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dthwish09 07-13-12 03:39 PM

the amount of detail you were able to do with plasticard is amazing, the proportions will look fine once you put some armour on there and do some sanding.

Blackadder 07-13-12 06:21 PM

The majority consensus is 90% is the way to go:

The Giant Washer TGW (AKA "The planetary mechanism body rotation plate") is the part I am working on at present. It will supply the Engineering/Logistics compartment ELC with a floor and have a hatch for access to the planetary gears and pelvic block/rear gunner platform. The central shaft housing will contain the fiber optic cables for the Integrated Logistics Systems ILS and the forward deck of the compartment will have the Terrain Mapping Computer TMC and Monitor to ensure proper Stable Footing SFM for the vehicle. On either side will be view ports to maintain a first hand view of the legs as a back up in case the monitors are scrambled WTF*. Thanks to Bibbles suggestion I now have ample room to install all these components.


There is no I in engineering.......er.... well there is but you know what I mean :D

*Watch The Footing

Vereor 07-15-12 01:40 PM

Delicious is the only word that comes to mind when taking a gander at this thing. Its bloody brilliant.

Looking forward to seeing how you go about building the body and head. Keep up the great work!

Blackadder 07-15-12 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by Viscount Vash (Post 1260620)
Something about legs seems to stretch out in the building of them, I have had similar issues myself...........


Originally Posted by elmir (Post 1261370)
I'd say 90% as well. 80% is definatly too small and at 100%, the thing starts to look a bit too "chicken legs"-ish...

I don't think the thighs are too bad (those things should look top heavy) but it would look a bit silly with the largest torso. Keep at it!

Yes, and I have been debating how to shorten the upper legs without disturbing too much of the detail. I've known for quite some time that the thigh components were a bit too long. Your reply among others prompted me to take action so yesterday and today I removed the knee discs and a bit of the detail above the axle and cut and re-drilled the axle holes 1 centimeter higher. This necessitated shortening the disc side guides and flex limit stops and shortening the zipper-like trim one set of darts front and back 1 centimeter as well.

The overall effect is positive and I am in the process of reassembling the structure.

Thanks for your support.

Pictures later....................

Blackadder 07-15-12 06:31 PM



Alrighty then back together again and I may be imagining it but removing that centimeter gives this a more powerful look now although a might shorter the aura of menace is more apparent.



Warlord_Winters 07-15-12 06:37 PM

this is like waiting for a very slow loading picture of your favorite porn star...not that i look at that kinda stuff....

Blackadder 07-16-12 07:16 PM

Getting the face of the torso at the right angle took some doing. I started at what I thought was the proper angle of 10 but it was way too much. After much trial and error I arrive at this which seems correct I shouldn't think it was completely vertical as in some Warlords I've seen but too much angle would over balance it front heavy besides not aesthetically pleasing.





I wonder how much macho aesthetics is incorporated in real military hardware I mean you don't see any assault rubber duckies do you?

DecrepitDragon 07-17-12 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by Blackadder (Post 1263787)
I wonder how much macho aesthetics is incorporated in real military hardware I mean you don't see any assault rubber duckies do you?

No. No you dont.

I just keep thinking that all it needs now is a very smug Chewbacca sitting up top, thinking that his last trade-in was a good deal.

Still looking great mate - definatley has more menace now itrs a little shorter.

Blackadder 07-18-12 04:33 PM

How not to build a titan

First don't have any plan.

Second don't have any diagrams.

Third don't have any conception of what you are attempting.

Fourth don't bother to draw any of the above.

Finally build the whole damned thing inside out so when you find you did make a mistake all the interior work is wasted.

Anyway I'm about to cut the slot for the command center so I figure it's a good time for some catchup pictures.



Turnip86 07-18-12 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by Blackadder (Post 1263787)

Is it only me that thinks you should draw a big smiley face on that hex?

On a more serious note, it's really coming together well. The detail you've done on the armour plating is excellent. Keep up the good work!

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