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Hellados 06-25-12 12:08 PM

i've found the issue of games that size that you need SOOO many other models to offset the monster or that the games take too long. i played a 10,000 point per side that took us 5 days in total to finish :(

the really disapointing thing is that the super heavies all got popped first so they didnt really get a good work out tbh, fyi both sides had a titan and both sides had 3 supers, but my god they looked amazing :)

Warlord_Winters 06-25-12 03:48 PM

how about making smaller titans like 5-6 inches then just doing games with like 30 of those

Hellados 06-25-12 04:19 PM

well the smaller fw titans are only 1-2 feet tall, still an impressive hight but not so tall you can't play around them and transport them

Blackadder 06-28-12 07:42 PM

This one will be only 24 -26 inches.

Time to assemble the whole and see where we stand:

The upper thigh armour needs to be lengthened about a quarter of an inch but the hinge and plate should take care of that.

The trailing legs don't have a large enough range of movement.

The leg joint lock systems works well but the bolts still need to be concealed.

The hip axles are way too thin in diameter but the length looks right.


The step dynamics look right in both the static and the step out pose

The front elevation while bland will convey the power of this brute.

I may have to mount the greaves higher.


And I just love these low angle shots

Warlord_Winters 06-28-12 08:34 PM

the anticipation is killing me!

.Bragg. 06-28-12 10:13 PM

Good god what beauty is this!? Keep this bad man up!

Blackadder 06-30-12 08:05 PM

I'm looking on this thread as more of a public service. While I can't hope to equal Mr Smith in originality I do hope to shed some light on how he accomplished his Magnum Opus with a few little Blackadderisms thrown in to keep my self respect.

Today I worked on the massive block that supports the weight of the upper torso and transfers it to the legs.

The pelvis is the de facto heart of this beast and many of the models I have examined it is usually much too small. We must assume this Titan masses on the order of a thousand metric tonnes at least half of which is above the waist block. There must be something substantial to support this mass and still provide the flexibility to achieve bipedal locomotion.

Below is my interpretation which masses a third of a kilo already (about 11 ounces).

I built it in two interlocking parts so I have access to the adjustment screws to change the pose.

I figure when complete it will mass about half a kilo or thirteen ounces.

That's a lot of plasticard.




Svartmetall 06-30-12 10:37 PM

I'd rep you purely on the basis of the commitment it takes to produce such a beast; the fact that it's turning out very nicely as well is just a bonus :)

Moriouce 07-01-12 05:36 AM

This is just.. so... :shok:

Blackadder 07-08-12 05:50 PM

Someone get the canvas jacket; ya know the one with the extra long sleeves. I was piddlin' around detailing the pelvis and I couldn't find a satisfactory Adeptus Mechanicus emblem so I decided to make one of my own, after all I mean how hard could it be.

Well I have to tell you the cogged sprocket was tedious. If I do another one I'll make it in pieces.

The plugs and wiring wasn't too bad I shaved down my smallest diameter rods to half round for the plugs and and used shavings for some of the smallest cables.


The skull wasn't that difficult at all. I first tried to make it of a single scrap of 2.0 MM sheet styrene but found the relief wasn't deep enough so I glued on another layer and carved away everything that didn't look like a skull.


Periodically I doused the sculpture down with thinset cement to soften the cuts and blend the seams. Right now I am waiting for the glue to dry so I can put on the final detailing.


Now I copied this off of "The city of the dead" emblem which I like better than the standard Adeptus Mechanicus emblem BTW it appears that the emblems can be mirror imaged, is that right?

Anyway it took less time to make the tiny thing (It's only a centimeter wide the skull that is.) than it has to write this reply.

I gotta learn to type someday.

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