a decent paper clip or a pencil with an eraser that doesn't leave a trail of dirty rubber when rubbing out the graphite line but I digress;

A standard microwave door window has a millimeter thick steel perforated grill heavily enameled with black paint (radiation absorbing, I wonder?) sandwiched between two sheets of clear plastic about 0.25 mm thick each. Microwaves themselves are energetic photons that are non-ionizing.

Non-ionizing radiation is very different than the dangerous ionizing radiation and are in the same family of EM waves as television and radio broadcasting. Because of the lower frequencies and reduced energy, it does not have the same damaging and cumulative properties as ionizing radiation. Microwave radiation (at 2450 MHz) is non-ionizing, and in sufficient intensity simply cause the molecules of water in the food to flip polarity rapidly, thereby causing friction, which produces the heat that cooks the food. you stand in much more danger using your cell phone than any residual radiation from handling that panel.

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