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Blackadder 07-08-12 07:05 PM

Hmmm this doesn't bear a close inspection. I brushed the piece with a shoe brush to see if I could accentuate the relief and the skull looks a bit flawed at close range highlighted. The lens rim also has to be thinned down a tad. This is the best close up I've managed with this camera and wouldn't you know it's of dubious work. Faa!




Viscount Vash 07-08-12 07:16 PM

:shok:Why has this thread not been rated 5 Stars yet?

I love every thing in this thread, great work, great commitment.

You truly are a Titan master Blackadder.

Nice to see some one also mad enough to start carving detail from styrene too.

Blackadder 07-10-12 08:48 AM

Thanks, I hadn't noticed

Just to get a feel for the scale of this thing.

The following is a question from another forum:


Why didn't you use the Adeptus Symbol off the GW Manufactorum?
That's the one I copied albeit 1/2 the size.

The whole emblem is as small as my thumbnail

Hellados 07-10-12 04:25 PM

obscene mate! obscenely good!

keep it up mate

Corporal Punishment 69 07-10-12 04:59 PM

+rep, Most brilliant titan makings, Admech blackadder!!

Blackadder 07-12-12 06:09 PM

Time to break out the foam board mock up I made so many months ago and see where I went wrong. At that time I was going for a foam Warlord with a styrene veneer and after I totally miscalculated the legs I put the whole project on hold until I had some decent measurements.

I'm surprised how close I came to duplicating my target size as both of these models were built with absolutely no reference to the other. On the negative side the overall height with the knees locked in the following images will yield a 29 inch Warlord which is an inch taller than the DS model and 3 inches taller than my amended target height and 5 inches taller than my original estimation! Egad!




Granted the legs as they are pictured look a bit stilted (groan) and with knees flexed and stepping out in a dynamic pose the mean height should approximate DS's model but it will make any subsequent Emperor titans that much larger and impractical for the average battleboard.

Viscount Vash 07-12-12 06:34 PM

Something about legs seems to stretch out in the building of them, I have had similar issues myself.

Even though unfinished the beast is looking impressive, keep up the excellent work Black.
I look forward to seeing more.

Blackadder 07-13-12 09:35 AM

Nows your chance to participate in this build. Your input will be greatly appreciated..........

The torso pictured is just a foam board mockup; once I have established a size I'll duplicate the foam board version in styrene. And don't forget I intend to install a complete compartmented interior so getting the size of the torso right is paramount at the moment.

Photoimpacted in carapace and superstructure at 100, 90, and 85 percent the 80% being ridiculously too small

100%.............................................. ..90%............................................. ....85%

In the cold light of day I am leaning towards 90%

Blackadder 07-13-12 12:27 PM

The much anticipated torso build finally; I shall start with the Engineering level with the floor being the top of the planetary mechanism body rotation plate. I have reduced the overall size 10% witness the excess outside the gear plate uprights. The center console/axle support is one of the drums left over from a failed sleeve originally earmarked for the hip axles. That will support the center control monitor consoles in the center well.


elmir 07-13-12 02:13 PM

I'd say 90% as well. 80% is definatly too small and at 100%, the thing starts to look a bit too "chicken legs"-ish...

I don't think the thighs are too bad (those things should look top heavy) but it would look a bit silly with the largest torso. Keep at it!

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